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===[[Symbol]]s obtained===
===[[Symbol]]s obtained===
[[File:Symbols Adventures.png|thumb|Emerald's seven Frontier Symbols]]
[[File:Symbols Adventures.png|thumb|Emerald's seven Frontier Symbols]]
* Knowledge Symbol in ''[[PS307|Gotcha Where I Wantcha, Glalie]]''
* [[Symbol|Knowledge Symbol]] (''[[PS307|Gotcha Where I Wantcha, Glalie]]'')
* Luck Symbol in ''[[PS310|Just My Luck...Shuckle]]''
* [[Symbol|Luck Symbol]] (''[[PS310|Just My Luck...Shuckle]]'')
* Brave Symbol in ''[[PS313|You Need to Chill Out, Regice]]''
* [[Symbol|Brave Symbol]] (''[[PS313|You Need to Chill Out, Regice]]'')
* Guts Symbol in ''[[PS318|Sneaky Like Shedinja II]]''
* [[Symbol|Guts Symbol]] (''[[PS318|Sneaky Like Shedinja II]]'')
* Spirits Symbol in ''[[PS327|Facing Gulpin Is Hard to Swallow]]''
* [[Symbol|Spirits Symbol]] (''[[PS327|Facing Gulpin Is Hard to Swallow]]'')
* Ability Symbol in ''[[PS337|Epilogue]]''
* [[Symbol|Ability Symbol]] (''[[PS337|Epilogue]]'')
* Tactics Symbol in ''[[PS337|Epilogue]]''
* [[Symbol|Tactics Symbol]] (''[[PS337|Epilogue]]'')

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エメラルド Emerald
Emerald ORAS chapter.png
Emerald in the Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter
Age 14 (as of the thirteenth chapter)
Gender Male
Birthday May 31
Blood type AB-
Eye color Green
Hair color Blond
Hometown Unknown
Region Hoenn
Trainer class Trainer

Emerald (Japanese: エメラルド Emerald) is a main character in the manga series Pokémon Adventures.


Emerald is a Pokémon Trainer of unknown origins. Due to the loss of his parents at a young age, he was moved between his family members and was constantly bullied by his cousins due to his short height and tendency to rely on the help of Pokémon to get objects from high places. These events led to Emerald developing a complex about his height and a dislike of Pokémon. To get over his height issues, he used hair gel to style his hair upwards and wore various gadgets and clothing to make himself look taller than he actually is. He stops wearing these gadgets as well as his upwards hairstyle in the Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter.

The constant moving from family member to family member led to Emerald developing the ability to determine a Pokémon's birthplace. If a Pokémon goes on a rampage, Emerald can calm it by surrounding the Pokémon with a "seal" of soil from its birthplace. The Pokémon is then calmed by a sense of nostalgia. For his skills, he is given the title of "Calmer" (鎮める者 Calmer).

Emerald claims to not like Pokémon themselves, but he likes Pokémon battles. To the amazement of the reporter, he is an expert at battling. As he does not train his own Pokémon, he borrows the Pokémon he uses from Crystal. Despite these claims, he is very close to Latios and Latias, who call him "Em".


201 Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details. 201


As revealed at the end of the Emerald chapter, Emerald was one of the orphans that Crystal was helping. He looked up to her and wanted a Pokédex of his own. Professor Oak did want to offer one to him at one point but he had declined due to his animosity towards Pokémon while in the Pokémon Academy. He spent his time roaming around Hoenn and met the Trick Master, who gave him the gadgets that were inspired by a faraway land. He also had a green gem that was used as a test to call out Rayquaza, but Emerald found the gem and it got attached to his forehead. He later received the Pokédex from Professor Birch on May 31, his birthday.

A younger Emerald
Emerald without his clothes covering him

Emerald chapter

Emerald makes his first appearance when he arrives at the currently opening Battle Frontier, having been brought there by his two friends, Latios and Latias. He meets a news reporter, and saves him from a wild Sudowoodo that the reporter had accidentally angered. He quickly runs off to go and challenge the Battle Frontier and gets into a brief tussle with one of the Frontier Brains, Tucker, and crashes the opening ceremony. After being captured by the angry Frontier Brains, Emerald reveals to them about his wanting to conquer the Battle Frontier. Initially, they refuse his challenge and decide to ban him from the Frontier until a news story reveals that the reporters thought that the Frontier Brains allowed Emerald to take part in the Battle Frontier. With the risk of losing major publicity, the Frontier Brains and Scott eventually agreed to his challenge: he would defeat all of the seven Brains within seven days.

