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|es={{tt|RA|Realidad aumentada}}dar Pokémon
|es={{tt|RA|Realidad aumentada}}dar Pokémon
|fr={{tt|RA|Réalité augmentée}}dar Pokémon
|fr={{tt|RA|Réalité augmentée}}dar Pokémon
|ko=포켓몬 {{tt|AR|Augmented reality}} 서차
|ko=포켓몬 {{tt|AR|Augmented reality}} 서처
|it={{tt|RA|Realtà aumentata}}dar Pokémon}}
|it={{tt|RA|Realtà aumentata}}dar Pokémon}}

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Pokémon Dream Radar
Pokémon Dream Radar logo EN.png
Pokémon Dream Radar logo
Basic info
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Category: First-person shooter
Players: Single
Connectivity: Nintendo 3DS Link
Developer: Creatures, Inc.
Publisher: Nintendo
Part of: Generation V side series
Release dates
Japan: June 23, 2012
North America: October 7, 2012
Australia: October 11, 2012
Europe: October 12, 2012
South Korea: November 8, 2012
Hong Kong: N/A
Taiwan: N/A
Japanese: Minisite
English: Minisite

Pokémon Dream Radar (Japanese: ポケモンARサーチャー Pokémon AR Searcher) is an application for the Nintendo 3DS.


In the game you'll be taking on the role of an assistant who works for Professor Burnet - a scientist studying the Interdream Zone. Move your Nintendo 3DS system around in this motion-controlled action game and take aim to shoot your light beam at the Dream Clouds and collect your rewards! This game is fun for anybody, and a fact-filled accompaniment to Pokémon Black Version 2 or Pokémon White Version 2. Any caught Pokémon or items you pick up in the Pokémon Dream Radar can be transferred to Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2, which is very useful, since the Pokémon you catch might have hidden abilities not available for those games, and some items that can't normally be found either. Try to fill up your Pokédex as much as you can!


File:Dream Radar Kami trio promotional art.png
Promotional artwork for Pokémon Dream Radar
Bulbanews has multiple articles related to this subject:

The player is guided through the game by Professor Burnet. Burnet is studying the Interdream Zone, and needs the player to collect Dream Orbs from it for her research. The player must enter the Interdream Zone and harvest Dream Orbs by using the Beam to destroy Dream Clouds.

There are two types of Dream Clouds: pink and stormy. Pink clouds increase and decrease in size, while stormy clouds glow yellow. Pink Dream Clouds normally break into three Dream Orbs when hit, but can break into four or five Dream Orbs if hit while at their largest; stormy Dream Clouds always break into four Dream Orbs. Dream Clouds break into fewer orbs when there are fewer Dream Clouds present upon entering the Interdream Zone. Stormy Dream Clouds can contain Pokémon instead of Dream Orbs. After the player has harvested all the Dream Clouds and leaves the Interdream Zone, one will instantly regenerate, while the others regenerate over time at a rate of one cloud every five minutes after the player has harvested them. Up to three times per day, the player can restore the number of Dream Clouds to the maximum instantly at the cost of 5 Play Coins; Play Coins are collected by walking with the Nintendo 3DS in one's pocket using the system's built-in pedometer.

If a Dream Cloud breaks into four or five Dream Orbs, hitting all of those orbs will cause the last orb hit to break into three more; if all three of these orbs are broken, the final orb will split into three more, and so on. Orbs produced in this way do not last as long as orbs produced directly from breaking Dream Clouds. Dream Orbs initially are solely pink, but after capturing Tornadus they alternate between pink and green; after capturing Thundurus, orange is added to this list, and after capturing Landorus blue is too. The colour of each Dream Orb when collected is secretly tallied by the game, and this affects the relative rarity of each Pokémon; for example, if more green orbs have been collected than any other colour, Shuckle and Igglybuff are more likely to appear than any other Pokémon.

Dream Clouds sometimes contain a Pokémon that has been trapped in the Interdream Zone instead of just Dream Orbs. When the player uses the Beam on a Dream Cloud containing a Pokémon, all the other Dream Clouds and Dream Orbs temporarily disappear and the Pokémon takes on the form of a glowing sphere; the Forces of Nature do not appear as glowing orbs but instead in their Therian Forme, as this Forme is as a result of them adapting to the Interdream Zone. This initiates a timed battle with the sphere, in which it attempts to evade the player, and shoot circle projectiles which reduce the time remaining upon impact with the player. In order to capture the Pokémon, the player must continuously hit the center of the sphere with the Beam until the capture bar is full before the time runs out. If the player succeeds, either the Pokémon is captured or it drops an item, and this is added to the game's research data; the research data can then be transferred to a Pokémon Black 2 or White 2 game card inserted in the same Nintendo 3DS system.

