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The "R" on Mirror Team Rocket's uniforms actually looks like a backwards R.
* The "R" on Mirror Team Rocket's uniforms actually looks like a backwards R.

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Mirror Team Rocket

Mirror Team Rocket (Japanese: 鏡の国ロケット団 Mirror World Rocket-dan) are doppelgängers of the Team Rocket trio and characters of the day who appeared in The Cave of Mirrors!. They are the Mirror World counterparts of Team Rocket. Their personalities are opposite to that of the regular Jessie, James, and Meowth, as they are heroes who fight criminals and evildoers.

Mirror Team Rocket was first mentioned when the Ash of the regular world and the Mirror World counterparts of himself and his friends encountered the Team Rocket of the regular world. The regular Ash mentioned how they were thieves, to which Mirror Serena expressed her confusion, as the Team Rocket they knew were heroes of justice and always fighting the bad guys.

Later, when the regular Team Rocket was blasted off and still trapped in the Mirror World, they encountered Mirror Team Rocket. The regular Team Rocket watched in agony as Mirror Team Rocket cited their motto and introduced themselves as "the Heroes of Justice".


Mirror Jessie

Mirror Jessie's Wobbuffet
Wobbuffet is Mirror Jessie's only known Pokémon.

When the regular Team Rocket encountered Mirror Team Rocket, Wobbuffet came out of his Poké Ball as Mirror Team Rocket cited their motto. Not much is known about how Mirror Wobbuffet's personality differs from the regular world's Wobbuffet, although he is shown to bow after emerging, instead of touching his hand to his forehead. He also has a distinctly deeper voice than normal Wobbuffet.

None of Wobbuffet's moves are known.

Debut The Cave of Mirrors!
Voice actors
Japanese Yūji Ueda
English Kayzie Rogers

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Mirror Jessie: 林原めぐみ Megumi Hayashibara
Mirror James: 三木眞一郎 Shin'ichirō Miki
Mirror Meowth: 犬山イヌコ Inuko Inuyama
English Mirror Jessie: Michele Knotz
Mirror James: Carter Cathcart
Mirror Meowth: Carter Cathcart
Italian Mirror Jessie: Emanuela Pacotto
Mirror James: Simone D'Andrea
Mirror Meowth: Pietro Ubaldi
Polish Mirror Jessie: Izabela Dąbrowska
Mirror James: Jarosław Budnik
Mirror Meowth: Mirosław Wieprzewski
European Spanish Mirror Jessie: Amparo Valencia
Mirror James: Iván Jara
Mirror Meowth: José Escobosa


  • The "R" on Mirror Team Rocket's uniforms actually looks like a backwards R.

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