Noland decides that he will be the first to challenge Emerald and the next day, Emerald begins his Battle Factory challenge. He manages to win 40 consecutive battles, allowing him to challenge Noland, the Factory Head. Despite having a team of random Pokémon, Emerald eventually manages to come out on top and wins the Knowledge Symbol. Later that night, Emerald reveals to the reporter that he had taken the Sceptile he used to beat Noland, revealing that it is in fact, not a rental Pokémon.

Tucker and Brandon arrive to try to get Emerald to challenge their facilities next but end up getting into a fight that gets them stuck to one of the Battle Pike's fangs. The day after, Lucy finds, and frees the three from the Battle Pike's fang while telling Emerald to challenge her facility next. After getting three new Pokémon from his source, Emerald goes through the Battle Pike and its various traps ranging from wild Pokémon battles, to Status ailment inflicting Pokémon, to rooms that don't have any danger at all. Emerald manages to go through all 139 trap-filled rooms and reaches the Frontier Brain, Pike Queen Lucy. The two battle each other; despite Lucy's strategy to poison Emerald's Pokémon, she is eventually defeated by his quick thinking. Emerald wins his second Frontier Symbol and goes to calm down the Pokémon he encountered in the Battle Pike, revealing that they, like his Sceptile, aren't actually Rental Pokémon and were planted there by someone.

Emerald and the reporter are approached by Brandon who tells Emerald to challenge his facility next and throws him in the Battle Pyramid. Emerald picks a new set of Pokémon to use for his challenge and goes inside of the dark maze. He eventually manages to the peak of the Pyramid and begins his battle with Brandon and his legendary Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. Despite Brandon's powerful Pokémon, Emerald manages to defeat all of them and wins the Brave Symbol.

Just as Emerald leaves the Battle Pyramid he is ambushed by Anabel and the other Frontier Brains. The Brains believe that Emerald was the one who had stolen the Battle Factory's Rental Pokémon and attacked Noland. Emerald tries to prove his innocence by revealing why he came to the Battle Frontier, to capture the legendary wish granting Pokémon, Jirachi. Emerald, the Frontier Brains, and the reporter all travel to the Artisan Cave where Jirachi is rumored to be resting. Emerald easily escapes the wild Smeargle that live in the cave and eventually finds Jirachi resting at the center of the cave. Just when he tries to capture Jirachi, Emerald is attacked by the armored Guile Hideout. Emerald and Anabel battle the mysterious villain while trying to capture Jirachi; in the end, Guile manages to stop them while Jirachi escapes.

The injured Emerald, Frontier Brains, and the reporter all return to the Battle Frontier where Emerald starts his Battle Arena challenge. Emerald easily makes it through the Battle Arena and battles Greta in the final match and comes out the victor after doing something he’s never done before, cheering on his Pokémon, and wins Guts Symbol in the process. After he defeats Greta, Emerald and his Pokémon fall asleep and are taken into a hotel room by Greta and the reporter. When Greta and the reporter notice that Emerald’s clothes would be uncomfortable to sleep in, they decide to take them off and put him in a pair of pajamas. After they strip him down to his underwear, they are shocked to find out that Emerald is unusually short. The reporter tells Greta to ignore this and sends her out of the room while Emerald’s Pokémon get into a fight over who gets to care for him while he sleeps.

The next day, Emerald decides to go to the Battle Dome as his next challenge and battles the many Trainers that have come to the Battle Frontier to take part in it. After taking a bathroom break, he meets Ruby and Sapphire, two other Pokédex holders from Hoenn. They reveal that they have come to help Emerald on his quest to find Jirachi but Emerald states that he doesn’t need help and attacks them. Later, at the Battle Dome, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, and Tucker all make it to the semi-finals of the tournament.

The first round of the semi-finals is Emerald facing off against Ruby, with the second being Tucker versus Sapphire. Ruby and Emerald battle each other and Ruby constantly annoys Emerald to the point of nausea by talking about the bonds he has with his Pokémon. Just when it seems like Ruby is going to win, Sceptile manages to finish off Ruby's Feefee, making Emerald the winner. The final match is Emerald versus Tucker (who had defeated Sapphire) but Emerald reveals that he wants to switch his team for a different one. Tucker gives him permission to do so and Emerald changes his team, stating that if he makes bonds with his Pokémon, then he is just insulting them. Emerald returns with a new set of Pokémon and battles against Tucker but is easily defeated by him.