Professor Burnet constantly conducts research, and over time will allow the player access to new extensions she has developed.

This app uses an auto-save feature to save the player's progress. The Pokémon Dream Radar app can be re-downloaded from the Nintendo eShop at no extra charge if it is no longer present on the SD card. Originally, if the app was deleted and re-downloaded, players would have to start all over again; however, after the June 17, 2013 3DS system update, players can use the save data backup feature to back up their data. If re-downloaded at a later date, the backed-up save data is automatically restored then deleted.


Name Access cost Unlock Description Notes
Basic Extension 0 Default A balanced searching device. Mainly pink Dream Clouds
Retrieval Extension 100 Obtain a total of 200 Dream Orbs This search extension makes it easier to find Pokémon. Slightly more pink Dream Clouds; Pokémon are more common than items
Eureka Extension α 0 Obtain a total of 400 Dream Orbs The alpha version of an extension for finding the mystery Pokémon. Only stormy Dream Clouds; Tornadus appears (flying freely)
Dowsing Extension 100 Collect a total of 700 Dream Orbs This search extension reacts to Pokémon that are holding something. Slightly more pink Dream Clouds; items are more common than Pokémon
Eureka Extension β 0 Obtain a total of 1500 Dream Orbs The beta version of an extension for finding the mystery Pokémon. Only stormy Dream Clouds; Thundurus appears (flying freely)
Eureka Extension γ 0 Obtain a total of 3000 Dream Orbs The gamma version of an extension for finding the mystery Pokémon. Only stormy Dream Clouds; Landorus appears (flying freely)
Simulator α 400 Catch Landorus The simulator was created to research Tornadus's traits. Only stormy Dream Clouds; Tornadus appears (flying freely)
Simulator β 600 Catch Landorus The simulator was created to research Thundurus's traits. Only stormy Dream Clouds; Thundurus appears (flying freely)
Simulator γ 800 Catch Landorus The simulator was created to research Landorus's traits. Only stormy Dream Clouds; Landorus appears (flying freely)
Temporal Extension 0 Select 'Start' from title screen with Diamond inserted after catching Landorus This extension was made as part of an experiment about time. Only stormy Dream Clouds; Dialga appears (as a sphere)
Spatial Extension 0 Select 'Start' from title screen with Pearl inserted after catching Landorus This extension was made as part of an experiment about space. Only stormy Dream Clouds; Palkia appears (as a sphere)
Renegade Extension 0 Select 'Start' from title screen with Platinum inserted after catching Landorus This extension was developed for research on alternate worlds. Only stormy Dream Clouds; Giratina appears (as a sphere)
Rainbow Extension 0 Select 'Start' from title screen with HeartGold inserted after catching Landorus This extension was developed to research light and happiness. Only stormy Dream Clouds; Ho-Oh appears (as a sphere)
Diving Extension 0 Select 'Start' from title screen with SoulSilver inserted after catching Landorus This extension was developed to research the sea's quiet and rage. Only stormy Dream Clouds; Lugia appears (as a sphere)
Special Extension A 0 Enter secret code on the 'Start' menu: ↑ → ↓ ← X R L* This extension was developed to research magnetism. Only stormy Dream Clouds; Beldum appears (as a sphere)
Special Extension B 0 Enter secret code on the 'Start' menu: ↑ ↓ → ← Y R L* This extension was developed while thinking about a calm shore. Only stormy Dream Clouds; Slowpoke appears (as a sphere)
Special Extension C 0 Enter secret code on the 'Start' menu: R L Y X ← → Y X* This extension was developed to research the planet's rotation. Only stormy Dream Clouds; Hoothoot appears (as a sphere)

Development Lab

In the Development Lab, the player can purchase Professor Burnet's inventions for Dream Orbs. They either function as upgrades or single-use support items.


All upgrades have five possible levels.

Feature name Upgrade name Description
Beam Beam Upgrade Increases the power of your Beam for catching Pokémon.
Energy Pack Energy Upgrade Increases the amount of time for catching Pokémon.
Visoscope Scope Upgrade Increases the number of Dream Clouds that can be found.


Level Cost Beam color
Capture time
(Energy Pack)
Dream Clouds
Level 1 Default Yellow 120 10
Level 2 100 Green 150 15
Level 3 500 Red 180 20
Level 4 1000 Purple 210 25
Level MAX 1500 Blue 240 30

Support items

These items only work once, but multiple of each can be owned at a time.

