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POP Series 6 SetSymbolPOP Series 6.png
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Cards in set 17
Set number 6 (POP)
Release date September 2007 - March 2008
Theme Decks None

POP Series 6 is the name given to a special set of cards for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It was released through Pokémon Organized Play events or affiliated products.


POP Series 6 was the first promotional set of the Pokémon Organized Play program to contain cards from the DP Series, as Diamond & Pearl has been released earlier in the year and Mysterious Treasures was being debuted at the time. Many of the Japanese promo cards at the time were simply reprints of cards from these two sets with different artwork, which meant that only two of the 17 cards in POP Series 6 (Pikachu and Gible) were not reprints from one of the two DP Series sets.


  • The booster design for the set features Lucario.
  • Due to a production error, every POP 6 pack contains one rare, and one common or uncommon card.
  • The rare card Manaphy, the uncommon cards Gible, Riolu, Pikachu and the common cards Chimchar, Piplup, and Turtwig recevied holographic versions. They were available in value packs.
  • POP Series 6 was the first set of the series not to include a rarer card as #17 as the only promotional Pokémon LV.X card from Japan at the time, Lucario, was to be released in a promotional tin in November 2007.

Card List

No. Card Name Type Rarity
1 Bastiodon   Rare
2 Lucario Fighting Rare
3 Manaphy Water Rare
4 Pachirisu Lightning Rare
5 Rampardos Fighting Rare
6 Drifloon Psychic Uncommon
7 Gible   Uncommon
8 Riolu Fighting Uncommon
9 Pikachu Lightning Uncommon
10 Staravia   Uncommon
11 Bidoof   Common
12 Buneary   Common
13 Cherubi Grass Common
14 Chimchar Fire Common
15 Piplup Water Common
16 Starly   Common
17 Turtwig Grass Common

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