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**[[Route 225]] ([[Pokémon Diamond and Pearl|D/P]])
**[[Route 225]] ([[Pokémon Diamond and Pearl|D/P]])
===[[Image:ElectroBooster.png]] Electrilizer===
===[[Image:ElectroBooster.png]] Electrizer===
*'''Pokémon affected:''' Causes {{p|Electabuzz}} to evolve into {{p|Electivire}} when [[trade]]d.
*'''Pokémon affected:''' Causes {{p|Electabuzz}} to evolve into {{p|Electivire}} when [[trade]]d.

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An evolution-inducing held item is a specific type of held item that either has no other use besides, or is mainly used in order to cause, the evolution of a Pokémon. Many of these items also require for the Pokémon to be traded with another player, however, some only require the Pokémon to be leveled up.

List of evolution-inducing held items

File:Deepseascale.png DeepSeaScale

File:Deepseatooth.png DeepSeaTooth

File:DragonScale.png Dragon Scale

File:EeriePatch.png Dubious Disc

File:ElectroBooster.png Electrizer

File:KingsRock.png King's Rock

File:MagmaBooster.png Magmarizer

File:MetalCoatSprite.png Metal Coat

File:Protector.png Protector

File:RoundStone.png Oval Stone

File:SharpClaw.png Razor Claw

File:SharpFang.png Razor Fang

File:SpiritWorldCloth.png Reaper Cloth

File:Up-Grade.png Up-Grade

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