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==In towns==
==In towns==
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[[File:Kecleon Shop PMD1.png|thumb|200px|left|Visiting the Kecleon Shop in Pokémon Square]]
[[File:Kecleon Shop PMD1.png|thumb|200px|left|Visiting the Kecleon Shop in Pokémon Square]]
[[File:Kecleon Shop PMD2 PMD3.png‎|thumb|200px|Visiting the Kecleon Shop in Treasure Town]]
[[File:Kecleon Shop PMD2 PMD3.png‎|thumb|200px|Visiting the Kecleon Shop in Treasure Town]]

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File:Kecleon store PMDGTI.png
Visiting the Kecleon Shop in Post Town

Kecleon Shops (Japanese: カクレオンのおみせ Kakureon Shop) are locations in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. They exist to assist players through their game by offering various food items, TMs, and other goods. Items can also be sold to the Kecleon.

They are found in Pokémon Square (Red and Blue Rescue Team), Treasure Town (Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky), the town in Blazing, Stormy, and Light Adventure Squad! and Post Town (Gates to Infinity). They are also found in dungeons in all games.

In towns

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Visiting the Kecleon Shop in Pokémon Square
Visiting the Kecleon Shop in Treasure Town

The Kecleon Shop is run by two Kecleon brothers. The younger, green Kecleon runs the Kecleon Shop (Japanese: カクレオンしょうてん Kakureon Store), which sells various items and foods. The older, purple Kecleon runs Kecleon Wares (Japanese: カクレオンせんもんてん Kakureon Specialty Shop), which sells TMs, Wonder Orbs, and Keys.

In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, the Kecleon Shop is the closest building to the Team Base, while in Time, Darkness, and Sky, the shops are near the center of Treasure Town and are collectivly called Kecleon Market. The shop is where the main characters meet brothers Marill and Azurill in all three. In the WiiWare games only the younger brother is at the shop. Additionally, only the younger Kecleon is confirmed to run the shop, located in Post Town, in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity.

In dungeons

A dungeon shop in Mt. Blaze in Red and Blue Rescue Team
A dungeon shop in Sunset Rockland in Blazing Adventure Squad
File:Treat Road 2 PMDGTI.png
A dungeon shop in Treat Road in Gates to Infinity

In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, Kecleon Shops in dungeons from Mt. Blaze onwards, excluding any dungeons located in the sea or sky, can be found. In Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky they appear from Waterfall Cave onwards. The shop is made up of a number of carpeted tiles on the floor, which have various items on them.

The items sold range from Berries to rare TMs and Wonder Orbs. Variety increases with game progress; after unlocking Luminous Spring, evolutionary items will occasionally be sold. This is the only other way to get evolutionary items in the game, apart from completing rescue missions. There will be a Kecleon standing on one of the tiles (unlike in the town, there is only one Kecleon). When the player steps on a carpeted tile, the music changes and the player is greeted by the Kecleon. To buy an item, the player must pick it up and talk to the Kecleon to pay for them. To sell items, the player simply places them on shop tiles, and then talks to Kecleon to receive the money. Items available in these shops are sometimes very rare and almost never available from the Kecleon Shop in Pokémon Square or Treasure Town. If the player picks them up and leaves the carpeted area, Kecleon will warp to the player's side, demand payment and/or offer money for sold items.

If the player refuses to pay, tries to pay with insufficient funds, or walks out of the shop afflicted with certain status conditions (such as confusion), the Kecleon will label the player a thief (which will get the attention of nearby enemies) and attack the player, while other Kecleon appear to battle the player. Using a Trawl Orb has the same effect, as Kecleon shop merchandise is counted among the floor's unclaimed items. Nearby enemies can also throw Warp Seeds at the team's leader before having the time to pay, which is considered as shoplifting. If a Warp Scarf activates before paying for the merchandise, it will be considered as stealing. Using the moves Teleport, Memento, Lunar Dance or Healing Wish in a Kecleon Shop counts as theft, since the user warps out of the shop because it only has 1 HP left. Also, an explosion resulting from Selfdestruct, Explosion, Aftermath, or a trap will destroy any nearby items, including Kecleon shop merchandise, which Kecleon counts as a theft. If a nearby explosion damages a Kecleon but does not destroy any items, the Kecleon will be able to be damaged by the player and any partners, but will not label the player as a thief, even if the Kecleon is defeated. However, if items are taken from the shop, the player will be marked as a thief, despite not being able to pay for any items taken.

In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, Trawl Orbs no longer have an affect on items on Kecleon Shop Items. There is a downloadable map called Kecleon Bazaar where his shop appears frequently and sells mainly TMs and occasionally some flags and HMs. If the player has insufficient funds, Kecleon will be disappointed, but he will not go after the player yet. This allows the player time to place back items instead of stealing them. Should the player keep walking past his shop tiles, it will be considered theft.

Effects of theft

After the player steals from a Kecleon Shop, a number of changes will take effect immediately, and will not wear off until the player reaches the next floor or somehow escapes the dungeon.