A depressed Emerald walks out of the Battle Dome and immediately leaves to the Battle Palace, where he challenges Spenser for a match. Spenser explains that Emerald needs to pick three Pokémon he trusts the most and that they will battle without his commands. Emerald chooses Sceptile, Sudowoodo, and Dusclops, who he still has doubts about trusting. Just before they can even start the match, Spenser's phone rings with a message that reveals that Guile Hideout has captured Jirachi and is attacking the Battle Frontier with Rental Pokémon. Emerald decides to trust his Pokémon and leaves to the Battle Tower along with Ruby and Sapphire to defeat Guile once and for all.

Emerald in the sixth chapter

The three meet up with Noland and go through the Battle Tower where they find Anabel, mind controlled by Guile Hideout. Emerald eventually makes it to the top of the Battle Tower where he faces Anabel and loses to her powerful Raikou. However, Latios arrives in the nick of time to return Emerald's Pokémon to him, along with the Spirits Symbol they won at the Battle Palace. Anabel collapses from not being able to handle the mind control and Latios and Latias use their power to reveal Guile Hideout’s true identity.

Guile manages to make his wish; a giant sea monster is created from the water surrounding the Battle Frontier and attacks the island. The Battle Tower's "Disaster Prevention System" activates and the Hoenn Pokédex holders begin fleeing. Emerald accidentally gets stuck in one of the doors and is surprisingly rescued by Guile Hideout; however, this Guile is quickly revealed to actually be Gold in disguise. Gold reveals that he and Crystal had come to help defeat Guile and free the Pokédex holders that were petrified at the end of the FireRed & LeafGreen chapter.

Gold gives Emerald the task of asking Jirachi for a wish to reverse the petrification of their senior Pokédex holders. Emerald attempts to get Jirachi to grant his wish but to no avail and becomes disheartened. Dejected, Emerald goes to train with Ruby and Sapphire to help his Sceptile learn the ultimate move, Frenzy Plant but is too depressed to focus. Emerald reveals his past to Ruby and Sapphire about how he obtained a Pokédex, got his mechanical suit, and how he got the mission to go to the Battle Frontier. Just as he finishes his story, their Pokémon finish learning the ultimate moves while Gold and Crystal fall on top of their training room, completely defeated by Guile.

Angered that Guile had hurt Crystal, Emerald attacks Guile but is easily sent flying by his sword. Guile taunts Emerald by stepping on his Pokémon; Emerald tries to get him to stop but Guile reminds him about his "liking Pokémon battles instead of the Pokémon themselves" philosophy. After hearing Guile insult his Pokémon and friends, Emerald angrily shouts that he truly does love Pokémon and the people who love them. His words cause Jirachi’s third eye to open and grant his wish to revive the petrified Pokédex holders. With their seniors revived, they join the fight against Guile and his army of Rental Pokémon. As they battle, Emerald comes up with a plan to defeat the giant Kyogre while Gold and Red manage to outsmart Guile and destroy his armor. After the plan is fully set up and Emerald successfully calming down the rampaging Rental Pokémon, the ten Pokédex holders have their Pokémon fire off the ultimate moves, Hydro Cannon, Blast Burn, Frenzy Plant, and Volt Tackle to finish off the giant sea beast, once and for all.

With the monster Kyogre finally defeated, Emerald fishes Guile out of the water and forces him to reveal where he got the armor. After explaining, Guile finds his armor floating in the water and breaks free of Emerald’s grip to try to get it back but only finds that it was the fake armor Gold had worn earlier. Guile then disappears in a bright flash of light, armor and all while Emerald falls asleep from exhaustion; Latios and Latias, finally happy that Emerald has found friends, say their goodbyes and leave to Southern Island.

