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==Name origin==
==Name origin==
[[wp:Cerulean|Cerulean]] is a sky-blue color, with its name derived from the Latin word for the sky.
[[wp:Cerulean|Cerulean]] is a sky-blue color, with its name derived from the Latin word for the sky. Hanada iro (縹色) refers to a light blue color.

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Template:Infobox town Cerulean City (Japanese: ハナダシティ Hanada City) is a seaside city located in northern Kanto. It is situated near a sea inlet to the north, with Saffron City to the south, and Mt. Moon to the west. It is home to Misty, the Cerulean City Gym Leader.

The city is one of only two cities in Kanto, the other being Saffron City, to have four different routes enter the city. Cerulean is a mid-sized city with a few attractions.

Places of interest

Battle Factory

In the anime, Cerulean City is the site of the Kanto Battle Factory.

Bike Shop

Bicycles can be purchased for an implausable File:Pokébuck sign.gif1,000,000, or with a Bike Voucher.

The Bike Shop moved to Goldenrod City in Generation II.

Cerulean Cave

Main article: Cerulean Cave

On the outskirts of Cerulean City lies Cerulean Cave, also known as the Unknown Dungeon. The player can capture Mewtwo at Level 70 in the Generation I and Generation III games.

In Generation II, the Dungeon has collapsed, and Mewtwo's Berserk Gene has been left behind.

Berry Powder man

In Pokémon FireRed and Pokémon LeafGreen, there is a man in a cottage who will exchange Berry Powder for rare and valuable items.

In the Pokémon Special manga

Cerulean City is first visited in the Red, Green & Blue chapter in Suddenly Starmie for being the place where Misty's mansion and the Cerulean Gym are located. It streets sorround a canal full with canoes resembling Venice. Here Red and Misty train to defeat Team Rocket.

Poké Mart

Generations I and III

Item Price (File:Pokébuck sign.gif)
Poké Ball 200
Recovery items
Antidote 100
Awakening 200
Burn Heal 250
Paralyze Heal 200
Potion 300
Super Potion** 700
Other items
Escape Rope* 550
Repel 350

Generation II

Item Price (File:Pokébuck sign.gif)
Great Ball 600
Ultra Ball 1,200
Recovery items
Full Heal 600
Super Potion 700
Other items
Dire Hit 650
Super Repel 500
Surf Mail 50
X Attack 550
X Defend 550


Wild Pokémon can be found in the water inside Cerulean City's Gym, as well as in the channel along the northwestern edge of town. In Pokémon Red and Blue and Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, there is a man who will trade his Jynx for a Poliwhirl.

Generation I

Name Games Location Levels Rate
Psyduck R B Fishing 33%
Krabby R B Fishing 33%
Goldeen R B Fishing 33%
Y Fishing 70%
Seaking Y Fishing 30%
Jynx R B Trade -

Generation II

Name Games Location Levels Rate
All times
Krabby* G S C Fishing (All) 10, 20, 40 60%
Kingler* G S C Fishing (Super) 40 10%
Goldeen G S C Surfing 5-14 90%
Seaking G S C Surfing 10-14 10%
Morning and Day
Corsola* G S C Fishing (Good/Super) 20, 40 30%
Staryu* G S C Fishing (Good/Super) 20, 40 30%
  • *=Inside the Gym only.

Generation III

Name Games Location Levels Rate
Psyduck FR Fishing (Super) 1%
Tentacool FR LG Surfing 100%
Slowpoke LG Fishing (Super) 1%
Krabby FR Fishing (Good) 20%
LG Fishing (Good) 60%
LG Fishing (Super) 84%
Horsea FR Fishing (Good) 60%
FR Fishing (Super) 84%
LG Fishing (Good) 20%
Magikarp FR LG Fishing (Old) 100%
FR LG Fishing (Good) 20%
Gyarados FR LG Fishing (Super) 15%
Jynx FR LG Trade -

Trainer Tips

FireRed and LeafGreen

  • A Pokémon can be made to hold an item. Some items can even be used by the holding Pokémon in battle.

Name origin

Cerulean is a sky-blue color, with its name derived from the Latin word for the sky. Hanada iro (縹色) refers to a light blue color.


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