  • The background music will change. In the Explorers series and Gates to Infinity, this is the same background music used for confronting an outlaw Pokémon.
  • Escape Orbs will become useless.
  • Team Leader cannot be changed.
  • Attempts to complete a rescue mission on the same floor will fail. Attempting to do so yields this message: "You're a thief! You're not recognized as a rescuer!" However, retrieving an item from an outlaw will allow the team to escape the dungeon in a perfectly normal fashion.
  • The Kecleon shop itself becomes no different than ordinary ground, aside from its appearance.
    • Items that remained unsold at the time of the theft become regular items and can be picked up by passing wild Pokémon.
    • Placing items on a Kecleon shop tile will not result in a sale.
    • Placing the stolen items back on the Kecleon shop tiles will not result in any leniency or forgiveness.
  • The Kecleon that ran the market will turn hostile and begin attacking the player.
    • Additional Kecleon will spawn and join the original Kecleon. These Kecleon have abnormally high stats (maximum in Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky), are at level 90, and are constantly at double speed. However, defeating them is the only possible method of recruiting a Kecleon.
      • In Red and Blue Rescue Teams, the leader must be level 90-100 and holding a Friend Bow to have a 0.1% chance of recruiting Kecleon.
      • In Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky if the leader is level 99-100, is holding a Golden Mask, and has the Fast Friends IQ skill, the chance of recruitment is approximately 0.5%.
      • In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, Kecleon is no longer able to be recruited, since there is no Kecleon Gift available. Neither Premier Gifts nor Normal Gifts will work on it, despite Kecleon being an unevolved Pokémon. Due to how damage works in this game, damaging moves that don't deal a set amount of damage will miss Kecleon (it will say "Kecleon took no damage!") if the user has too low of an attack if it's a physical move or special attack stat if it's a special move instead of doing at least 1 HP of damage.
    • If the player is knocked out by a Kecleon, all items in the bag will be turned into Plain Seeds.


Aggressive Kecleon glitch

Main article: List of glitches in spin-off games#Aggressive Kecleon glitch

In Red and Blue Rescue Team, if a team member attacks Kecleon before any items are stolen (via explosion or Blast Seed), the initial Kecleon will begin to attack, although the player will not be formally accused of stealing (and thus no additional Kecleon will appear and the music will not change) until the player exits the shop.

Dungeon shop glitch

Main article: List of glitches in spin-off games#Dungeon shop glitch

In Red and Blue Rescue Team, an unlimited amount of Poké can be obtained from a dungeon shop by quicksaving the game after putting an item on the ground but before talking to the Kecleon.

False thief glitch

Main article: List of glitches in spin-off games#False thief glitch

In Explorers of Time and Darkness, if a wild Pokémon is knocked out on a Kecleon shop and drops an item, the item is picked up like usual, but this will be considered as stealing. Even talking to Kecleon before leaving the shop won't do anything, as it wasn't set as a Kecleon shop item. This glitch was fixed in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky.

Kecleon team member glitch

Main article: List of glitches in spin-off games#Kecleon team member glitch

In Red and Blue Rescue Team, the Kecleon in a dungeon shop can be made to follow the team around and behave as a team member, but will not follow the team onto the next floor. If the player damages Kecleon, such as through the use of a Blast Seed or a move such as Selfdestruct, Kecleon will attack the player's team. The glitch is generally activated if Kecleon is somehow attacked by enemy Pokémon by means of the player or partner(s) using a Pass Scarf to make a wild Pokémon damage the Kecleon, or an enemy Pokémon using Selfdestruct or Explosion without destroying anything on the shop tiles, or the trap equivalents are activated by the player or partner(s).

In the anime

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Kecleon Shop in the anime

The Kecleon Shop and the Kecleon Brothers first appeared in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go-Getters Out of the Gate!. After a briefing for mission at Whiscash Pond, the newly formed Team Go-Getters went to the Kecleon shop to buy items for their mission. The Kecleon Brothers informed that they were closed to everyone, however, as three customers had recently visited them and bought everything they had. When the Squirtle of Team Go-Getters asked them who these customers were, the Kecleon told it was Team Meanies.

The Treasure Town Kecleon Shop appeared in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Darkness, where Team Poképals and Sunflora visited the shop to buy items, for example Scarves. During their visit, Piplup realized that he had had a vision of this visit the previous night. While Team Poképals was shopping, Zangoose, Scyther, and Sandslash of Team Razor Wind decided to do their mission for them, believing them to be too inexperienced to succeed.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Both Kecleon: 古島清孝 Kiyotaka Furushima
English Unknown (SS019)
Chad Kessler (SS020)

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Magasin Kecleon
Boutique Kecleon
Germany Flag.png German Kecleon-Laden
Italy Flag.png Italian Magazzini Kecleon
South Korea Flag.png Korean 켈리몬 상점
켈리몬 전문점
Spain Flag.png Spanish Tienda Kecleon
Alemaces Kecleon

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