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===Staff Members===
===Staff Members===
* AoH
* AoH
* dmaster
* Nekoban Ryo
* Nekoban Ryo
* puddizzle
* puddizzle

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Language English
Status Active
Run 2003 - Present
Date opened July 15, 2003
Creator Jon Sahagian, a.k.a. Water Pokémon Master
Current owner {{{owner}}}
Forum PokéBeach.com Forums
Mascot Staryu
Website Main Page

PokéBeach is a Pokémon fan site run by Jon Sahagian, better known as "Water Pokémon Master".


The site opened to the public on July 15, 2003, although Water Pokémon Master had been working on it privately since 1999. Since then, it has become one of the most popular Pokémon fan sites on the internet.

Although the site focuses on several aspects of the fandom, its primary focus is the Pokémon Trading Card Game. The site features scans of Pokémon cards, as well as guides on how to play the game.

In 2008, the web site was able to have an interview with Masamitsu Hidaka, a director and storyboard artist for the anime. In it, he revealed much previously unknown information about the series.

In 2009, the site was able to go to the early screening of Arceus and the Jewel of Life in Japan, even though Water Pokémon Master was not picked for the special rally from CoroCoro.

In September 2010, the site's forums inducted a new rule stating that users must use proper grammar and spelling because the site is not a chat room.

Upon the release of Pokémon Black and White, PokéBeach was the first of two sites to receive a cease and desist order from Nintendo for posting images of Pokémon Black and White. The site then temporarily changed all pictures from the games to pictures of Ditto and changed their name to PokerBeach as a joke to protest Nintendo's actions. It has since gone back to using the images and using the name PokéBeach.

On November 12th, 2012, the site's forums revamped its rules and changed its content policy to PG-13 to better cater to older fans. Prior to this, moderation policies went through a strict review and were revamped.

On May 11th, 2013, PokéBeach disclosed information from a supposed "insider" about Pokémon X and Y. A lot of this information was later revealed to be true, such as the new Fairy type, Pancham's evolution, and more.



  • Water Pokémon Master - Head of PokéBeach


  • Shining Raikou - Head of PokéBeach Forums

Super Moderators

  • Elite Stride
  • Ice Arceus
  • King Arceus
  • omahanime
  • TPO3
  • unsheathed


  • AdamLambert
  • AnthonyG
  • Artemis
  • Blah
  • Colress
  • Delta
  • Drohn
  • Frezgle
  • Jay
  • Kecleon-X
  • Muddy68
  • PMJ
  • Serperior
  • Ysmir

Staff Members

  • AoH
  • Nekoban Ryo
  • puddizzle
  • purefmwc
  • Shakespeare
  • Xous

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