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|hometown=[[Pallet Town]]
|hometown=[[Pallet Town]]
|relatives={{an|Professor Oak}} (grandfather), [[Daisy Oak|May Oak]] (sister, [[The Electric Tale of Pikachu|EToP]] only) [[Samson Oak]] (grandfather's cousin), unnamed great-grandfather
|relatives={{an|Professor Oak}} (grandfather), [[Daisy Oak|May Oak]] (sister, [[The Electric Tale of Pikachu|EToP]] only) [[Samson Oak]] (grandfather's cousin)
|trainerclass=[[Pokémon Professor|Researcher]]; formerly a {{pkmn|Trainer}}
|trainerclass=[[Pokémon Professor|Researcher]]; formerly a {{pkmn|Trainer}}

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Gary Oak
オーキド・シゲル Shigeru Okido
Gary Oak BW.png
Gary in the Best Wishes series
Age 10 (as of debut)
Gender Male
Eye color Black*, Dark Viridian*
Hair color Auburn*, Mahogany*
Hometown Pallet Town
Region Kanto
Relatives Professor Oak (grandfather), May Oak (sister, EToP only) Samson Oak (grandfather's cousin)
Trainer class Researcher; formerly a Trainer
Game counterpart Blue
Anime debut Pokémon - I Choose You!
English voice actor Billy Beach
Japanese voice actor Yūko Kobayashi
Manga counterpart(s) Blue, Green

Gary Oak (Japanese: オーキド・シゲル Shigeru Okido) is a recurring character who appeared in the Pokémon anime. He is a Pokémon Researcher from Pallet Town and grandson of Professor Oak. He is a childhood friend and former rival of Ash Ketchum. His Japanese name is derived from Shigeru Miyamoto.

In the anime

In the main series



Gary has been a neighbor of Ash Ketchum since they were both young. At one time they seemed to be friends and went to see movies together as seen in Lights, Camerupt, Action!.

Shortly before beginning their journeys, Gary and Ash found an old Poké Ball while fishing. The two boys began fighting over who would get to keep the Poké Ball but ended up breaking it in half. Since then, they decided to keep the two separate pieces for themselves. It was revealed in The Ties That Bind that they still carried the pieces with them.

Original series
Young Gary

Gary made his debut appearance in Pokémon - I Choose You!, where he went to Professor Oak's Laboratory along with two other Pokémon Trainers before Ash did. After choosing his starter Pokémon, he left Pallet Town with his cheerleaders on a sporty red convertible.

Gary made quick progress, breezing through the Pewter and Cerulean Gyms prior to Showdown in Pewter City and The Water Flowers of Cerulean City, much to Ash's annoyance. It was also revealed in Challenge of the Samurai that Gary had defeated Samurai in a battle.

Gary made a brief appearance in Here Comes the Squirtle Squad, where he exited a town store, accidentally knocking Ash out in the process. In Beauty and the Beach, Gary hopped on stage during the Beach Beauty and Pokémon Costume Contest and attempted insult Ash in front of the gathered crowd.

Ash kept in touch with Professor Oak, and was often annoyed to hear of Gary's progress. In Mystery at the Lighthouse, Professor Oak revealed that Gary had already caught 45 Pokémon, including a much larger Krabby, compared to Ash's team of seven.

In Dig Those Diglett!, Gary was one of the Trainers who decided to help out the foreman in getting rid of the Diglett affecting construction at Gaiva Dam. Gary attempted to send out a Pokémon, but it did not exit the Poké Ball, thus having the Diglett return it to him. As he tried other Pokémon, they did not come out of their Poké Balls either and the Diglett returned them to him. Since his Pokémon did not want to battle the Diglett, he deemed it pointless to stay and left with his cheerleaders in the convertible.

In Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon, Gary went digging for Fossils in Grampa Canyon.

Gary and his grandfather

Gary appeared in Riddle Me This, where he was on vacation rather than bothering to challenge the local Cinnabar Gym.

Prior to the events of The Battle of the Badge, he had received ten Badges. He went to the Viridian Gym and took on the Gym Leader, Giovanni. At first he seemed to be winning against Giovanni, knocking out his Golem and Kingler with Nidoking and Arcanine, respectively. But then Giovanni sent out Mewtwo against the Trainer, even letting Gary use both his Pokémon against him. Mewtwo made quick work of the two Pokémon and Gary ended up losing.

Gary in the original series

When Ash and his friends went inside the Gym, they found Gary lying down, suffering from his defeat by Giovanni and Mewtwo. Gary genuinely feared Mewtwo, even warning Ash against challenging the Gym altogether. Afterwards, Gary watched Ash's battle with Team Rocket. Following the battle, the Gym started to collapse and Gary and the others were able to flee the building.

In Showdown at the Po-ké Corral, Gary returned to Pallet Town and headed to the lobby of Professor Oak's Laboratory. Professor Oak mentioned to both Ash and Gary that they were the top Trainers, noting the other two couldn't compare with their battling skills. Professor Oak showed Gary's collection of Pokémon to Ash. Although Ash had seen more Pokémon, Gary had managed to catch a far greater amount. After Team Rocket was defeated, he promised Ash that they would have their battle at the Pokémon League.

In All Fired Up!, Gary met up with Ash in the Pokémon League in Indigo Plateau. He departed the area after claiming he would get Loseritis. The next day, he was seen in the stadium with the other Trainers and Ash. Gary did not stay that long as his opponent, Melissa, defeated his Nidoking using her Golem, which eliminated him from the Pokémon League. Following the loss, he left on another journey.

Orange Islands

Gary eventually returned from that journey in A Tent Situation. Much unlike his former self, he congratulated Ash on his victory in the Orange League. Ash challenged him to a battle in the next episode with Pikachu as his choice. Gary in turn used his Eevee. Gary managed to defeat Ash and then left on his journey through Johto.


Ash and his friends encountered Gary on their way to Violet City in Illusion Confusion!. Gary recommended they find themselves a Hoothoot to avoid becoming lost in the particularly disorientating forest before leaving to continue catching more Pokémon.

In Power Play, he battled a Trainer named Alex Davis with his Umbreon, which had evolved from his Eevee prior. Gary was able to defeat Alex and his Alakazam. The battle made Ash want to challenge Gary next, but Gary refused and walked off. Ash sent out his other Pokémon to battle Umbreon, but Gary had already left. From his campsite, Gary and Umbreon noticed a blackout in a town Ash and his friends were in. Gary and Umbreon jumped into the rescue of the Power Plant when the Robo-Mecha Wobbuffet was attacking it. Following the mecha's defeat, Gary worked with Ash and his friends to get the power back on.

In Extreme Pokémon!, he was practicing with Arcanine for the Extreme Pokémon Race. He then entered the race and competed against Ash and his Bayleef. They were both in the lead, though Ash was able to narrowly win the event.

Gary arrived in Silver Town in A Claim to Flame! to compete in the Silver Conference. He greeted Ash and exchanged pleasantries, promising to get to the top and defeat Ash. Gary was able to get past the screening round along with Ash and Harrison.

In The Ties That Bind and Can't Beat the Heat!, he battled Ash in an intense Full Battle. In the final round, Ash ended up winning the battle when his Charizard defeated Gary's Blastoise. Afterwards Gary continued to support Ash's campaign from the sidelines.

By Johto Photo Finish, Gary decided that he didn't want to be a Pokémon Trainer anymore, but instead wanted to be a Pokémon researcher like his grandfather. Gary managed to reach Pallet Town a few days before Ash, and as he was preparing to leave for his next venture with just his Blastoise, Ash encountered him in Gotta Catch Ya Later. Gary's fresh start approach inspired Ash's desire to travel to Hoenn.

Advanced Generation series

In Putting the Air Back in Aerodactyl!, Gary was revealed to be working on Sayda Island as a Fossil researcher with Dora, head of the Sayda Lab. There, he revived an Aerodactyl from an Old Amber. At first the Aerodactyl was afraid of him and every other person on the island, but Gary soon gained its trust after he fed it some fruit that Aerodactyl used to eat. Afterwards, Dora announced that Gary could now work full-time at the Sayda Lab.

Kanto Battle Frontier

Eventually, he moved to the Sinnoh region where he is currently conducting his research. He sent a postcard to Ash from there in The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing!, which motivated Ash to not to get himself down after a loss and keep fighting, much like he did during their rivalry.

In Home Is Where The Start Is!, Gary reunited with Ash and battled him with his Electivire and defeated Ash's Pikachu once more.

Diamond & Pearl series
Gary in the Diamond & Pearl series

During his time in Sinnoh, Gary became an assistant of Professor Rowan. As before, Gary conducts his research on rare Pokémon, including Fossil Pokémon and Legendary Pokémon. Gary demonstrated more maturity and more respect for other people, especially with Ash. Upon meeting him, Dawn thought that he was a poet like his grandfather.

