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| [[EP058]] - [[EP080]][[Holiday Hi-Jynx|*]][[Snow Way Out!|*]]
| [[EP058]] - [[EP080]][[Holiday Hi-Jynx|*]][[Snow Way Out!|*]]
|- style="background: #fff"
|- style="background: #fff"
| rowspan="2" colspan="2" | ''Episode Orange Archipelago''
| rowspan="2" colspan="2" | ''Episode Orange Islands''
| rowspan="2" | [[S02|Adventures in the Orange Islands]]
| rowspan="2" | [[S02|Adventures in the Orange Islands]]
| [[EP081]] - [[EP105]]
| [[EP081]] - [[EP105]]

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East/Southeast Asia International Episodes
Anime Series Arc* Sub-arc* Anime Series TV season DVD season
Pocket Monsters Original series* Indigo League arc* Pokémon the Series Original series* Indigo League Indigo League EP001 - EP051
Adventures in the Orange Islands EP052 - EP053
Indigo League EP054 - EP057
Adventures in the Orange Islands EP058 - EP080**
Episode Orange Islands Adventures in the Orange Islands EP081 - EP105
The Johto Journeys EP106 - EP116
Episode Gold & Silver The Johto Journeys EP117 - EP157
Johto League Champions EP158 - EP209
Master Quest Master Quest EP210 - EP262
Advanced EP263 - EP274
Advanced Generation Hoenn League arc* Ruby and Sapphire Advanced AG001 - AG040
Advanced Challenge AG041 - AG092
Advanced Battle AG093 - AG131
Kanto Battle Frontier arc* AG132 - AG145
Battle Frontier AG146 - AG192
Diamond & Pearl Sinnoh League arc* Diamond and Pearl Diamond and Pearl DP001 - DP052
Battle Dimension DP053 - DP104
Galactic Battles DP105 - DP157
Sinnoh League Victors DP158 - DP191
Best Wishes! - Black and White Black & White BW001 - BW048
Rival Destinies BW049 - BW084
Season 2 - BW085 - BW097
Adventures in Unova BW098 - BW108
Episode N BW109 - BW122
Decolora Adventure! Adventures in Unova and Beyond BW123 - BW142
XY - XY XY XY001 - XY049
Kalos Quest XY050 - XY092*
XY & Z - TBD XY093 - TBD