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Brock's Crobat
タケシのクロバット Takeshi's Crobat
Poké Ball
Brock Crobat.png
Brock's Crobat
Debuts in Clefairy and the Moon Stone
Caught at Mt. Moon
Evolves in Hassle in the Castle
Control Freak!
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location Pewter Gym
Zubat Golbat Crobat
This Pokémon spent 159 episodes as Zubat and 31 episodes as Golbat.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Zubat Shin'ichirō Miki
As Golbat Shin'ichirō Miki
As Crobat Shin'ichirō Miki

Brock's Crobat (Japanese: タケシのクロバット Takeshi's Crobat) was the first Pokémon acquired by Brock in the group's travels through Kanto in the anime, and his third overall.

In the anime


Original series

As a Zubat

Crobat was first seen in Clefairy and the Moon Stone as a Zubat flying out of Mt. Moon with many others of its kind. Unlike most Pokémon captures, this was never shown happening, and it did not become known that Brock had captured one until he used it in a battle against Ekans and Koffing. Ash was puzzled by its appearance, and Brock explained that he had caught it before they entered the cave, much to Ash's frustration as he realized that he should have caught one as well. Zubat used Whirlwind alongside Ash's Butterfree to repel a SmokeScreen, but it was tackled by Koffing. It recovered and used Supersonic, causing Ekans and Koffing to turn on each other and allowing Butterfree to send them flying.

In Tentacool & Tentacruel, Zubat battled alongside Squirtle against a giant Tentacruel, but was knocked out by Tentacruel's attack.

It appeared in Pallet Party Panic, when Brock called his Pokémon for the party.

Orange Islands

When Brock decided to stay with Professor Ivy while Ash and Misty explored the Orange Islands, in Poké Ball Peril, Zubat remained with him. However, it came back to Pallet Town with him when he left.


After the release of Ash's Pidgeot, Zubat did a lot of the group's scouting, helped further by its supersonic ability. In The Whistle Stop, Zubat tried to track down a Ledyba, but ended up disturbing a group of Golbat.

As a Golbat

In Hassle in the Castle, Ash, Misty, and Brock entered a castle where a woman named Dr. Anna used different Pokémon for diagnosing and treating patients. One of these was her Zubat, Mimi, which used its Supersonic move to scan patients. Eager to impress the doctor, Brock sent out his Zubat to assist her. Jessie, James, and Meowth entered the scene, and as Dr. Anna, Brock, and the two Zubat pursued them, causing them to become stuck in an underground maze. Dr. Anna had Mimi use Supersonic again to create a map, and with the assistance of Brock's Zubat an entire map of the maze was generated. They wandered through the maze, encountering multiple traps and with Brock fantasizing about marriage, until their Zubat were able to find the exit door. This wouldn't open, and Team Rocket were given the opportunity to grab both of the Zubat, only to find themselves stuck as well. They were eventually freed from the maze by Pineco's Self-Destruct and the two Zubat flew free of the bag they were held in. Team Rocket tried to make off with Ash's Pikachu, but the two Zubat blew away Weezing's SmokeScreen and Brock's Zubat engaged in battle with Team Rocket's Pokémon. During this battle, it evolved into Golbat, and was able to send Team Rocket packing with the help of Pikachu. Brock had hoped to stay and help Dr. Anna, but had his hopes crushed when he learned that Golbat was so strong that its Supersonic overloaded Dr. Anna's computer.

Golbat and Pineco watched over Brock when he fell ill in Sick Daze. It used Supersonic to prevent him overexerting himself and keep him in bed. It also helped rescue all of the stolen Pokémon by destroying the balloon with Wing Attack, and attacking Arbok and Weezing, again with Pineco.

In Control Freak!, Brock found and agreed to help a woman who was looking for two artifacts which were supposedly buried nearby and had been used by a queen to control Pokémon. Possibly having learned to do such from his encounter with Dr. Anna, Brock was able to hook up Golbat to her computer and display a map of the underground. They reached the chamber only to find Team Rocket had beaten them there and Jessie was using the artifacts to control Pokémon. Brock's Golbat was the only Pokémon that could resist the effects of the artifacts, and countered it using its Supersonic. Jessie turned Brock's Geodude and Onix against him, and it was trapped under the rubble of Onix's Dig. Brock was able to locate Golbat under the rocks by listening carefully for the sound waves, somehow having ears sensitive enough to pick up the ultrasonic waves. They tracked down Team Rocket to find them leaving, appropriately, in a rocket. Golbat and Ash's Noctowl flew after the rocket, but could not keep up. Brock called out to Golbat, and this caused it to evolve into Crobat. It easily overtook Noctowl and the rocket and destroyed it with a Wing Attack.

Advanced Generation series


Brock's Crobat was seen when he returned home in A Family That Battles Together Stays Together!.

Kanto Battle Frontier

It only appeared as Brock was lending it, along with his Onix and Geodude, to his younger brother, Forrest. It also made a brief appearance in Grating Spaces where it welcomed Brock home along with the rest of his Pokémon.

Personality and characteristics

Due to its few appearances, Crobat has shown very little personality. However, as with all of Brock's Pokémon, Crobat is a very helpful Pokémon. It is also very loyal to its Trainer, due to the amount of training it received and the care Brock gave it. It also proves to be a very kind Pokémon, as it is seen helping Forrest train often in the Pewter Gym.

Moves used

Brock Crobat Wing Attack.png
Using Wing Attack
Move First Used In
Whirlwind Clefairy and the Moon Stone
Supersonic Clefairy and the Moon Stone
Wing Attack Spell of the Unown: Entei
Sonic Boom × Lapras of Luxury
An × shows that the move cannot be legitimately learned by this Pokémon in the games.
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

In the games

Brock uses a Golbat in Pokémon Stadium's Round 2 battle only.

Pokémon Stadium

Poison Flying
Golbat Lv.50-100
Confuse Ray
Wing Attack
Take Down

In the manga

In the movie adaptations

Crobat appeared as a Zubat in Emperor of the Crystal Tower: Entei.

In the TCG

Brock's Crobat was featured in the TCG multiple times. The following is a list of cards named Brock's Zubat, Brock's Golbat or Brock's Crobat.

Brock's Zubat
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Brock's Zubat Grass Gym Heroes Rare 24/132 Nivi City Gym    
Brock's Zubat Grass Gym Heroes Common 74/132 Leaders' Stadium Common  
Brock's Golbat
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Brock's Golbat Grass Gym Heroes Uncommon 39/132 Leaders' Stadium Uncommon  
Brock's Crobat
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Brock's Crobat Grass       Theater Limited VS Pack   002/018


  • Crobat was the first of Brock's Pokémon to evolve.
  • Crobat took the longest to evolve out of all Pokémon that evolved in the same, only, anime series that it was caught in.
  • Crobat is the first Pokémon to be captured off-screen during an episode by a main character.
  • Crobat is Brock's first Pokémon that is not a Rock-type Pokémon.
  • This is one of the two bat-based Pokémon to be both owned by a main character and captured off-screen, the other being Jessie's Woobat.

Related articles

For more information on this Pokémon's species, see Zubat, Golbat, and Crobat.

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