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[[Category:Anime cast and crew|Grossfeld, Norman J.]]
[[Category:Anime cast and crew|Grossfeld, Norman J.]]
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Norman J. Grossfeld (born December 15, 1963) is the president of 4Kids Productions and a former executive producer of the English dub of the anime.

An employee of 4Kids Entertainment since 1994, Grossfeld began his career as producer and director for Television Programming Enterprises from 1988-1991. After spending a year as Coordinating Director for NBC Sports, he joined Gold Coast Television Entertainment as their president in 1992.

Grossfeld, along with Alfred R. Kahn and Tom Kenney, served as executive producer of the anime until 2006, when Pokémon USA took over the production of the series.

Grossfeld also appeared in all the three movies to include audio commentaries, the first, third, and fourth.

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