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* Before the wild {{p|Slowpoke}} [[evolution|evolves]] into {{p|Slowbro}}, the Pokémon on the tail should have been a {{p|Shellder}}, and not the form after Slowbro evolves.
* Before the wild {{p|Slowpoke}} [[evolution|evolves]] into {{p|Slowbro}}, the Pokémon on the tail should have been a {{p|Shellder}}, and not the form after Slowbro evolves.
SM031 error.png|Pokémon on Slowpoke's tail isn't Shellder
SM031 error.png|Shellder error

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SM030 : The Ol' Raise and Switch!
Sun & Moon series
SM032 : Treasure Hunt, Akala Style!
The Island Whisperer!
SM031   EP970
Lychee Appears! Laugh and Cry, Island Queen!!
First broadcast
Japan June 22, 2017
United States September 16, 2017
English themes
Opening Under The Alolan Sun
Japanese themes
Opening めざせポケモンマスター -20th Anniversary-
Ending ポーズ
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 冨岡淳広 Atsuhiro Tomioka
Storyboard 高橋ナオヒト Naohito Takahashi
Assistant director 宮原秀二 Shūji Miyahara
Animation directors 藤田正幸 Masayuki Fujita
浜田勝 Masaru Hamada
No additional credits are available at this time.

The Island Whisperer! (Japanese: ライチ登場!泣いて笑って、島クイーン!! Lychee Appears! Laugh and Cry, Island Queen!!) is the 31st episode of the Sun & Moon series, and the 970th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on June 22, 2017 and in the United States on September 16, 2017.

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Kahuna Olivia is leading the class on a field trip to Akala Island, and everyone is excited! Before they leave, Olivia demonstrates her knack with Pokémon by calming an angry Tauros and bonding with just about everyone, including Ash’s standoffish Litten.

On the boat to Akala, Ash and Olivia discover a Wailmer, trapped in the rocks by an angry Bruxish! Everyone works together to drive Bruxish off and get Wailmer free, and when it starts to sink, Popplio comes to the rescue, floating it up to the surface in an impressive balloon. That night, Nurse Joy hosts everyone at the Pokémon Center, and there are more exciting adventures to come!


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Ash is running to school with Rotom and Pikachu with Ash excitedly repeating Akala as Rotom tells him to calm down, knowing that he is excited about today's field trip. Inside the school grounds, Ash asks Rotom what kind of Pokémon live on Akala Island but as Rotom does a search, he is hit by a Tauros which sends him flying as Charizard lands in front of Tauros to stop him as its trainer and Kiawe arrive with Kiawe telling Charizard to keep holding on as his classmates look on as Ash lands on the ground. Lillie asks Ash if he is alright which Ash is before asking them what is going on with the Tauros and Sophocles explains that Tauros was startled when Charizard landed which caused it to get angry. Charizard struggles with Tauros only for a Midday Form Lycanroc to jump down between them which Ash is amazed to see as Olivia greets them and goes over to Tauros and starts to pat it on the head before giving it a kiss on the nose, calming it down, much to everyone's shock. Olivia calls it a good Tauros and Ash is amazed as what he is seeing as Sophocles wonders who she is, Lana doesn't recognize her as someone from school.

Olivia goes over to Charizard, telling it that it did a good job and gives it a kiss, saying that it is something else as Kiawe goes over to her and they greet each other as Olivia notes that Kiawe has grown since she last saw him as Ash asks Kiawe if he knows her which he does and introduces him to Olivia, the Kahuna of Akala Island. In the classroom, Professor Kukui tells them that they are going to visit Akala Island for a field trip which excites Ash for the grand trial as Professor Kukui tells him he might be getting a little ahead of himself which the others laugh at as Olivia looks on. Olivia introduces herself to the class, saying that it is nice to meet them and that she'll be in charge of the field trip and starts to get something but trips whilst walking over to the class but picks herself up, saying there is nothing to see and brings out a bag containing some jewelry and gives one to each student which brings mixed results as Olivia guesses that getting something like jewelry isn't as exciting for everyone which Ash says isn't true which surprises Olivia as she reveals her Z-Ring saying she manages an arts and crafts shop. Ash is excited to see her Z-Ring which she says contains a Rockium Z and asks Ash if he is taking on the Island challenge which Ash confirms and is keen to have another grand trial and Olivia says that this field trip may lead his wish to come true before stroking Pikachu's head and tells the class to grab their stuff bring their Pokémon and goes to leave, only to collide with Samson Oak who arrive and they greet each other as Samson Oak makes a Pokémon pun, which confuses Olivia's before realizing and starts to laugh.

