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|effect=Makes the user less susceptible to enemy attacks (for 3 turns)
|effect=Makes the user less susceptible to enemy attacks (for 3 turns)
|descconquest=A single-use held item that makes the user less susceptible to enemy attacks for 3 turns.
|descconquest=A single-use held item that makes the user less susceptible to enemy attacks for 3 turns.
|locconquest=lv. 3 {{DL|Kingdom location|Shop}} in [[Yaksha]]
|locconquest=Lv. 3 {{DL|Kingdom location|Shop}} in [[Yaksha]]

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This is a page for all items that appear in Pokémon Conquest. These items can be purchased and sold at Shops, while some may also be found on battlefields, dropped by enemy Warriors and wild Pokémon, from combining items or from various in-game events. Some items can be equipped onto a Warrior to be used to help their Pokémon in battle. The price in which these items can be bought or sold at depends on the Warrior's Charisma. There is a 10% increase to sell and decrease to buy at 60 Charisma with an additional 5% change every 10 levels, with a maximum of 30% difference at 100 Charisma. There are no price differences when buying or selling from a traveling merchant.

Pokémon Conquest exclusive items

Pokémon Conquest exclusive items are held items that can only be found in Pokémon Conquest.

Single-use held items




Other items in Pokémon Conquest

These are held items from the main series of the Pokémon games that also appear in Pokémon Conquest.

Single-use held items


Carry-over items

The following items are carried over when a new story is started.


  • Full Restore
  • Hachimaki
  • Noisemaker
  • Purple Ponigiri


  • Conqueror Crystal
  • Fog Machine
  • Guardian Charm
  • Jigglypuff Charm
  • Large Sack
  • Lucky Coin
  • Unifier Crystal
  • Warrior Crystal


  • Dawn Stone
  • Dusk Stone
  • Fire Stone
  • Junk
  • Leaf Stone
  • Metal Coat
  • Moon Stone
  • Protector
  • Razor Claw
  • Reaper Cloth
  • Shiny Stone
  • Sun Stone
  • Thunderstone
  • Water Stone

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