Later that day, Emerald wakes up from his nap and finds that his Pokémon have bonded with the other Pokédex holder’s Pokémon. The Frontier Brains come and thank Emerald for his help and he is given the Ability Symbol by Anabel. Emerald and the reporter quickly remember that there is only day left for his final challenge and they ask Tucker if he can schedule at tournament. Tucker explains that even though the Battle Dome was undamaged in the fight, there aren’t any people to hold a tournament; Red then comes up with the idea to host a Pokédex holder tournament, an idea Scott happily agrees to. Emerald is seen saying his goodbyes to Jirachi as it returns to its thousand year slumber once again. Emerald goes to battle in the tournament where it is shown that he managed to win the Tactics Symbol.

HeartGold & SoulSilver chapter

Emerald with his hair down

Emerald appears as a cameo when Crystal talks to Silver about how she wants to protect the world so that children will be able to chase their dreams.

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter

In the thirteenth chapter, Emerald, along with Ruby and Sapphire, is enlisted by Steven to learn Mega Evolution in order to prevent a disaster that will strike Hoenn. He and Sapphire train with Ultima at Dewford Town on the ultimate moves in order to prepare them for their Mega Evolutions. Whilst on a break, Sapphire complains that Ruby has not yet arrived to train with them. Emerald quells Sapphire's worries by pointing out that Ruby invited her to see the Litleonid meteor shower after their training had finished. Later, Emerald and Sapphire manage to successfully Mega Evolve Sceptile and Chic into Mega Sceptile and Mega Blaziken. Unable to wait for Ruby to return, Mr. Stone decides to use the energy produced from the Mega Evolution to power a machine to prevent the disaster.

The group travels to Sea Mauville, where the machine that will drain their Pokémon's energy is located. While Steven and Mr. Stone prepare the machine, Emerald explores the area with Sapphire. Later that night, Emerald is attacked by a mysterious Pokémon. Angered, Emerald chases after the Pokémon, only for it to dodge his attacks. Even when Steven steps in with his Mega Metagross they are unable to stop the Pokémon before it eventually escapes.

The next day, Steven and Mr. Stone begin to use the Absorber to drain Emerald's Sceptile and Chic in their Mega-Evolved states. The process hurts their Pokémon intensely, causing their Trainers to be horrified. After the process is finished, they are attacked by Zinnia, a Draconid with a hatred for the Devon Corporation. She attacks with her small army of former Teams Magma and Aqua Grunts to destroy the dimensional shifter that was powered by Sceptile and Chic's energy. Sapphire takes the shifter and tries to keep it away, but the Pokémon that attacked Emerald earlier transported her to somewhere else with its hoops. When Ruby arrives to stop the fighting, Emerald informs him that the Pokémon, Hoopa, is the cause of Sapphire's disappearance. Ruby convinces Zinnia to leave by offering up his and Emerald's Mega Bracelets as a bribe.

The group continues traveling to learn more about Rayquaza, which is a key in stopping the meteoroid. During the trip, Emerald reunites with Latios and Latias, who tell them about Hoopa and the Diancie Ruby befriended before he arrived. They are attacked by Blaise and Amber so that they can use Hoopa's power for their own plans. With the power of Blaise's illusions, the two manage to manipulate Hoopa into summoning Groudon and Kyogre from its hoops. Groudon and Kyogre immediately begin heading towards somewhere and easily shrug off Ruby and Emerald's attempt to stop them. Ruby and Emerald discover the culprits and attempt to stop them, only for both to escape and trap Emerald and Ruby in an illusion.

After escaping the illusion, Emerald and Ruby find that Groudon and Kyogre have transformed into new, more powerful forms. Emerald attempts to fight, but Ruby states that getting to Meteor Falls is more important. Despite this, Emerald and Ruby are unable to get past the power that Groudon and Kyogre are now exerting in their Primal forms. They soon find out that the ones responsible for Groudon and Kyogre's Primal Reversion are Maxie and Archie, who are still alive. Maxie and Archie use the power of the super-ancient Pokémon to easily overpower Emerald and Ruby, defeating them and knocking them out of the sky. Maxie and Archie gloat over their victory and reveal that their return is all for the sake of saving the planet from the meteoroid threatening to destroy it.

Emerald and Ruby awaken at the Meteor Village, a small town hidden inside of Meteor Falls and home of the Draconids. There, they find that only four days remain until the meteoroid hits. The village Elder reveals that Sapphire battled Zinnia in order to protect the dimensional shifter but was defeated and went missing. The Elder also states that she gave gave Archie and Maxie a place to train in preparation to destroy the meteoroid. Despite this, Ruby decides to continue with trying to find Rayquaza, as he believes he may have its trust after battling with it four years ago. After meeting with his father again, Ruby and Norman use Hoopa's rings to transport them to the Pokémon Association's research facility in Goldenrod City, where Rayquaza was seen heading towards.