In Ill-Will Hunting!, he was taking care of a group of Shieldon and protected them from J and her minions, Gary and Ash were forced to join forces to defeat the enemy, even though Ash has been against it. However, thanks to the efforts of the two they managed to save Shieldon from the hands of J.

He appeared again in Fighting Fear With Fear!, where he helped Ash and Gligar by giving a Razor Fang to Ash. This caused Gligar to evolve later on. He was in the area after hearing rumors of Azelf, whom Ash had seen earlier at Lake Valor.

Gary later appeared in The Needs of the Three! and The Battle Finale of Legend!, working alongside Professor Rowan at Valor Lakefront where he attempted to protect Azelf from J and Team Galactic; however, he was unable to defeat Saturn in battle. He later monitored the changes around Mt. Coronet caused by Cyrus's attempts to summon Dialga and Palkia. Gary and Professor Rowan later arrived to collect the previously stolen Adamant Orb and Lustrous Orbs after Ash's group and Cynthia handled Team Galactic.

Best Wishes series

Gary later reappeared in a fantasy in The Dream Continues!.


Gary and Ash

The day he started out on his Pokémon journey, he came off as an arrogant Trainer, much like his game counterpart, Blue. His chosen starter Pokémon was Squirtle, which was actually the same Pokémon that Ash originally wanted to start with. He even had a group of cheerleaders who cheered him on in all his battles and would go so far as crying whenever he lost. He didn't walk on his journeys like most Trainers did; instead he had his own sporty red convertible with a chauffeur. Gary loved when he got a chance to make fun of Ash by bragging about how far behind Ash was compared to him. He also gave Ash the pet-name of "Ashy-boy" (Japanese: "Satoshi-kun"), which occasionally seems to annoy him. His style of training at this point was to capture many Pokémon and to use the strongest, as a stark contrast to Ash, who focused on developing a bond with his Pokémon.

His arrogance continued over time during Ash's journey in Kanto until he challenged the Viridian City Gym Leader, Giovanni, to a Pokémon battle for his final (but unnecessary) Badge in The Battle of the Badge, where he was brutally defeated by Mewtwo. However, this still didn't change his arrogance. It would take a loss at the Pokémon League way later on against Melissa for him to finally realize that he greatly needed to change himself. Following his loss, Gary would become more polite and respectful of others, no longer showing any of his arrogant and extravagant tendencies from the past. This change in attitude would continue to be apparent throughout his few appearances during the Johto season.

As Ash's first and longest rival, his relationship and rivalry with Ash would prove to play a pivotal role on the latter's outlook as a Trainer. Despite his low opinion of Ash, Gary would make a point to show off his superiority in every way he could during his earlier appearances. The duo's dynamic would see a major change once Gary was abruptly eliminated in the Indigo Plateau Conference, with Gary growing humble and ceasing his arrogance and antagonistic attitude towards Ash, though he would still tease him at times. By the time of the Silver Conference, Ash and Gary would have a more amiable relationship with one another while still maintaining a sense of rivalry. After his defeat against Ash, Gary would graciously accept his defeat and gave him his half of the Poké Ball, symbolizing the end of their rivalry and the renewal of their friendship. Even after ending his rivalry with Ash, Gary would continue to have an impact on Ash and his journey moving forward, continuing to serve as a motivation towards him while at times lending him a helping hand.


Since the very start of his own journey, Gary has shown exceptional skill as a Pokémon Trainer, catching and training an astonishing number and variety of strong Pokémon in a short period of time and losing battles very infrequently. However, since retiring as a Pokémon Trainer to become a researcher, it isn't known if he continues to catch new Pokémon often.

This listing is for Gary's Pokémon as of The Battle Finale of Legend!.

On hand
Gary Blastoise.png
Squirtle → Wartortle → Blastoise
Gary Umbreon.png
Eevee → Umbreon
Gary Electivire.png
In storage

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Gary's Krabby
Gary's Krabby was seen for the first time in Mystery at the Lighthouse after Ash had captured his own Krabby and he called for Professor Oak to see that it was okay as it had been teleported to his laboratory right after the capture. Oak then also showed Ash Gary's Krabby, which was way bigger than Ash's.

Gary's Krabby was briefly seen again in Showdown at the Po-ké Corral, where Gary compared its size to Ash's Krabby's size.

