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Contest announcers are people who comment on the Pokémon Contests and Super Contests. They also announce the start of the contests.

In the anime

In Kanto

  • Lilian is the contest announcer in Kanto.
  • Vivian was once the announcer in the Kanto Grand Festival.
  • Jessie was once the co-announcer alongside Lilian in the Kanto Grand Festival.

In Hoenn

  • Vivian is the contest announcer in Hoenn.

In Sinnoh

  • Marian is the announcer in Sinnoh.


In Japanese, the three announcers share アン an on their names. In English, they also share an in their names. Also of note, the anime announcers resemble the female biker trainers of the fourth generation games.

In the games

Generation III games

In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, and Pokémon Emerald, they appear in the Contest Halls to announce the start of the rounds. They also announce the winner and present them with their Ribbon.

Generation IV games

The announcer is Dexter, who is also a judge.

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