After Ruby and Norman find Rayquaza, Emerald uses Hoopa's rings to search for Sapphire. They manage to track Sapphire to Route 120, where she ended up landing after her defeat by Zinnia. Just as they manage to see Sapphire, Archie and Maxie appear, having finished their training. When it sees Kyogre and Groudon through the ring, Rayquaza goes berserk and rushes towards the ring to confront the two. In order to prevent a battle from going on, Hoopa directs the ring connecting Goldenrod to the Meteor Village to the other ring, causing Rayquaza and Ruby to appear in Route 120.

Emerald and his Pokémon

Maxie and Archie chase after Rayquaza by forcing their way through Hoopa's ring. Unable to handle the stress of both Groudon and Kyogre moving through its ring at the same time, Hoopa is injured and collapses. Emerald then leaves the village and heads to Route 120 with Latias and Latios.

Later, Emerald meets up with Ruby and Sapphire after Zinnia managed to lure Rayquaza away from them in an attempt to get it to join her. He reveals that Zinnia's planned failed, and ended with Rayquaza violently lashing out at Zinnia and blasting her into the ocean. They head down to Sootopolis City, where Zinnia was taken to after being rescued by Latios. There, they meet with Steven and Mr. Stone again. Mr. Stone attempts to apologize to Zinnia for the trouble he caused in attempting to control Rayquaza. Zinnia rejects Mr. Stone's apology and claims that he is only trying to save face for his failures. Now brought to tears, Zinnia gives up and claims that her villagers were right to believe she wasn't strong enough to save the planet in place of Aster, the previous Lorekeeper. Zinnia and Mr. Stone's behavior angers Emerald, who claims that they shouldn't give up and there must still be something they can do to save the planet.

Emerald suggests that the three plans to stop the meteoroid should stop fighting one another and instead work together. The group is approached by Giovanni, Red, Green, Blaise, and Amber, who all reveal that despite not being in battle, Mega Evolution is still able to be activated, which suggests that the meteoroid may be a Pokémon from space. Later, the group has various allies from around Hoenn travel to Sootopolis to lend their assistance in stopping the meteoroid.


On hand

Emerald's Sceptile ↔ Mega Sceptile

As a Mega Sceptile
Sceptile ↔ Mega Sceptile
Main article: Emerald's Sceptile

Sceptile was originally a starter Pokémon owned by Professor Birch as a Treecko. After several adventures where he helped Wally awaken Rayquaza at the Sky Pillar, Treecko, now a Grovyle, ended up on a deserted island, evolved into a Sceptile, and was captured by Guile Hideout, who planted Sceptile into the Hoenn Battle Factory as a Rental Pokémon. During Emerald's battle against Noland, Sceptile went berserk due to being hit by a Poison Sting fired by Guile Hideout. After Emerald calmed Sceptile down, he decided to have him join his team as he noted that he was level 51 at the time instead of being level 50 as with the other Rental Pokémon. With Emerald's Mega Bracelet, he can Mega Evolve into Mega Sceptile. He is level 69 and has a Hasty nature.

Debut Trying to Trounce Torchic
Emerald's Sudowoodo
Main article: Emerald's Sudowoodo

Sudowoodo went crazy due to being watered by a reporter while disguised as a tree and attacked but was calmed by Emerald. After this incident, Sudowoodo followed Emerald and joined Emerald's team at Artisan Cave in Sneaky Like Shedinja after shielding him along with Dusclops and Sceptile. She cares deeply for Emerald and once got into a Berry cooking competition to prove it. She was seen battling in the Battle Dome against a Pokémon Ranger, defeating his Ursaring. She was then seen battling at the Battle Palace against Spenser's Pokémon. After the final battle with Guile Hideout, she became acquainted with Gold's Sudobo. She is level 62, has a Quirky nature, and her Characteristic is "hates to lose."

