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===Anime films===
===Anime films===

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Yuko Sanpei (Japanese: 三瓶由布子 Sanpei Yūko) is a Japanese voice actress for the Pokémon anime.


Sanpei was born on February 28, 1986, in Tokyo, Japan. As an adult, she became a voice actress and landed a number of prominent roles in anime series since. For the Pokémon anime, she first voiced Thomas, a character of the day who appeared in Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl. Sanpei then voiced her best-known role in that anime, who was also named Sanpei, during Pokémon the Series: XY. She was initially affiliated with the talent agency Gekidan Wakakusa, but left in May 2007 to freelance. Six months later, she joined Production Baobab. At some point, Sanpei joined Axl-One and won the Best Leading Actress Award during the 13th Seiyu Awards of 2019. She is married with two children.

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