Name Cost Description
Vortex Charge 100 Holds Pokémon in place to make them easy to catch.
Dragnet Charge 50 Slows down a Pokémon's movements temporarily.
Energy Recharge 50 Restores the energy spent while catching Pokémon.

Research data

Pokémon caught and items obtained are stored as research data. Stacks of up to 6 different kinds of items and 6 different individual regular Pokémon can be stored in the research data at a time. If the player currently has 6 different item stacks or 6 different regular Pokémon and obtains another, they must replace one that is already held. If the player has 6 Pokémon or 6 stacks of items, a warning will pop up when pressing "Start Search". In addition to the 6 regular Pokémon, there is also a special row for legendary Pokémon. However, only 6 Pokémon can be sent to Black 2 or White 2 at a time, and the legendary Pokémon are always sent, so regular Pokémon will be left behind upon transferring research data when there are 7 or more Pokémon. Tornadus, Thundurus, or Landorus cannot be inserted into Black 2 or White 2 if the current save file on the game card the player is using already had them transferred from the Dream Radar once before.

Data is transferred to Black 2 or White 2 via Nintendo 3DS Link—Dream Radar transfers research data to the inserted Black 2 or White 2. Once the data is sent, the game must receive it via the Nintendo 3DS Link option in the Unova Link. New research data cannot be sent until the previous sent data has been received. Upon receiving the research data, Pokémon are automatically added to the current PC Box (or the next Box with free space) and items are automatically placed in the bag.

Obtainable Pokémon

Each Pokémon has its Hidden Ability, with the exception of Rotom, which has no Hidden Ability. The level of Pokémon obtained from this game depends on the number of Badges obtained in the game they are transferred to, starting at level 5 when transferred to a game with no Badges and being level 40 when transferred to a game with seven or eight Badges. These Pokémon are all obtained in a Dream Ball, have the met location of "Pokémon Dream Radar", and are treated as having been caught by the player of the Black 2 or White 2 game. Notably the Legendary Pokémon can only be collected once during the player's current Dream Radar save file.


Badges Level
0 5
1 to 2 10
3 to 4 20
5 to 6 30
7 to 8 40

Encountered as glowing sphere

Available from start of game
Preferred Dream Orb color: Pink
Available after catching Tornadus
Preferred Dream Orb color: Green
Available after catching Thundurus
Preferred Dream Orb color: Orange
Available after catching Landorus
Preferred Dream Orb color: Blue
Available using Special Extensions
(unlocked via button combination)
Special Extension A
Special Extension B
Special Extension C
Generation IV Game Card inserted*
Temporal Extension
Spatial Extension
Renegade Extension
Rainbow Extension
Diving Extension

Encountered freely flying

Available using Eureka Extensions
Eureka Extension α
Eureka Extension β
Eureka Extension γ

Obtainable items

Available from start of game
Red Shard
Red Shard
Blue Shard
Blue Shard
Yellow Shard
Yellow Shard
Green Shard
Green Shard
Leppa Berry
Leppa Berry
Available after catching Tornadus
Max Revive
Max Revive
Sun Stone
Sun Stone
Moon Stone
Moon Stone
Available after catching Thundurus
Fire Stone
Fire Stone
Water Stone
Water Stone
Thunder Stone
Leaf Stone
Leaf Stone
Available after catching Landorus
Sacred Ash
Sacred Ash
Rare Candy
Rare Candy
Available using Simulator α
Star Piece
Star Piece
Heart Scale
Heart Scale
Max Revive
Max Revive
Rare Candy
Rare Candy
Life Orb
Life Orb
Available using Simulator β
Star Piece
Star Piece
Heart Scale
Heart Scale
Rare Candy
Rare Candy
Dawn Stone
Dawn Stone
King's Rock
King's Rock
Focus Sash
Focus Sash
Available using Simulator γ
Star Piece
Star Piece
Heart Scale
Heart Scale
Rare Candy
Rare Candy
Life Orb
Life Orb
Focus Sash
Focus Sash



  • The Pokémon Dream Radar's release date is the same as Black 2 and White 2's release date in all regions.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French RAdar Pokémon
Germany Flag.png German Pokémon Traumradar
Italy Flag.png Italian RAdar Pokémon
South Korea Flag.png Korean 포켓몬 AR 서처
Spain Flag.png Spanish RAdar Pokémon

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