Debut Never Spritz a Knotty Sudowoodo
Emerald's Dusclops
Main article: Emerald's Dusclops

Dusclops was a wild Pokémon in the Battle Pike that Emerald determined was from Mt. Pyre. Like Sudowoodo, he followed him after the incident and joined him in the Artisan Cave in Sneaky Like Shedinja. He was seen battling at the Battle Dome, battling a Pokémon Ranger early on, and tying with Ruby's Rara. He was then seen battling at the Battle Palace against Spenser's Pokémon. He is level 61, has a Rash nature, and his Characteristic is "often lost in thought."

Debut As Luck Would Have It, Kirlia
Emerald's Snorlax
Snorlax was a rental Pokémon given to Emerald by Noland after she was calmed down by the young boy. She was seen battling in the Battle Tower. After the battle, she was seen getting acquainted with Red's Snor. In the HeartGold & SoulSilver chapter, she and Snor were revealed to have created an Egg together. She is level 60 and has a Quiet nature.

None of Snorlax's moves are known and her Ability is Thick Fat.

Debut Lemme at 'Em, Lapras!
Emerald's Mr. Mime
Mr. Mime
Mr. Mime was a rental Pokémon given to Emerald by Noland after he was calmed down by the young boy. It was seen battling in the Battle Tower. After the battle, he was seen getting acquainted with Crystal's Mymee. His level is 63 and has a Jolly nature.

None of Mr. Mime's moves are known and his Ability is Filter.

Debut Lemme at 'Em, Lapras!
Emerald's Mantine
Mantine was a rental Pokémon given to Emerald by Noland after she was calmed down by the young boy. She was seen battling in the Battle Tower. After the battle, she was seen getting acquainted with Gold's Tibo. She is level 65 and has an Impish nature.

None of Mantine's moves are known and her Ability is Swift Swim.

Debut Lemme at 'Em, Lapras!


Emerald's Latias and Latios
Latias and Latios
Main article: Eon duo (Adventures)

Latias and Latios are Pokémon that Emerald had befriend before challenging the Battle Frontier. The sibling Pokémon assisted Emerald in his quest to conquer the Battle Frontier and capture Jirachi. After Emerald made friends with his fellow Pokédex holders, Latias and Latios returned to their home on Southern Island. In the Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter, Latias and Latios returned to help Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire prevent the meteoroid threatening to destroy Hoenn.

Debut Never Spritz a Knotty Sudowoodo
Emerald's Hoopa
Hoopa first appeared on the Sea Mauville, where Emerald encountered it while relieving himself. Emerald attempted to battle the prankster Pokémon, but his attempts to calm it with his E Shooter ended it failure. Although Steven stepped in to help, Hoopa eventually escaped. It later revealed itself when Zinnia attacked the Sea Mauville to try and destroy the dimensional shifter. When Sapphire attempted to escape with the shifter from Zinnia's army, Hoopa appeared and transported her to another location. Afterward, it befriended Emerald and constantly pranked him by using its hoops to suck Emerald's long hair inside. Later, Amber and Blaise manipulated Hoopa into summoning Groudon and Kyogre.

None of Hoopa's moves are known and its Ability is Magician.

Debut Omega Alpha Adventure 6


These are the Pokémon that he used for the matches that required rental Pokémon:

Used in the Battle Factory

Emerald's Skarmory
Skarmory was the first rental Pokémon used in the Battle Factory. He was holding the item Quick Claw when Emerald rented Skarmory. During the battle, he was hit by Illumise's Flatter which resulted in him being confused. Emerald substituted Skarmory for Rhyhorn.

None of Skarmory's moves are known.

Debut Interesting Interactions Involving Illumise
Emerald's Rhyhorn
Rhyhorn was the second rental Pokémon used in the Battle Factory. He used him after recalling Skarmory and he was holding the item Leftovers. Rhyhorn was able to defeat Illumise in one hit. He was traded away later on.

Rhyhorn's only known move is Rock Slide.

Debut Interesting Interactions Involving Illumise
Emerald's Slaking
Emerald received Slaking in exchange for a Farfetch'd. Slaking was then used against a Trainer's Hitmonlee where his kicks heavily damaged Slaking as it had trouble moving due to its Ability. However, Slaking saved itself with a Slack Off and went for a Faint Attack, taking out Hitmonlee. After the battle, Slaking was traded for a Linoone.

Slaking's known moves are Faint Attack and Slack Off, and its Ability is Truant.

