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*{{u|Jayheart98}} I'll help as much as I can, but I have only Diamond and just started Black. =^..^=
*{{u|Jayheart98}} I'll help as much as I can, but I have only Diamond and just started Black. =^..^=
*{{u|ZMT123}} I'm a veteran at Pokemon and an expert with the main series regions.
*{{u|ZMT123}} I'm a veteran at Pokemon and an expert with the main series regions.
*{{u|Taposa}} I will try to help!
===Ultimate Goal of the Month===
===Ultimate Goal of the Month===

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Project page Project talk To-do list List of Locations

FireRed LeafGreen Giovanni.png Clarky13 is the leader of this project. Please direct any questions about Project Locations or its actions to this user.

Some Bulbapedia members have formed a project to better organize efforts to write and improve articles about locations in the Pokémon world. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page or the Bulbapedia forum and see the Bulbapedia:Project Locations/To-do list.


Project Locations covers all articles about locations in the Pokémon world. The ultimate goal is to create, expand and standardize articles for every location in the Pokémon world, ranging from popular locations (The Underground) to the obscure (Seabreak Path). All locations in the Pokémon world fall under the scope of this project, except for numbered routes and major named routes, which are under the scope of Project Routes, a subproject of Project Locations, as well as cities and towns, which are covered by Project Cities and Towns, another subproject.

To-do list

Main article: Bulbapedia:Project Locations/To-do list
    • Unova*Add pictures to all location articles.
  • Add map views to all articles.

How you can help

You can help by opening the List of locations by name and selecting any location that is a stub (or not a stub) and expand it using your general knowledge or from other facts and figures. Most of the existing location articles need to be modified to comply with the project standard (see below). You can check Category:Location stubs to see which articles need expanding.

Some articles need pictures. Help them by adding a picture of the location from the Bulbagarden Archives or uploading a new one. If you see an article without a location map in its infobox template, add one immediately. Also, some articles do not have an infobox template, if you come across one, add it immediately.



To join the project, simply add your name to the bottom of this list:

Ultimate Goal of the Month


Articles about Hoenn routes, cities, and locations are looking down in the dumps. Why don't we quality them up before the storm of Generation V comes. Every little bit of information counts, so when you've got some time, expand some articles and make them a little better than stub status.

Stub of the Month

Snowpoint Temple.png

Snowpoint Temple

Snowpoint Temple (Japanese: キッサキしんでん Kissaki Temple) is a location in Snowpoint City. It is the home of the legendary Pokémon Regigigas, which can only be awakened for battle if the player brings along all three of Hoenn's legendary golems. The player cannot enter the Temple without defeating Cynthia as well as obtaining the National Pokédex, and even then, Regigigas will not awaken without the Hoenn trio present. The temple is very extensive, and has many puzzles involving sliding on ice.

Expand this article

Article status

Featured articles

File:Itemball gen3.jpg The Underground
File:Itemball gen3.jpg Ilex Forest Shrine

Best Practice Article

File:Itemball gen3.jpg Cerulean Cave
File:Itemball gen3.jpg Mt. Moon
File:Itemball gen3.jpg Viridian Forest
File:Itemball gen3.jpg Turnback Cave


Infobox information

Articles should use {{Infobox location}}, and all known information should be supplied. A example Infobox is shown below.

Main section

Untitled section that describes the location. Depending on the location, this section may just describe where it is located in the Pokémon world and basic details regarding the area, or may go into considerable detail. Regardless, all text describing the location should be in this section.


A geographical description of the location, including similarities to places in reality. This is to include all parts of the location.


A list of items found in this location as well as a description of where the items are. These are to be placed in dot points with a short description on how to find it.


A list of Pokémon that appear in this location as well as encounter rates and times of encounter if possible. Lists should be separated by Generation using third-level headlines. If the route appeared in only one Generation, then the Generation heading is not necessary. See Route 1 and Route 132 for examples of tables.

Lists should be organized in order of location, then highest to lowest encounter rate. If the encounter rate for a Pokémon is lower in a different game, a repeat of the entry should be made directly underneath except with that particular game highlighted (instead of in the initial entry), and the different encounter rate stated. In the case of multiple Pokémon with the same encounter rate, Pokémon should be listed in order of games they are available in, then their National Pokédex number.


A list of trainers, using the appropriate template. They should be separated by Generation using third-level headlines. If the route appeared in only one Generation, then the Generation heading is not necessary.

Differences among Generations

If the location was featured in multiple versions and Generations of Pokémon, the differences between those should be discussed here. A gallery of different generations can be placed here to show the differences.

See also

Place all internal links here, that have reference or significance to the article.


Place all references here.

External links

Place all external links which are not references here.


All articles should use the following category:

  • [[Category:(Region) locations]] where (Region) is either Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Orre, Sevii, Sinnoh, or Unova

All articles should use the following categories where applicable:

  • [[Category:Red, Blue and Yellow locations]]
  • [[Category:Gold, Silver and Crystal locations]]
  • [[Category:Ruby and Sapphire locations]]
  • [[Category:Emerald locations]]
  • [[Category:FireRed and LeafGreen locations]]
  • [[Category:Diamond and Pearl locations]]
  • [[Category:Black and White locations]]
  • [[Category:Colosseum and XD locations]]



The Infobox to use for this project is {{Infobox location}}.

This is the basic syntax you need to get a complete routebox on the article page, just place this before any other text and fill in the variables.

{{Infobox location
Safari Zone サファリゾーン
Safari Zone
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
FL Safari Zone.png
Map description: {{{mapdesc}}}
Location: North of Fuchsia City
Region: Kanto
Generations: I, III
Kanto Safari Zone Map.png
Location of Safari Zone in Kanto.
Pokémon world locations

For the above parameters, here's what you should fill in:

  • image: name of an image for the location on Bulbagarden Archives
  • type: is the type of place the location is located on, or what it is - land, road, water, or cave. This determines how the infobox is colored. (If omitted, color is white.)
  • location_name: name of the location
  • japanese_name: Japanese name of the location
  • translated_name: Romanization of the location's Japanese name
  • other_info: (optional) use for alternate names, an additional descriptor, etc.
  • location: a brief description of where the article location is found
  • region: the region that the location is in
  • generation: a list of all generations of games this location has appeared in. Handy template shortcuts include {{subst:Gen|I}} for Generation I, {{subst:Gen|II}} for Generation II, and {{subst:Gen|III}} for Generation III.

By completing the infobox as follows, you'll get a routebox like the one to the right.

{{Infobox location
|image=FL Safari Zone.png
|location_name=Safari Zone
|translated_name=Safari Zone
|location=North of [[Fuchsia City]]
|generation={{Gen|I}}, {{Gen|III}}

Other templates

What to type What it makes Notes
{{Project Locations notice}}
Project Locations logo.png This article is part of Project Locations, a Bulbapedia project that aims to write comprehensive articles on every location in the Pokémon world.
To be placed on the bottom of all articles covered by this project below the article to designate the article as part of this project.
{{User Project Locations}}
Project Locations logo.png This user is a member of Project Locations.
Userbox for participants of this project.
Project Cities and Towns logo.png This location-related article is a stub. You can help Bulbapedia by expanding it.
Designates this article relating to Pokémon world locations as a stub.

Other projects


The descendants of this project are: