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Professor Kukui
ククイ博士 Dr. Kukui
Sun Moon Professor Kukui.png
Art from Sun and Moon
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Hair color Brown
Hometown Hau'oli Outskirts
Region Alola
Relatives Professor Burnet (wife)
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer (formerly), Pokémon Professor, Pro Wrestler
Generation VII
Games Sun and Moon
Anime debut Alola to New Adventure!
English voice actor Abe Goldfarb
Japanese voice actor Keiichi Nakagawa

Professor Kukui (Japanese: ククイ博士 Dr. Kukui) is a Pokémon Professor from the Alola region, as well as the founder of Alola's Pokémon League. He is the only character in the games to have the Trainer class Pro Wrestler.

In the games

Professor Kukui is a passionate man who lives in the player's new hometown. His area of expertise is Pokémon moves, and is known to take direct hits from them if he thinks he can learn something about them. In his youth, Kukui participated in the island challenge with his childhood friend, Molayne. Afterwards, he traveled to Kanto, where he challenged the Indigo League and eventually made his way to the Indigo Plateau, but his Elite Four challenge ended after losing to Lance. It is unclear which iteration of the Indigo League he challenged. He is married to Professor Burnet.

Professor Kukui also frequents the Battle Royal Dome under the masked alias The Masked Royal (Japanese: ロイヤルマスク Royal Mask). As the Royal, Kukui invites the player, Hau, and Gladion to participate in a Battle Royal with him.

On top of Mount Hokulani, the professor directs the player's attention to the other mountain on Ula'ula Island, Mount Lanakila. It is here that Kukui plans to build Alola's own Pokémon League. Kukui believes that the time has come for Alola to make a name for itself in the world, and that establishing a Pokémon League will help achieve that. He then introduces the player to Molayne.

Later, after the trial of Hokulani Observatory, the player is asked by Molayne to return the Professor's Mask to Kukui, who is at Malie Garden. There, Kukui is confronted by the boss of Team Skull, Guzma. He calls both the professor and himself "fellow rejects who never could become captains." The boss then criticizes Kukui's idea of building a Pokémon League. Kukui then reveals he chose not to become a captain because he had other goals to pursue. Those goals are what lead him to build the League. The professor then asks the player to battle Guzma. The player wins, and Guzma leaves. Kukui thanks the player by giving them the Z-Crystal for the final evolution of the starter Pokémon they chose; Decidium Z, Incinium Z, Primarium Z for Decidueye, Incineroar, and Primarina, respectively. He also takes back the mask, while continuing to deny he is The Masked Royal.

Much later, the Professor greets the player at the gates to the now completed Pokémon League. Kukui welcomes the player, and if SolgaleoS/LunalaM is in their party, Kukui will share a few words with the Legendary Pokémon, as well. Once the player enters the League gates, Kukui explains how the Elite Four challenge works, and wishes the player luck.

Upon defeating all four members of the Elite Four, the player makes their way to the Champion's chamber, and sit on the throne. However, Kukui approaches the player, saying they have one more challenge to complete before they can rightfully take their place as Champion. Professor Kukui challenges them to a battle for the Champion's throne, acting as the final battle of the player's Pokemon League challenge. He uses the final evolution of the starter the player's choice is weak to. After being defeated, Kukui congratulates the player, and names them the first ever Champion of the Alola Pokémon League, entering them in the Hall of Fame.

Kukui can be battled again as a challenger in a Title Defense battle, despite not wishing to be the Champion of a League that he created.


Capture tutorial

Caught in tutorial
Normal Flying
Keen Eye or Skill Link
Held item:
None.png None None.png
Pikipek/ Lv.3
Flying Physical
Normal Status

Z-Move tutorial

Kukui has two Pokémon on hand during this tutorial, but only uses Rockruff.

Battle Royal tutorial

Champion battle

Rowlet If the player chose Rowlet:

Litten If the player chose Litten:

Popplio If the player chose Popplio:

Title Defense battle

Rowlet If the player chose Rowlet:

Litten If the player chose Litten:

Popplio If the player chose Popplio:

Battle Royal Dome

The Royal may reappear occasionally during a Master Rank challenge of the Battle Royal, using three of the following Pokémon. The abilities are chosen from any of the possible ones, including Hidden Abilities.

Residing in laboratory

Luvdisc (×3)


050Diglett.png This section is incomplete.
Please feel free to edit this section to add missing information and complete it.

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Special Demo Version

Hau'oli City Shopping District
"Hey there, Hau! Who's that with you?"
"Woo, that's pretty cool!"
"Nice to meet you, Sun! The name's Kukui. I hope we can be friends!"
"That's right, yeah! I let myself get hit with all kinds of moves so I can test their power!"
"That came right out of the blue! What's up, Hau?"
"I see... I wouldn't want you to be in any trouble if you got attacked again."
"You wanna go through a trial to make yourself stronger?"
Sure, I'll try it!: "Totally focused on training before I even tell you what it is, yeah? I respect that! Just like the focus of Machamp, the Superpower Pokémon, using a Focus Blast!"
A trial?
"Trials are a custom we have here in the Alola region. Young boys and girls go through them to get stronger as Trainers and to get closer to their Pokémon."
"Well, whenever you're ready, come on out to where we'll hold the trial—Ten Carat Hill! Woo!"
"That guy over there will take you out to Ten Carat Hill when you're ready!"
Ten Carat Hill
"Wild Pokémon will jump right out of the tall grass at you! You're a Pokémon Trainer, yeah, so you can battle alongside your partner, Greninja! On the other hand, if you don't want to run into any wild Pokémon, you should avoid walking through the tall grass. All right, I'll be waiting for you inside Ten Carat Hill!"
Ten Carat Hill Trial Site
"Hey there, Sun! I've been waiting for you! Let me explain the trial for you."
"There're four Pokémon on Ten Carat Hill. Two are called Jangmo-o and two are called Hakamo-o. Your goal in my trial will be to photograph all of them, yeah! Take this Poké Finder—you'll need it to take the pictures."
"If you've got a Poke Finder, you can take pictures in places where you thing you'll find Pokémon."
"My Pikachu is really strong, too! He's every bit as strong as your Greninja, so you can count on him to help you out with your trial!"
"Go find a Jangmo-o first! There should be one hiding somewhere close by."
  • If talked to, before finding a Jangmo-o
"Look for a Jangmo-o close by, and take a picture of it!"
  • After finding one Jangmo-o
"You've successfully photographed one, yeah! Sorry, there's one thing I forgot to mention! When you take a picture of a Jangmo-o, it'll get startled and attack you. What's more, they're Dragon-type Pokémon, yeah, so they can be tough, scary opponents! You've got your Greninja and my Pikachu with you, though, so you should be fine! Just 3 more until you complete the trial! Have fun out there taking pictures!"
  • If talked to, after finding two Pokémon
"Just 2 more until you complete the trial! Have fun out there taking pictures!"
  • If talked to, after finding three Pokémon
"Just 1 more until you complete the trial! Have fun out there taking pictures!"
Ten Carat Hill Caldera
"I can't believe you beat the Totem Pokémon, Sun! You and that team are awesome! Woo! It looks like you took pictures of all four Pokémon, including the Totem Pokémon! You cleared the trial! Congrats, Sun! I'll give you a Z-Ring as a present!"
"One more thing! Take this Z-Crystal, too!"
"Once you've got a Z-Ring and a Z-Crystal, yeah, you can use really awesome Pokémon moves—Z-Moves!"
"Don't sweat it, Sun! Pikachu can use Z-Power now! But you can only use it once in a battle! Are you gonna face off against her with Greninja's Water Shuriken? Or are you gonna go with Pikachu, which can use Z-Power?"
"What a great match, Sun! Woo! Pikachu, thanks for helping him out with that trial!"
"You drew out the power of the Pokémon and showed us the best moves you could, yeah! Sun, you're gonna be a wonderful Pokémon Trainer!"
"Well, the two of you should both train up during your island challenge!"
"Great idea, yeah! As a welcome gift, it'll be my treat!"
Hau'oli City Shopping District - After finishing the trial
"Allow me to congratulate you again on clearing the trial, Sun! Let me give you all the good stuff you'll need to ride Pokémon!
"Here in the Alola region, Pokémon will lend you their strength by letting you ride on their backs! Sun, I think it's time for you to ride on a powerful Pokémon that can run across the land and smash right through rocks!"
"Let me read you the manual. "Press Ⓨ to turn on your Ride Pager! Hold Ⓑ to dash!" This is your Riding Wear! It's the special outfit you wear when riding Pokémon, yeah. When you ride Tauros, your world gets a whole lot bigger! Maybe you could even find something new if you head out to Ten Carat Hill... I'll be at the Pokémon Center, so if you need me, just stop by!"
Hau'oli City Pokémon Center
"Hey there, Sun! You need something?"
Send to full version: "What are you sending to the full version?"
Let's chat: "It looks like a bunch of Pokémon Trainers have gathered along the road to the trial site."
"Over by the tourist bureau, yeah—there's somebody who'll take you someplace fun!"
"It's a hot one out here today—a perfect day for Pokémon! Woo!"
"You been riding Tauros? Hold Ⓑ down to dash. You can even smash through rocks when you get a good head of steam!"
"Did you try the catching challenge? It's on the way to the trial site."
Nothing: "Let me know whenever you need anything, cousin!
Ten Carat Hill - Pokémon-catching challenge
"Let's see what you can do in the Pokémon-catching challenge, Sun!"
"Yeah, Pokémon Trainers can get out there and catch wild Pokémon! Now I'll show you how it's done, so keep your eyes on me, cousin.
  • After tutorial
"Wild Pokémon do attack people sometimes, but once you catch them, they'll become your strong allies. Yeah! All right, get out there and enjoy the Pokémon-catching challenge! I'll be cheering for you."

Pokémon Sun and Moon

"Hang on, now. Gimme just a sec…"
"Hey there! Good afternoonS/eveningM! So the day has finally come that you're moving to Alola!"
"Alola is a region made up of several islands. That could be the reason the region is chock full of nothin' but rare Pokémon, yeah! There's no shortage of cool Pokémon out here in Alola, either!"
"Such mysterious creatures!"
"You find 'em all over. In the grass, in the caves, in the sky and sea… Here in Alola we love our Pokémon, and we depend on them heaps, too. Some of us even battle with 'em, if we call ourselves Pokémon Trainers!"
"Rockruff! Can you wait until I'm done talkin' to play?!"
"All right, I gotta ask you some questions about yourself so I can introduce you to everybody! So which photo should I use for your Trainer Passport?"
"You OK with the one you chose, yeah?"
"All right then, I'll let you spell out your name for me."
"Your name?"
"So, you go by <player>?"
"10-4, good buddy! I'll let everybody out here know you're on your way!"
"<player>! Yeah, that's a name that hits you like a Thunderbolt outta the sky! Woo!"
"Can't wait to see you in person then, cousin!"
Route 1
"Hey there, <player>! The name's Kukui. Good to meet you, cousin!"
"You gotta be tired after that long trip all the way out here to Alola!"
"You feelin' any jet lag? We sure are a long way from Kanto out here in Alola. It's still daytimeS/nighttimeM out here, yeah!"
"Hey there, mom! I just let myself in. Oh, and call me Kukui, would you? Welcome to Alola!"
"Ha! I was supposed to be visiting there to research Kanto Pokémon moves and all. I thought I knew a thing or two about battling, but those Kanto Gym Leaders proved me wrong!"
"Hey now, <player>! Let's get a move on to the next town over, cousin! Time for you to meet the Island Kahuna and get yourself a Pokémon, yeah!"
A Pokémon?!: "Yeah, sure. The kahuna who lives in Iki Town is always happy to give any kid who wants to have an adventure their first Pokémon, yeah. But don't try taking on the kahuna yourself! The kahunas are crazy-strong Pokémon Trainers. They're unbeatable for folks like me and you!"
Kahuna?: "Sure, sure. The kahunas are crazy-strong Pokémon Trainers here in Alola, cousin! They're unbeatable for folks like me and you! And the kahuna who lives in Iki Town is always happy to give any kid who wants to have an adventure their first Pokémon, yeah."
"Ooh, I bet you've got a stylin' hat that'll match mine, yeah?"
  • If talked to again
"Ooh, I bet you've got a stylin' hat that'll match mine, yeah?"
  • After getting dressed
"Woo, that's a stylin' hat, cousin!"
"Your mom there… She's sure looking forward to you getting your first Pokémon, yeah?"
"So let's get going to Iki Town! Time for you to get a real nice Pokémon from the island kahuna, oh yeah!"
  • Going another way Kukui tells the player
"Hey now! The heat getting to you? I said we go this way!"
  • After going right after leaving the player's house
"Now this is more like it, yeah! Welcome to paradise, cousin. This is the Alola region! Folks here in Alola get along by living together with Pokémon and working together, too. After all… You can go anywhere, yeah, as long as you got Pokémon helping you out here. That's why we gotta get you to the kahuna!"
"First, we're off to Iki Town! Come on, it's not far if we cut up here."
"So, <player>! You're lovin' Alola already, yeah?"
Yeah!: "That's what I like to hear! The more you love Alola, the happier I'll be!"
…I guess: "Hey, don't sweat it, cousin. It's pretty normal to feel a bit unsure when you're in a new place."
"Oh yeah! Look there! Looks like an excited Alolan Trainer's come to us!"
"Why? You already know which moves you want to use, yeah? You come find me next time your Pokémon learns a new move, and then I'll battle you."
"See that? If you had a Pokémon with you, you could dive into the tall grass here, yeah, to try to catch some wild Pokémon to add to your team!"
"Then Trainers go up against one another in battle with the Pokémon they love!"
"Having a Pokémon gives you a whole new way to communicate with other people, see? Now lets get moving! Iki Town is right over there!"
Iki Town
"And we're here! This right here is Iki Town!"
"This town is where folks come to worship the Pokémon that watches over Melemele Island. Tapu Koko keeps us all safe and happy, see!"
"Huh? What's goin' on here? We were supposed to meet everybody right here, yeah."
"Maybe they're all back on Mahalo Trail. That's where the ruins of our guardian deity, Tapu Koko, are, yeah…"
"<player>! Do me a solid and go find the island kahuna! I'll wait around here to make sure we don't miss each other."
"The island kahuna? You can't miss him. He looks just like a kahuna!"
  • If talked to again
"The island kahuna? Trust me—you'll know the kahuna when you see the kahuna."
  • After meeting Lillie
"Hey! <player>! Looks like you missed the kahuna, yeah? But you found my assistant, oh yeah! Looks like you already met, but just in case, this is my assistant!"
"And, Lillie, this here is <player>. <He/She> just moved here to Alola! Take good care of him!"
"Naw, but where'd you go off to, Kahuna? I thought we were meeting here."
"Woo! That's something you don't hear every day!"
  • After picking starter Pokémon
"Having accepted one another, you'll surely be friends for life!"
"That's it <player>! Now that you've got a Pokémon, you're a real Pokémon Trainer, yeah! And here's a lovely gift from me to help make it special, cousin. A Pokédex is a real high-tech kinda tool, yeah, that can automatically record facts about any Pokémon that you meet. Your new partner <player's starter Pokémon> is already registered, oh yeah, so check it out! And this is a Trainer Passport that I had put together for you. Now why don't you go introduce your new friend to your mom, <player>?"
"Oh yeah, your first battle already! Just have your Pokémon dish out some moves and see who wins. Woo!"
  • After battling Hau
"First I'll make sure you get back home safe today, though, <player>. Lillie, you should come with us, too, yeah. Wouldn't want to go losing you twice in one day. You or that precious Pokémon of yours!"
Pokémon League
First Title Defense challenge
  • Before battle
"I don't really wanna be the Champion of the Pokémon League I made myself, but there's nothing wrong with wanting to take on the biggest and baddest Trainer there is, right? After all, I do love my research!"
  • Upon being defeated
"I couldn't win even though I went all out... But what a refreshing feeling. Woo!"
  • After being defeated
"Woah! Well, I always knew it would be a crushing defeat. I'm still glad I got to battle you, Champ. And I'm as thankful as I could be that I met you and your Pokémon!"
Subsequent Title Defense challenge
  • Before battle
"All right, Tabs, I'm coming at you with all my might. Woo!"
  • Upon being defeated
"I couldn't win even though I went all out... But what a refreshing feeling. Woo!"
  • After being defeated
"Woah! Well, I always knew it would be a crushing defeat. I'm still glad I got to battle you, Champ. And I'm as thankful as I could be that I met you and your Pokémon!"


