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===With Go===
===With Go===
In [[SS007]], Go used Scorbunny in the {{gdis|Battle Frontier|III}} [[Flute Cup Tournament]], where it went up against [[Houji]], who had just defeated Go's {{p|Scyther}} with his {{p|Mightyena}}. Like Scyther before it, Scorbunny was quickly defeated, eliminating Go from the tournament.
In [[SS007]], Go used Scorbunny in the [[Battle Frontier Flute Cup]], where it went up against [[Houji]], who had just defeated Go's {{p|Scyther}} with his {{p|Mightyena}}. Like Scyther before it, Scorbunny was quickly defeated, eliminating Go from the tournament.
==Personality and characteristics==
==Personality and characteristics==

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Go's Scorbunny
ゴウのヒバニー Go's Hibanny
Poké Ball
Go's Scorbunny
Debuts in SS004
Caught in SS005
Caught at Wild Area
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Go
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Scorbunny Megumi Hayashibara N/A

Go's Scorbunny (Japanese: ゴウのヒバニー Go's Hibanny) is a Pokémon owned by Go, and the first Pokémon he caught.


File:Go Scorbunny debut.png
Scorbunny in its debut appearance, as a wild Pokémon covered in dirt

As a wild Pokémon

In the past, Scorbunny joined a trio Nickit living in the alleys of Wyndon and teamed up with them to steal food for living. In order to blend in with them better, it covered itself in dirt.

Scorbunny first appeared in SS004, where it and its Nickit friends stole Ash's Bag, which contained scones he and Go had bought. Go later lied to protect Scorbunny from the scone seller, claiming that Scorbunny was his Pokémon, although the scone seller immediately saw through his lies. After learning about Scorbunny's history, Go told it that it should try to explore the world beyond Wyndon. When Ash and Go rushed to catch their train to the Wild Area, the Nickit carried Scorbunny to the train station and tossed it into the train. At first, Scorbunny was hesitant, but when the Nickit assured it that they could take care of themselves now, it happily bid them farewell, before rubbing the dirt off of its body.

In SS005, Scorbunny tried to catch Go's attention aboard the train, but failed. When Go and Ash left the train at their stop, Scorbunny accidentally stayed on board before realizing what had happened, and was forced to jump from the moving train later on and try to catch up to Go by foot. After many hardships, it finally reached Go and Ash and managed to catch their attention while they were examining a Snorlax. Scorbunny expressed its willingness to become Go's Pokémon, but Go said that he had already decided to make Mew his first Pokémon. Suddenly, the Snorlax they had been examining Gigantamaxed and blocked a nearby train track in the process. With Scorbunny's help, Go and Ash were able to make Snorlax move and prevent an incoming train from hitting it. Impressed by Scorbunny's abilities, Go decided to make it his first Pokémon instead of Mew. Although Go's Poké Ball throw missed, Scorbunny hit it on its own and was successfully caught. When Go and Ash returned to the Sakuragi Institute, Professor Sakuragi was surprised to see Go having caught a Pokémon.

With Go

In SS007, Go used Scorbunny in the Battle Frontier Flute Cup, where it went up against Houji, who had just defeated Go's Scyther with his Mightyena. Like Scyther before it, Scorbunny was quickly defeated, eliminating Go from the tournament.

Personality and characteristics

File:Go and Scorbunny.png
Scorbunny and Go

Scorbunny is a caring Pokémon that, prior to its capture, would steal food from food stalls to give to a group of Nickit living with it in the alleys of Wyndon. It even went as far as to cover itself with dirt to fit in with them. However, it appears to crave attention, as shown in the end of SS005, where it got angry that Koharu's Yamper and Ash's Pikachu wouldn't pay attention to it, before going to its Trainer with a tear in its eye. Scorbunny is an expert kicker who hates losing because it cares about its friends so much, especially its best friend and Trainer, Go. Scorbunny is very loyal to Go and will often sit on his shoulders. Also, Scorbunny will even jump up and give Go a high five with one of its feet.

In SS006, Scorbunny was shown to have good hearing, being able to sense a Pidgeotto perching on a treetop from far away. It was also shown to be hasty and quick to act, chasing after the Pidgeotto and causing it to fly away. While it was later told to control itself, it soon way of Go's attempts to capture a Diglett, making it burrow underground whenever it got close. While Go and Scorbunny's approaches to capturing Pokémon clashed in the beginning, they were able to work around them as they kept capturing more Pokémon.

Moves used

Using Quick Attack
Move First Used In
Quick Attack SS004
Double Kick SS005
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


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