Outside, everyone has brought out their Pokémon and Olivia is amazed at their facial expressions and can tell that they are all very much loved and finds them adorable as Pikachu, Snowy, Steenee and Togedemaru jump on her as she gives Rowlet a hug, saying it smells like a ray of sunshine which Rotom finds strange as none of them have their guard up against her and everyone notices that they are all happy as Ash notes Litten is going over to her. Olivia invites Litten over as Ash warns her to watch out explaining that if Litten doesn't know her but Olivia tells him to not worry as Litten approaches her and she puts her hand on Litten's face and picks Litten up, giving it a kiss. Everyone is amazed at what they see as Kiawe mentions that Olivia really surprised her during his grand trial and remembers seeing Turtonator let its guard down with someone it didn't know and she must truly have a special power as Rockruff goes over to Lycanroc and Ash knows that it wants to be really cool like Lycanroc as Olivia asks Lycanroc if it is glad that it made a nice friend before picking Rockruff up and finds it cute when Rockruff licks her face and Olivia asks the class to tell her more about their Pokémon which Ash agrees to do. As Komala falls from the school and lands in a bush, Olivia finds herself crying having learnt what Litten went through before it met Ash and is glad to see Litten and Ash together and Lillie hands her a handkerchief which she takes, drying her eyes before blowing her nose which Lana finds interesting. Olivia tells everyone that their Pokémon are all lucky to have great partners and tells them not to forget all the great stories and emotion that comes with it as they are treasures that will last a life time. She goes over to Turtonator and notes that it has grown a lot stronger since the grand trial and that they both look wonderful which causes Turtonator to start to bite Olivia's head in a playful manner.

As a reward for telling her about all of their Pokémon, Olivia says she in return will tell them about Akala Island, causing Rotom to record what she says as Olivia comments on Akala Island being nurtured by Wela Volcano powerful fire and commanding the fear and gratitude to humanity and asks them if they know who the Guardian of Akala Island is and Ash replies saying that it is Tapu Lele which Olivia says is correct and starts to do a small dance and starts the class that Tapu Lele is known to scatter its glowing scales from time to time and it is said whoever the scales touch will be healed and Ash, remember his encounter with Tapu Lele realizes that this is why his injuries were healed as Olivia says she thinks that Tapu Lele is the guardian of life itself with its light healing wounds and giving strength to those who need it. Ash asks if they might meet Tapu Lele again and Olivia says it would if it is what they want and it would make her happy if they Tapu Lele's presence here and if whilst on their field trip they thought about what life truly means and the relationship between people and Pokémon, she wants them to feel a special something created only between them and their partners through their encounters. She ends the story and tells them to get ready as they head to Akala Island. Down at the port, a boat is waiting to take them to Akala Island and Olivia jumps aboard but trips and says that it is nothing as the others look embarrassed and the boat heads off with Samson Oak telling them to have a good time.