Debut Pinsir Me, I Must Be Dreaming
Emerald's Linoone
Emerald received Linoone after he gave up Slaking. Linoone was very fast as he was able to defeat many opponents, even helping Pinsir in defeating Noland's Mawile with the help of Trick. However, Linoone was defeated by Noland's Golem. Linoone was holding the Choice Band.

Linoone's known moves are Frustration, Dig, Trick, and Thunder Wave*, and his Ability is Pickup.

Debut Pinsir Me, I Must Be Dreaming
Emerald's Pinsir
Pinsir was the second Pokémon Emerald sent out during his battle against Noland after recalling Linoone when he used Trick on Mawile earlier. Due to the fact that Mawile can only use Iron Defense since it was holding the Choice Scarf, Pinsir was able to defeat Mawile. However, she was easily defeated by Noland's next Pokémon, Golem.

Pinsir's known moves are Swords Dance, Endure*, Flail* and Guillotine*, and her Ability is Hyper Cutter.

Debut Pinsir Me, I Must Be Dreaming
Emerald Ludicolo Adventures.png
Emerald Illumise Adventures.png
Emerald Togetic Adventures.png
Emerald Ivysaur Adventures.png
Emerald Delcatty Adventures.png
Emerald Chinchou Adventures.png
Emerald Farfetchd Adventures.png
Emerald Gardevoir Adventures.png
Emerald Grovyle PS306.png

Borrowed from Crystal

Used in the Battle Pike

Emerald's Blissey
Blissey is used during Emerald's battle against the Frontier Brain, Lucy. She goes up against Seviper and, although she is able to deliver the first attack, Blissey is poisoned by Seviper's Poison Fang. Emerald could not heal her with a Berry, but he is able to switch her out with Starmie, activating her Ability. Later, she is knocked out by Seviper but left a special surprise for Lucy afterward.

Blissey's known moves are Seismic Toss, Soft-Boiled*, and Heal Bell, and her Ability is Natural Cure.

Debut Moving Past Milotic
Emerald's Rapidash
Emerald chooses Rapidash as his choice to use in a Tag Battle against the computer's Kirlia and Dusclops. During the battle, Rapidash gets frozen by Dusclops, but he is immediately defrosted by Flame Wheel and defeats the computer player, moving Emerald to the next opponent. Later, Rapidash faces Lucy's Seviper and is able to defeat it after Rapidash is healed by Blissey's Softboiled.

Rapidash's known moves are Flame Wheel, Double-Edge, Overheat, and Solar Beam*, and his Ability is Run Away.

Debut Moving Past Milotic
Emerald's Starmie
Starmie is used along with Rapidash in the first round of the Battle Pike, as it was able to defeat the computer player. Later, Starmie is called out to go up against Lucy's Shuckle. Shuckle is able to poison Starmie, but Shuckle is quickly defeated by Surf. After Shuckle is defeated, its next opponent is Milotic. Despite Starmie being poisoned, it is able to defeat Milotic and fainted afterward.

Starmie's known moves are Thunderbolt, Surf, Psychic, and Ice Beam*, and its Ability is Natural Cure.

Debut Moving Past Milotic

Used in the Battle Pyramid

Emerald's Alakazam
Alakazam was used in both the Battle Pyramid and Battle Dome. In the Battle Pyramid, it was mostly used to help Emerald escape the wild Pokémon that came up to them and the computer players. In the Battle Dome, it went up against Tucker's Charizard in the last minute and fell to its Earthquake.

Alakazam's known moves are Teleport, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch*, and Ice Punch*.

Debut A Dust-Up With Dusclops
Emerald's Phanpy
Emerald brought along a Phanpy to collect enough items to keep the team going. It was used to stop three Houndoom from attacking.

Phanpy's only known move is Earthquake and its Ability is Pickup.

Debut A Dust-Up With Dusclops
Emerald's Shedinja
Emerald chose Shedinja as it only had one HP and the unique Wonder Guard Ability, allowing only super effective moves to hit it. It went up against a wild Misdreavus and was able to defeat it without any problems. However, the attack that it used to defeat Misdreavus was reduced to zero as the opponent used Grudge before it fainted.

Shedinja's only known move is Shadow Ball and its Ability is Wonder Guard.