None of Krabby's moves are known.

Debut Mystery at the Lighthouse
Voice actors
Japanese Rikako Aikawa
English Rikako Aikawa
Gary's Nidoking
Gary was first shown to use his Nidoking during his Gym battle against Giovanni. Despite defeating Giovanni's Golem, he lost to the Psychic powers of Mewtwo.

Gary also used Nidoking during the Indigo Plateau Conference. He battled Melissa's Golem, but was defeated. This loss meant that Gary was eliminated from the tournament.

Nidoking's known moves are Tackle and Horn Attack.

Debut The Battle of the Badge
Voice actors
Japanese Katsuyuki Konishi
English Katsuyuki Konishi
Gary's Arcanine
Main article: Gary's Arcanine

Gary was first shown to use his Arcanine in his Gym battle against Giovanni. Even though Arcanine managed to defeat Giovanni's Kingler, it was helpless against the Psychic powers of Mewtwo.

Later, Gary used Arcanine in Extreme Pokémon Race in Extreme Pokémon!. When Team Rocket tried to steal Mrs. and Mr. Shellby's Pokémon Eggs, Gary used Arcanine's Flame Wheel to send them blasting off. After this the race continued, and finally Ash, using his Bayleef, proved victorious.

Gary later used Arcanine in the Silver Conference. He sent it out against Ash's Snorlax, but Snorlax managed to defeat Arcanine with a Hyper Beam.

Debut The Battle of the Badge
Voice actors
Japanese Shin'ichirō Miki
English Shin'ichirō Miki
Gary's Doduo

Gary's Dodrio
Doduo → Dodrio
Gary's Dodrio was for the first time briefly seen as a Doduo in Showdown at the Po-ké Corral at Professor Oak's Laboratory.

It later appeared as a fully evolved Pokémon in Putting the Air Back in Aerodactyl!, where Gary used it to stop Butch and Cassidy from stealing an Aerodactyl.

Dodrio's only known move is Drill Peck.

Debut Showdown at the Po-ké Corral
Gary's Nidoqueen
Gary's Nidoqueen was seen for the first time in A Tent Situation, where Gary used her to defeat Team Rocket, who were attacking Professor Oak's Laboratory. She was seen again in the Silver Conference, where she easily defeated Ash's Tauros, but was taken out by his Snorlax's Ice Punch.

Nidoqueen's known moves are Mega Punch, Strength, Rock Smash, Hyper Beam and Double Kick.

Debut A Tent Situation
Voice actors
Japanese Katsuyuki Konishi
English Katsuyuki Konishi
Gary's Magmar
Gary used his Magmar during his Silver Conference battle against Ash, sending it to battle against Ash's Heracross. It managed to engulf the Single Horn Pokémon in flames from Fire Blast and a point blank Flamethrower, but Heracross proved to be extremely tough as it beat the flames away and managed to beat the Spitfire Pokémon with its powerful Megahorn.

Magmar's known moves are Flamethrower and Fire Blast.

Debut The Ties That Bind
Voice actors
English Eric Stuart
Gary's Scizor
Gary used his Scizor during his Silver Conference battle against Ash. Its speed was far too much for Ash's powerful Snorlax, delivering multiple Quick Attacks in fast succession, avoiding a Hyper Beam and then striking it in the face with Metal Claw. It also solved the problem Gary's Blastoise was having with Muk, knocking it out with a Swift attack. Ash's final Pokémon, Charizard, managed to stop Scizor in its tracks by blasting it in the face with Flamethrower.

Scizor's known moves are Quick Attack, Metal Claw, Swift and Steel Wing.

Debut Can't Beat the Heat!
Voice actors
Japanese Katsuyuki Konishi
English Eric Stuart
Gary's Golem
During his battle against Ash in the Silver Conference, Gary used his Golem to battle against Ash's Charizard. Despite stunning Charizard with Magnitude and being too heavy for Charizard's Seismic Toss, the Megaton Pokémon was knocked out by Charizard's Dragon Rage.

Golem's known moves are Magnitude and Rollout.

Debut Can't Beat the Heat!
Voice actors
English Eric Stuart
Unseen Pokémon

Before his battle against Gary in The Ties That Bind, Ash was seen checking Gary's page on the Silver Conference website, where Gary's Pokémon were listed with pictures. Among them, there were several Pokémon that Gary hasn't been seen using.

