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[[Category:TCG theme decks]]
[[Category:TCG theme decks]]
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[[fr:Blackout (Deck)]]

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Blackout redirects here. If you were looking for the condition from the video games, see Black out.

Blackout box
The Blackout Theme Deck from the Base Set of the Pokémon Trading Card Game predominantly focuses on Water and Fighting type Pokémon and contains the following cards:
Quantity Card Name Type Level Rarity
Machop Fighting 20 Common
Machoke Fighting 40 Uncommon
Sandshrew Fighting 12 Common
Onix Fighting 12 Common
Hitmonchan Fighting 33 Rare HolographicH
Staryu Water 15 Common
Squirtle Water 8 Common
Wartortle Water 22 Uncommon
Farfetch'd Colorless 20 Uncommon
Energy Removal T - Common
Super Energy Removal T - Rare
Gust of Wind T - Common
PlusPower T - Uncommon
Professor Oak T - Uncommon
16× Fighting Energy E - -
12× Water Energy E - -

Like other Theme Decks, Blackout also includes a rulebook, damage counters, a custom coin (Chansey) and card list. Template:ThemeDeck1