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Cooltrainer (move) redirects here. For the Trainer class, see Cool Trainer. For the glitch type, see CoolTrainer♀ (type).
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-- is a glitch move of the CoolTrainer♀-type, a glitch type that is displayed for blank data. It is known by relatively few glitch Pokémon, and, unusually for a glitch move, can be learned by regular Pokémon. Initially, it has 0/13 PP, and can't gain any more by healing at a Pokémon Center. Rather, one must supply the Pokémon with a PP Up and an Ether/Elixir in order to be able to use the move.

Real Form

The Cooltrainer move, as can be seen from battle, is actually meant to represent a blank space in a Pokémon's movelist, and so isn't meant to be selected for use in battle. Its index number is 0, putting it roughly in-league with 'M (00), which takes this spot in Pokémon data.

This move is accessed when a player forces the game into thinking that the Pokémon has a blank move as its first move. To do this, a player must have a Ditto or another Pokémon with only Transform. This move must be used to become any opponent Pokémon. At this point, the player now has access to the opponent's movelist, via Ditto. By switching around the first and last moves in this movelist using the Select button, the glitch is activated, and all that must be done now is to end the battle, either by defeating the opponent or running away.

On the Pokémon status screen, the first move will be displayed as this move. After a PP Up or a PP-restoring item is used, the move is usable in-battle, which can cause a vastly random array of effects, as well as odd text such as "Ditto used Machop!" as the game draws data from elsewhere in its confusion.

Its usual effect is a damaging move with Fissure's animation, which freezes the game if it does not defeat the target.

If the Pokémon with this move reaches a level at which it can learn a new move, and has four moves already, the game will automatically delete this move and replace it with the new one, as it thinks that the Pokémon only has three moves.

The ability to cause this glitch was removed in later games; however, "--" is still used even in Generation V to denote no move.

Reported glitch phrases

It often occurs that the name of a Pokémon in the player's current box will be used for this move, such as "DITTO used MACHOP!" or "DITTO used ELECTABUZZ!". If the current box is empty, it can produce the name of previously erased save files. It can also be named with random characters including glitch characters.


By leveling up

# Pokémon Type Level
000 PkMn (C5) PkMn (C5) Normal Normal -- ' ' ' ' '
000 PkMn PkMn T PkMn PkMn T Normal Normal -- ' ' ' ' '
000 4 h 4 h Normal Normal -- ' ' ' ' '
000 ▶ A ▶ A Normal Normal -- ' ' ' ' '
Bold indicates a Pokémon gains STAB from this move.
Italics indicates a Pokémon whose evolution or alternate form receives STAB from this move.

Through the Transform glitch

All Pokémon capable of learning TMs can learn this move through Mimicking Transform.


The move is known to activate the TMTRAINER effect.

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