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{{DungeonPrevNext|Shimmer Desert|Giant Volcano}}
{{DungeonPrevNext|Shimmer Desert|Giant Volcano|2}}
{{Mystery Dungeon location
{{Mystery Dungeon location
|name=Mt. Avalanche
|name=Mt. Avalanche

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Mt. Avalanche
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Mt. Avalanche
Please upload an image of this dungeon.[[Image:{{{image}}}|140px]]
Pokémon recruitable Yes
Floors 20
Item allowance
Money allowance Allowed
Team members 4
Starting level Current
Predominant type Ice
Boss Articuno

Mt. Avalanche is a dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2. It can only be accessed via a Secret Wondermail Mission. Articuno guards the Icy Flute at the peak.

Obtainable Pokémon