Gary Unseen Silver Conference Pokémon.png
Gary Unseen Silver Conference Pokémon.png
Gary Unseen Silver Conference Pokémon.png
Gary Unseen Silver Conference Pokémon.png
Gary Johto Pokémon.png
Gary Johto Pokémon.png

As of Showdown at the Po-ké Corral, Gary had captured more than 200 Pokémon from 60 different species.

Hagatha's Hoothoot
Gary rented this Hoothoot from Hagatha in Illusion Confusion!, when he was traveling through a forest full of illusion-creating Ghost Pokémon.

Hoothoot's only known move is Foresight.

Debut Illusion Confusion!
Voice actors
Japanese Yūji Ueda
English Yūji Ueda
Crystal's Aerodactyl
Gary took part in a project where this Aerodactyl was resurrected in Putting the Air Back in Aerodactyl!. After he had saved it from being stolen by Butch and Cassidy, he left it to Crystal to take care of.

Aerodactyl's known moves are Whirlwind, Hyper Beam and Gust*.

Debut Putting the Air Back in Aerodactyl!
Voice actors
Japanese Shin'ichirō Miki
English N/A
Gary's Shieldon
Shieldon (×4)
Gary helped Ash and his friends in protecting these four wild Shieldon from being stolen by J and her henchmen in Ill-Will Hunting!.

None of Shieldon's moves are known.

Debut Ill-Will Hunting!
Voice actors
English Billy Beach


Gary's collection of Kanto Badges
Badges obtained
Kanto Badges

During his journey through Kanto, Gary collected ten Gym Badges. Of the Badges he received, he already had five by Primeape Goes Bananas, and he showed off the whole set in The Battle of the Badge. This listing is of the Badges Gary has obtained in the Kanto region:

Johto Badges

This listing is of the Badges Gary has obtained in the Johto region:

Pokémon League

Gary has competed in the following Pokémon League Conferences:

Pokémon competitions

Gary has competed in the following Pokémon competitions:

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 小林優子 Yūko Kobayashi
English Billy Beach
Catalan Ignasi Díaz
Mandarin Chinese 王瑞芹 Wáng Ruìqín (EP001-EP273)
詹雅菁 Zhān Yǎjīng (AG187-present)
Czech Radek Kuchař (EP001-EP171)
Michal Holán (DP045-DP085)
Marek Libert (DP151-DP152)
Danish Christian Damsgaard
Mikkel Følsgaard
Dutch Bram Bart (EP001-EP273)
Tony Neef (AG187-present)
Filipino Charmaine Cordoviz
Finnish Pauli Virta (EP001, EP058, EP171)
Arto Nieminen (EP031)
Unknown voice actor (EP063)
Pasi Ruohonen (EP046, EP065-EP121, EP266-EP273)
Petri Hanttu (AG187-AG192, DP085, DP151-DP152)
Petrus Kähkönen (DP045)
European French Jean-Marc Delhausse
German Nico Macoulis
Hebrew אביהוד תדהר Avihud Tidhar
דורון בן-עמי Doron Ben-Ami
דניאל זילברשטיין Daniel Zilbershtein
עמית יוסוביץ Amit Yosovich
Hindi सूरज जगपत Suraj Jagpat (Hungama dub, formerly)
अनस खान Anas Khan (Hungama dub, currently)
Hungarian Hamvas Dániel
Italian Paolo Sesana (Mediaset dub)
Massimo di Benedetto (K2 dub)
Korean 이선주 Lee Seon-Ju
Norwegian Erik Skøld (EP001EP077)
Christian Barmen
Polish Marek Włodarczyk (EP001-EP273)
Karol Wróblewski (DP045-present)
Portuguese Brazil Rodrigo Andreatto (EP001-EP273, DP085)
Marcelo Campos (HS15)
Eduardo Serandini (AG187)
Gabriel Noya (AG192)
Raphael Ferreira (DP045, DP151-DP152)
Portugal Peter Michael (EP001EP077)
Rui de Sá (EP115-EP121)
Pedro Carneiro (EP171)
Nuno Pinto (EP228, AG192)
João Vaz (EP266-EP273)
Unknown voice actor (all other appearances)
Russian Дмитрий Завацкий Dmitrii Zavatskii
Spanish Latin America Gerardo Del Valle (EP001-EP273)
Víctor Ugarte (HS15)
Ricardo Bautista (AG187, AG192, DP151-DP152)
Benjamín Rivera (DP045)
Noé Velásquez (DP085)
Spain Jesús Pinillos
Swedish Hans Jonsson
Vietnamese Nguyễn Kim Anh

In I Choose You!