Kukui SM concept art.png
Conceptual artwork from
Sun and Moon


VSKukui.pngVSKukui 2.png VSThe Royal.png
VS models from
Sun and Moon
VS model as The Masked Royal from
Sun and Moon
Professor Kukui SM OD.png The Royal SM OD.png
Overworld model from
Sun and Moon
Overworld model as The Masked Royal from
Sun and Moon

In the anime

050Diglett.png This section is incomplete.
Please feel free to edit this section to add missing information and complete it.
Professor Kukui in the anime

Professor Kukui made his debut appearance in Alola to New Adventure!. He works as a teacher at the Pokémon School of Melemele Island. Ash will be living with him as he attends school. In The Guardian's Challenge!, he gave Ash the Rotom Pokédex.

He appeared again in SM003, SM005, SM006, SM007, SM008, and SM009.

In SM010, he refereed the battle between Ash and Island Kahuna Hala, analyzing each move that was used.

He will appear again in SM011 and SM012.


This listing is of Kukui's known Pokémon in the anime:

Professor Kukui's Rockruff
Rockruff is Professor Kukui's only known Pokémon.

None of Rockruff's moves are known.

Debut Alola to New Adventure!
Voice actors
Japanese Megumi Hayashibara
English Haven Paschall

Ride Pokémon

Professor Kukui was first seen riding a Poké Ride Wailmer around Melemele Island.

None of Wailmer's moves are known.

Debut SM005

At his house

Luvdisc (×2)
Professor Kuikui has two Luvdisc which he keeps in a fish tank in his house, along with a Corsola, that first appeared in The Guardian's Challenge!. They appeared again in SM006 and SM007.
Debut The Guardian's Challenge!
Professor Kuikui has a Corsola, which he keeps in a fish tank in his house, along with two Luvdisc, that first appeared in The Guardian's Challenge!. It appeared again in SM006 and SM007.
Debut The Guardian's Challenge!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 中川慶一 Keiichi Nakagawa
English Abe Goldfarb
Italian Paolo De Santis
European Spanish Juan Antonio García Sainz de la Maza

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Professor Kukui in Pokémon Adventures

Professor Kukui debuts in the Sun & Moon chapter. He is first seen at his laboratory, where he tests the moves of his Rowlet and Popplio. The attacks cause Kukui to be launched off the roof, where he encounters Sun and Moon.


Professor Kukui's Popplio
Popplio is Professor Kukui's first known Pokémon. It was first being used to test out moves alongside Rowlet.

Popplio's only known move is Bubble*.

Debut Sun & Moon chapter
Professor Kukui's Rowlet
Rowlet is Professor Kukui's second known Pokémon. It was first being used to test out moves alongside Popplio.

Rowlet's only known move is Leafage*.

Debut Sun & Moon chapter

Given away

Professor Kukui's Litten
This Litten originally belonged to Professor Kukui. It was given to Sun, who named it En.
Debut Sun & Moon chapter


Language Name Origin
Japanese ククイ博士 Dr. Kukui From kukui (Hawaiian for the candlenut, the state tree of Hawaii)
English, German,
Italian, Spanish
Prof. Kukui Same as Japanese name
French Prof. Euphorbe From euphorbe (spurge). Both the candlenut and the spurges are in the Euphorbiaceae family.
Korean 쿠쿠이박사 Kukui-baksa Transliteration of Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 庫庫伊博士 / 库库伊博士 Dr. Kùkùyī Transliteration of Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 庫庫伊博士 Dr. Fufuyī Mandarin-based transliteration of Japanese name
Russian Профессор Кукуи Professor Kukui Transcription of English name

The Royal

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 皇家蒙面人 Wòhnggā Mùhngmihnyàhn
Mandarin 皇家蒙面人 Huángjiā Méngmiànrén
France Flag.png French Royal Mask
Germany Flag.png German Mask Royale
Italy Flag.png Italian Royale
South Korea Flag.png Korean 로열 Royal
Spain Flag.png Spanish Royale

Pro Wrestler

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 職業摔角手 Jīkyihp Sēutgoksáu
Mandarin 職業摔角手 / 职业摔角手 Zhíyè Shuāijiǎoshǒu
France Flag.png French Catcheur
Germany Flag.png German Profi-Wrestler
Italy Flag.png Italian Wrestler
South Korea Flag.png Korean 프로레슬러 Pro Wrestler
Spain Flag.png Spanish Luchador

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