Debut A Dust-Up With Dusclops
Main article: Monlee

Crystal lent Emerald her Monlee (Japanese: エビぴょん Ebipyon) for use in the Battle Pyramid. He went up against Brandon's Registeel and defeated it, but soon after fainted from being poisoned during his attack on Registeel.

Debut Slugging It Out With Slugma
Main article: Bonee

Crystal lent her Bonee to Emerald for use in the Battle Pyramid. He went up against Brandon's Regice but lost after it put up a great fight.

Debut Slugging It Out With Slugma

Used in the Battle Dome

Emerald's Metagross
Metagross was used against Tucker's Charizard where it tried to hold its own with its combo to attack and defend itself at the same time. However, it was not enough for Charizard's Overheat as it was defeated.

Metagross's known moves are Rock Tomb and Protect, and its Ability is Clear Body.

Debut A Cheeky Charizard Change-Up I

Formerly befriended

The following are the Pokémon that helped Emerald in his disabilities when he was younger.

Emerald Ekans Adventures.png
Emerald Ampharos Adventures.png
Emerald Dratini Adventures.png
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Symbols obtained

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When he was younger, Emerald decided to create a new image for himself. In order to do this, he enlisted the help of the Trick Master to create several inventions that would help Emerald look taller. As of the Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter, he no longer wears most of his equipment.

  • The E Shooter (Japanese: E・シューター E Shooter) is a gun designed to calm down rampaging Pokémon by making them remember their birthplace. Although it appears to be a toy gun, the inside of the gun is actually just a toy Emerald with scoops for arms that rapidly spin to fire dirt at the opponent.
  • The Bullets of Serenity (Japanese: 穏やかな弾丸 Bullets of Calmness) are bullet-like pellets that are fired from the E Shooter. They are filled with Hometown Soil (Japanese: 故郷の土 Hometown Soil), which is dirt samples taken from various locations. By inserting the soil of a certain location into a pellet and firing it at a rampaging Pokémon that comes from that place, the Pokémon will be calmed down due to remembering its birthplace. Originally, he wore the bandoleer inside his Magic Hands; in the Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter, he wears it around his torso.
  • The Magic Hands (Japanese: マジックハンド Magic Hand) are a pair of fake arms attached to a spring. With these, Emerald can grabs objects from far away.
  • Emerald owns a pair of platform shoes, which he uses to make himself appear taller than he actually is. In addition to their original purpose, the shoes can also store Poké Balls inside and turn into a mizugumo (Japanese: 水ぐも Mizugumo) that allows Emerald to ski over the water.
  • Emerald wears a green jewel on his forehead. This jewel is actually a core of the Green Orb (Japanese: 翠色の宝珠 Emerald Orb), an artificially-created Orb designed to control Rayquaza like the Red and Blue Orbs control Groudon and Kyogre, respectively. Due to its design, it has the ability to slightly control Pokémon.



  • Emerald is the only male Pokémon Adventures character named after a third version, as Green*, Yellow*, Crystal, and Platinum are all female.
  • Emerald and Yellow are the only main characters of Pokémon Adventures not directly based on game characters.
  • Emerald's birthday is May 31, and emeralds are the birthstone for those born in May.
  • Emerald is the first Pokémon Adventures character whose first Pokémon was actually one of the starter Pokémon from the game series - or rather its evolution, Sceptile.
  • If all of Emerald's Pokémon who got acquainted to a same species of opposite gender, belonging to other Pokédex holders were to breed, all of the pairings could result in a Baby Pokémon.
  • Emerald is the only main character of Pokémon Adventures to have never fought with or against the version mascot of the game he represents.
    • However, the Green Orb he wears is related to that Pokémon.
  • Emerald is 4'1" (125 cm) tall and weighs 61 lbs (28 kg).
    • Emerald is both the shortest and lightest Pokédex holder.


Language Name Origin
Japanese エメラルド Emerald
ラルド Rald
From Pokémon Emerald
English Emerald
Em / Rald
From Pokémon Emerald
French Émeraude From Pokémon Version Émeraude
German Smaragd From Pokémon Smaragd-Edition
Spanish Esmeralda From Pokémon Edición Esmeralda
Korean 에메랄드 Emerald From Pokémon Emerald
Chinese (Mandarin) 米拉特 Mǐlātè Partial transliteration of his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 米拉特 Máihlāaidahk Same as Mandarin name
Vietnamese Emerald Transliteration of his Japanese name

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