Gary in I Choose You!

Gary appeared in a brief, non-speaking flashback in I Choose You!, which is set in a timeline separate from the main series. In the flashback, he was seen choosing Squirtle as his starter Pokémon, much to the dismay of Ash, who had wanted Squirtle as his own starter.


Gary's Squirtle
Main article: Gary's Squirtle

Squirtle made a brief appearance in a flashback in I Choose You!, where Gary chose it to be his starter Pokémon.

Debut I Choose You!

In the manga

Gary Oak in Ash & Pikachu

In the Ash & Pikachu manga

Gary appeared in One Half Of A Poké Ball, where he faced off against Ash during the Silver Conference.


Gary Blastoise AP.png
Gary Nidoqueen AP.png
Silver Conference Scoreboard AP.png
Silver Conference Scoreboard AP.png
Silver Conference Scoreboard AP.png
Silver Conference Scoreboard AP.png

In The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga

Gary Oak in The Electric Tale of Pikachu

Gary is a recurring character in The Electric Tale of Pikachu. In the manga, Gary is a childhood friend and rival of Ash and frequently appears when Ash does something wrong. He has a sister named May, who has no equivalent in the anime.

At the Pokémon League, he is defeated by Ritchie, but confronts Ash at the end of the series. In the epilogue, he and Ash are shown traveling together on their journey.


This listing is of Gary's known Pokémon in the manga:

Gary's Arcanine
Main article: Gary's Arcanine

Arcanine is Gary's main Pokémon. It was usually relied on as a mode of transportation.

Debut Ash vs. Gary
Gary's Rhydon
Gary sent out Rhydon along with his other Pokémon to battle the giant Slowpoke after Arcanine became hypnotized by it. However, it wasn't long before it fell victim to the giant Pokémon.

None of Rhydon's moves are known.

Debut Ash vs. Gary
Gary's Gyarados
Gary sent out Gyarados along with his other Pokémon to battle the giant Slowpoke after Arcanine became hypnotized by it. However, it wasn't long before it fell victim to the giant Pokémon. Later, Gary sends it out as a way of traveling on water so he can catch it after Team Rocket came by and tried to steal it with their net.

None of Gyarados's moves are known.

Debut Ash vs. Gary
Gary's Venusaur
Gary sent out Venusaur along with his other Pokémon to battle the giant Slowpoke after Arcanine became hypnotized by it. Similar to Arcanine, it wasn't able to battle the Slowpoke.

None of Venusaur's moves are known.

Debut Ash vs. Gary
Gary's Pidgeot
Pidgeot was sent out along with Gary's other Pokémon to battle the giant Slowpoke. It fell victim to the Slowpoke's laziness.

None of Pidgeot's moves are known.

Debut Ash vs. Gary
Gary's Slowpoke

Gary's Slowbro
Slowpoke → Slowbro
Ash and his rival, Gary, both battled for this giant Slowpoke. Even though Ash was able to catch it, he gave it to Gary instead so he could get a picture of his sister, May. After this, they found out that Slowpoke had evolved into a Slowbro.

Slowpoke's known moves are Disable, Ice Beam, Growl, Surf and Headbutt.

Debut Ash vs. Gary



Language Name Origin
Japanese オーキド・シゲル
Okido Shigeru
Derived from Shigeru Miyamoto.
English Gary Oak Possibly taken from Garry Oak, a type of oak tree. Also, Gary is a default name for Blue in Pokémon Red and Blue. Also possibly derived from Shigeru.
French Régis Chen Chen is an Asian name that looks like the word "chêne" (oak).
German Gary Eich Direct translation. Eiche means Oak.
Brazilian Portuguese Gary Carvalho Carvalho means Oak; Carvalho is also an actual surname.
Korean 오바람 O Baram O is from the first syllable in "Okido", while his first name, Baram is native Korean for wind.
Chinese (Mandarin) 小茂 Xiǎo Mào
大木・茂 (full name)
茂 (luxuriant) is from 茂る shigeru.
大木 (big wood/tree) is from 大木戸 Ōkido.
Chinese (Cantonese) 小茂 Síu Mauh Same as Mandarin name.
Indonesian Shigeru Same as Japanese.
Russian Гэри Оук Geri Ouk Transliteration of the English name.

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