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* Of all Pokémon that debuted as {{pkmn|Egg}}s, Glaceon took the longest to hatch, at 7 episodes.
* Of all the main characters' Pokémon that debuted as {{pkmn|Egg}}s, Glaceon took the longest to hatch, at 7 episodes.
==Related articles==
==Related articles==

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May's Glaceon
ハルカのグレイシア Haruka's Glacia
Poké Ball
May Glaceon.png
May's Glaceon
Egg obtained in May's Egg-Cellent Adventure
Hatches in Time Warp Heals All Wounds
Hatched at Fuchsia City
Evolves in Prior to A Full Course Tag Battle!
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location In rotation
This Pokémon spent 7 episodes in its Egg and at most 110 episodes as Eevee.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Eevee Megumi Hayashibara Kayzie Rogers
As Glaceon Megumi Hayashibara

May's Glaceon (Japanese: ハルカのグレイシア Haruka's Glacia) was the second Pokémon obtained by May in Kanto, and her seventh overall.


Eevee's Egg
As an Eevee

Advanced Generation series

May received an Egg from a Day-Care worker named Christopher in May's Egg-Cellent Adventure, which hatched into an Eevee in Time Warp Heals All Wounds. Since then, it became a major part of May's team, watching every one of May's Contests since it hatched. Eevee made its Contest debut in What I Did for Love, in which it went up against Brock and his Marshtomp. Although Marshtomp could use its fins to sense Eevee's underground movements and detect exactly where it would come up after using Dig, Eevee eventually scored a win for May.

Eevee also took part in the Battle Round of the Kanto Grand Festival in Thinning the Hoard!, in which it showed great battling skills and impressive synchronicity with May's Munchlax, being able to combine its attacks with Munchlax's to take down Harley's Cacturne and Wigglytuff.

Eevee appeared again in Once More With Reeling! to perform in the Appeals Round of the unofficial Terracotta Town Contest, where it proved to be a great performer, coming in first for the appeals and allowing May to compete in the Battle Round.

Diamond & Pearl series

In A Full Course Tag Battle!, May introduced her newly evolved Pokémon soon after she was reunited with the gang. She revealed that her Eevee evolved into a Glaceon by coming into contact with the Ice Rock near Snowpoint City. During this time, Dawn herself (when she first saw it) commented that Glaceon was very cute.

Glaceon with May touching the Ice Rock that makes it evolve

It was called out once again in order to help out Roman and Kylie in retrieving the restaurant's stolen food, where it battled alongside Dawn's Buneary. Both of them started off with a double Ice Beam, causing James's Carnivine and Jessie's Seviper to freeze. Followed by its Iron Tail and Buneary's Bounce, they blasted off their opponents.

In Strategy With a Smile!, May used Glaceon in the finals of the Wallace Cup, where it went up against Dawn's Piplup, in its first battle as a Glaceon. The fierce battle concluded with Dawn as the winner, though Glaceon lost the match by only a few points. Although Glaceon was sad, May said that it was great.

Personality and characteristics

May and her Glaceon

As an Eevee, it had the typical traits of its species: playful demeanor, affection for its Trainer, and loyalty. It was also quite energetic. Being a recently hatched Pokémon at the time, Eevee had great curiosity as shown by its fascination for the ocean.

Upon evolution, its personality changed moderately. While Glaceon retained its loyalty and affection for its Trainer, its playful demeanor had been replaced by a more assertive and slightly aggressive one that shows mostly during battle.

Moves used

May Eevee Tackle.png
Using Tackle
as an Eevee
May Glaceon Secret Power.png
Using Secret Power
Move First Used In
Shadow Ball  Cutting the Ties that Bind!
Dig What I Did for Love!
Tackle What I Did for Love!
Ice Beam A Full Course Tag Battle!
Iron Tail A Full Course Tag Battle!
Secret Power  Strategy With a Smile!
Ice Shard  Strategy With a Smile!
Mirror Coat  Strategy With a Smile!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Moves improvised

Picture First Used In Moves Involved Partnered With
Focus Ball.png Thinning the Hoard! Shadow Ball and Focus Punch May's Munchlax
Description: Eevee would use Shadow Ball and Munchlax would use Focus Punch. The energy from the Focus Punch would fuse with the Shadow Ball and hit the opponent with the power of the Shadow Ball and the Focus Punch.


  • Of all the main characters' Pokémon that debuted as Eggs, Glaceon took the longest to hatch, at 7 episodes.

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