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| Italian
| Italian
| Rosy{{tt|*|SM026 - Present}}<br>Maka{{tt|*|SM011, SM023}}
| Rosi{{tt|*|SM026 - Present}}<br>Maka{{tt|*|SM011, SM023}}
| Similar to her Japanese name. Also from ''rosa'' (rose)<br>From ''maka'', Hawaiian for beloved one
| Similar to her Japanese name. Also from ''rosa'' (rose)<br>From ''maka'', Hawaiian for beloved one
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|- style="background:#FFF"
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[[Category:Anime characters]]
[[Category:Anime characters]]

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ホシ Hoshi
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown and red
Hometown Paniola Town
Region Alola
Relatives Rango (father), Sima (mother), Kiawe (older brother), unnamed grandfather
Anime debut Young Kiawe Had a Farm!
English voice actor Rebecca Becker
Japanese voice actor Ayano Shibuya

Mimo (Japanese: ホシ Hoshi) is a recurring character who appeared in the Pokémon anime. She is Kiawe's younger sister and the daughter of Sima and Rango.


Mimo debuted in Young Kiawe Had a Farm!, at her family's home at Paniola Ranch. She reappeared in Getting the Band Back Together!, where she attended a concert hosted by DJ Leo.

In So Long, Sophocles!, Mimo assisted the group in preparing a farewell party for Sophocles when it seemed like he was moving away.

In The Ol' Raise and Switch!, Mimo had some fun playing with Popplio, which Kiawe was looking after. She later warned him that two of the Tauros were fighting, and watched as Popplio helped calm them down.

In The Young Flame Strikes Back!, the future of the ranch came under threat of being turned into a hotel by a businessman named Viren. Mimo stood up to Viren, only to be targeted by Electivire's Thunder. Turtonator and Marowak stepped in to defend her, which resulted in Turtonator being knocked out. She later stood up to Viren the next day, only for Viren and his henchmen to be arrested by Officer Jenny for forging land owner documents.

In A Young Royal Flame Ignites!, Mimo watched the Battle Royal along with Kiawe and Marowak.

Mimo appeared during a flashback in Filling the Light with Darkness!, where Kiawe revealed that he and his sister were working on the farm whilst Rango and Sima were sleeping, due to the effects of Necrozma draining the Ultra Aura from the region.

In A Plethora of Pikachu!, Mimo visited Pikachu Valley with Ash and Kiawe.

In Lillier and the Staff!, Mimo watched Kiawe perform in the school play.

In Heart of Fire! Heart of Stone!, Ash and his classmates visited Paniola Ranch alongside Brock and Misty. Mimo provided them with some ice cream and watched as Brock helped treat a baby Kangaskhan who had been threatening some Miltank.

In Keeping Your Eyes on the Ball!, Mimo watched Kahili play a round of PokéGolf on TV.

In SM123, Mimo wanted to go camping with Kiawe, Sophocles, and Ash, only for Sima to say they weren't going camping for fun. Mimo later visited the camp alongside Sima to provide food to the boys.


Mimo is always keen to help out around the farm and gets annoyed with Kiawe whenever he stops her from lifting heavy objects, as he is concerned about her safety. She also views Kiawe as overprotective, but it is shown that she still loves him a lot.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 渋谷彩乃 Ayano Shibuya
English Rebecca Becker
Finnish Saara Lehtonen
Korean 김하영 Ha Young Kim
Polish Małgorzata Prochera
European Spanish Yolanda Portillo


Language Name Origin
Japanese ホシ Hoshi From 干し柿 hoshigaki (dried persimmon) and 星 hoshi (star)
English, French Mimo From Mimosoideae, a tree subfamily including the kiawe tree
German Mali Possibly from maile, Hawaiian for Alyxia oliviformis
Italian Rosi*
Similar to her Japanese name. Also from rosa (rose)
From maka, Hawaiian for beloved one
Spanish Mayle From maile, Hawaiian for Alyxia oliviformis
Korean 오하이 Ohai From ʻōhai, Oahu riverhemp
Chinese (Mandarin) 星兒 Xīng'er From 星 xīng (star) and 兒 er (diminutive suffix meaning "child")
Brazilian Portuguese Malu

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