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Rhm2768 is a member of Bulbapedia. An 18-year old female, she registered in February 2007.
=Personal Info=
Rhm2768 was born in October 23th, 1989. She currently lives in Seoul, Korea. Her name is Hye Min Rhee (Rhee is the family name). Like most of Koreans her name is two syllabled. She has a brother, who is older than her by one year.
From the year 1997 to 2002, Hye Min lived with her family in USA at the state of New York. This five-year period influenced her life much, such as giving her an interest of video games and a smoother accent in speaking English. She returned to Korea in November 2002. Due to this change she had a harder time to see Pokemon cartoons with the voice actors she preferred (she somehow prefers English dub than Korean dub).
Despite this, she keeps a high interest in Pokemon and other 'video game-related' characters. She currently is interested in Pokemon 4th generation a lot, but she also likes the 2nd generation as much.
Recently she received Pokemon Pearl and is currently playing it.
Hye Min likes reading books, especially English books. She also like playing games once in a while. Pokemon is just one of them. Due to this she doesn't spent much time watching TV. She also likes finding information about video games, which gives her pleasure just as much as playing them.
She also likes reading English comics via internet, since she likes listening to jokes and funny stories. Garfield strips are surprisingly her favorite.
=Interest in Pokemon=
Hye Min first heard the word 'Pokemon' when she was in fouth grade from her older brother , who as a boy was more used to games back then. She started to become intersted in Pokemon as she watched the animation series. The first Pokemon episode she ever saw was 'The Song of Jigglypuff'.
Her brother owned the Pokemon Red, so she received the Blue version as a Christmas present. Playing Pokemon games and watching the cartoon made her become interested in Pokemon more. Along with that she developed an interest in games as well, since her parents bought a Nintendo 64 the next year. Super Smash Bros and Pokemon Puzzle League remain as her preferred games, as well as Paper Mario.
Playing games also helped her to start having conversations with classmates, boy or girl (especially boys). She was able to know how other friends spent their time, playing or reading. (From 5th grade she was able to read books well.)
Losing the Game Boy Color during the process of moving back to Korea gave her a stop on her playing Pokemon games that were played via Game Boy. She was unable to play Pokemon games from then. The real reason for the GBC's disappearance remains a mystery to this day.
Hye Min prefers animations dubbed in English better than Korean dub. Likewise, when she sees English movies in theaters, she watches the English captioned version, rather than the dubbed version (Korean actors take part as voice actors in it). Since she was learning about animations and movies while living in USA, she is more used to English when coming in contact with these kinds of media. (Same goes for books)
=Favorite Characters=
Hye Min likes Pokemon very much. Just like in real world, she likes birds, such as {{p|Xatu}}, {{p|Murkrow}} and {{p|Altaria}}. But she also is fond of Pokemon other than birds, like {{p|Lucario}}, {{p|Gallade}}, and even {{p|Shieldon}}. It is hard for her to choose favorites, but she picks {{p|Shieldon}} and {{p|Honchkrow}}.
Some of the human characters she likes : [[Cheryl]], [[Morty]], [[Winona]], [[Gardenia]]
The 'list' may increase as more characters appear in the animation series.
She also likes reading Pokemon Special manga. She has read all of the series, and has books 19 to 26 in Korean.

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