Out on the ocean, Kiawe notes that it makes a change from flying as Sophocles, looking through his phone finds a picture of Kiawe, Sima, Rango and Mimo and tells the others that Kiawe's house is featured in the Akala Island guidebook as Mallow spots a picture of Kiawe looking funny, asks if he was nervous. At the back of the boat, Rockruff and Lycanroc are resting as Lillie and Lana see how relaxed the two of them are as Lana can't wait to see what sort of Water-types there are on the island as Mallow is keen to check out the food. Looking out, Lana spots something jump out of the water and everyone keeps an eye out as Professor Kukui who is steering the boat and Olivia see that they found something and decide to make a detour as Olivia asks the class if they want to investigate to which Ash agrees and they head over as a group of Dragonair jump out of the water and one of the Dragonair uses Rain Dance much to the amazement of the class as Olivia tells them that their field trip learning has just begun and as they make their way to Akala Island, they look at Pokémon including a Slowpoke that evolves into Slowbro. As Lana points out all the Pokémon, she points out a Lugia which gets the boys attention and look for it but Mallow realizes this is one of her jokes, much to the boys disappointment. Olivia joins them, guessing that Lana is an expert in Water types which Lana confirms as Olivia looks over the railings in search for other Pokémon, she ends up falling over and into the ocean. Unfazed by falling in, Olivia invites the others to join her so Ash and Pikachu jump in and swim underwater, looking at all the Pokémon, they soon notice some splashing near the rocks and surface for air, wondering what is going on and they decide to go over to investigate.

Rockruff alerts the others that Ash, Olivia and Pikachu are swimming off leading Kiawe to wonder where they are going so Professor Kukui steers the ship over to them. Ash, Olivia and Pikachu reach the rocks and find a Wailmer trapped in the rocks as Rotom joins them and Ash tells him about Wailmer. Rotom heads back to inform the others as Ash, Olivia and Pikachu swim towards Wailmer with Olivia instruct Ash to push Wailer whilst she pulls which they do but the effort sends Olivia underwater and she spots a Bruxish nearby before surfacing as the others arrive. Olivia informs them that the Bruxish is responsible for this and guesses that this area is its territory and that its Psychic power is dangerous and tells Ash and Pikachu to get back on the boat which they do as Rotom provides data on Bruxish. Olivia says that Wailmer must be freed and asks Lycanroc to help her but Rotom stops her saying that as a Rock-type, Lycanroc isn't good in water but Olivia tells them to watch and has Lycanroc jump in the air before using Accelerock on the nearby cliff, causing rocks to fall into the sea near Bruxish as Lycanroc returns to the boat, much to the others surprise. The attack has helped to free Wailmer but Bruxish's Psychic power is still affecting it and it starts to sink and they need to help it as Bruxish jumps out of the water to scare them before going back in before emitting a loud sound that affects everyone before activating its Psychic power as Olivia tells Lycanroc to use Rock Slide which hits Bruxish who soon flees. Lana is sorry that they made Bruxish angry but Olivia says they need to help Wailmer and they jump back in the water with Kiawe, Lana and Popplio joining them.

Wailer is sinking into the depths as Olivia, Ash, Kiawe, Lana and Popplio reach it and Lana has Popplio form a balloon which it does and the balloon surrounds Wailmer and working together, they get Wailmer back up to the surface. Rotom notes that Wailer is weak so Lillie goes to get some medicine as Olivia tells them that they are popping the balloon which will cause Wailer to sink so they'll need to hold it up so Mallow and a reluctant Sophocles jump in to help as Olivia has Popplio pop the balloon which it does. Wailmer starts to sink but everyone's combined efforts prevent it from going down causing Wailmer to panic but Olivia reassures it that it will be fine and Wailer calms down as Lillie arrives with the medicine and throws it to Olivia who shows Wailer how to take the pill which Wailmer takes as the Psychic power loses its affect. Back on the boat, everyone watches Wailmer swim off and Kiawe tells Olivia that she really is amazing to which she says goes with the territory of being the Island Kahuna before her leg cramps from all the swimming, causing her to fall over again. They arrive on Akala Island and go to the Pokémon Center where they meet Nurse Joy, Blissey and Comfey. Olivia apologizes for being late as Ash wonders when Nurse Joy moved here having mistaken her for the Nurse Joy from Melemele Island but she is her sister as Rotom notes how alike they are as Professor Kukui introduces Nurse Joy to his students and they prepare for dinner once they settle in.

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SM030 : The Ol' Raise and Switch!
Sun & Moon series
SM032 : Treasure Hunt, Akala Style!
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