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|zh_cmn={{tt|小鋸鱷是誰的?小智對抗小霞|Who does Totodile belong to? Ash vs. Misty}}
|zh_cmn={{tt|小鋸鱷是誰的?小智對抗小霞|Who does Totodile belong to? Ash vs. Misty}}
|cs={{tt|Zápas o Totodila|A battle for Totodile}}
|cs={{tt|Zápas o Totodila|A battle for Totodile}}
|nl={{tt|Het Totodile Duel|The Totodile Duel}}
|de={{tt|Streit um Karnimani|Argument about Totodile}}
|de={{tt|Streit um Karnimani|Argument about Totodile}}
|fr_eu={{tt|Duel pour un Pokémon|Duel for a Pokémon}}
|fr_eu={{tt|Duel pour un Pokémon|Duel for a Pokémon}}

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EP150 : Hour of the Houndour
Original series
EP152 : Hot Matches!
The Totodile Duel
Whose is the Waninoko!? Satoshi VS Kasumi!
First broadcast
Japan June 8, 2000
United States May 5, 2001
English themes
Opening Pokémon Johto
Japanese themes
Opening OK!
Ending ポケモンはらはらリレー
Animation Team Ota
Screenplay 冨岡淳広 Atsuhiro Tomioka
Storyboard 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Assistant director 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Animation director 岩根雅明 Masaaki Iwane
Additional credits

The Totodile Duel (Japanese: ワニノコはだれのもの!?サトシVSカスミ! Whose is the Waninoko!? Satoshi VS Kasumi!) is the 151st episode of the Pokémon anime. It was first broadcast in Japan on June 8, 2000 and in the United States on May 5, 2001.

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.


The episode begins with Ash, Misty, and Brock sitting by a calm river in Johto, fishing in the hopes of finding some Pokémon. Ash, however, is bored at this, and thus gets into an argument with Misty. Suddenly, Misty gets something on her line, and begins to reel it in. It fights hard, but she finally whips... a tea kettle from the water. Angered at this, Misty decides to use her secret weapon: her special lure. Misty tells of the reason she trains Template:Type2s, that she grew up around them and so wants to train as many as she can. Suddenly a Totodile reveals itself to them, dancing on a rock in the stream. Ash scans it with his Pokédex.

After learning about the species, Misty declares that she intends to catch it, while Ash does the same. Before Ash can throw his Poké Ball, however, Misty tosses her lure at Totodile, who chomps down on it. Ash complains that it's not fair, and Totodile spits the lure out. Ash uses this as an opportunity to have Pikachu attack it, using ThunderShock. Now stunned, Ash throws a Poké Ball. Misty and Ash begin to argue again, but the Poké Ball does not hold, and Totodile pops out of it on their side of the riverbank. Ash complains and tells Pikachu to use ThunderShock again, but Misty interrupts, throwing her own Poké Ball. This time, Totodile dodges it completely and uses Water Gun to blast the Poké Ball and the three Trainers into the grass. The three climb out, and Totodile is gone. Ash and Misty decide to both go looking for it. Misty tells Brock to watch Togepi, but Brock insists that he should come along since they'll need a referee.

Meanwhile, Totodile is hungry, and notices Jessie, James, and Team Rocket having a snack of rice balls. Meowth, however, complains that the Boss will still be mad at them about their constant failures, and the other two attempt to cheer him up. Jessie offers a rice ball, but Totodile chomps on her hand. Meowth and James express that Giovanni would enjoy it, and Jessie manages to get Totodile off her arm. Totodile then goes on to eat the rest of Team Rocket's rice balls, and when they attempt to stop it, blasts them off with Water Gun.

Ash and Misty then finally locate Totodile, and both prepare to catch it, Misty deciding to use a Lure Ball because of its better chance of capturing Water-types, and Ash agreeing that it'd be a good idea to use his as well. The two throw the balls at the same time, and Totodile jumps into them, being hit by both at the same time. It and the two balls fall behind a bush and it is captured, unseen by anyone, this time successfully. Due to the fact that both of them used a Lure Ball, no one can tell who threw it.

Ash and Misty begin arguing again, and Brock stops them, saying there's only one way to decide whose Totodile it is: a Pokémon battle. The match is decided as being three vs three, and deciding he'll prove that he would have won their last battle had Team Rocket not interfered, decides to use Pikachu against Misty's Water-type team. Misty has another secret weapon up her sleeve, however: her only non-Water-type Pokémon: Togepi!

Pikachu is reluctant to battle its friend, however, and after a Charm attack from Togepi, runs from battle. Brock rules this to be a win for Misty, giving her an early upper hand. Ash decided to use a Template:Type2 next, as they also have an advantage, and sends out his Chikorita. Misty chooses her Staryu. Ash opens the fight with a Razor Leaf, but Staryu avoids it and uses Swift. Chikorita responds with a Tackle. Misty commands a Water Gun, and nearly defeats Chikorita, but it digs in its heels. Ash tells Chikorita to use Vine Whip, but it misses as Staryu jumps again to use Tackle. With a quick move, however, Chikorita evades the Tackle and grabs and defeats Staryu with Vine Whip. The match is now at one apiece, and it comes down to the last battle, both determined to win.

Ash sends out Bulbasaur, while Misty sends out Poliwag. The battle begins, and we cut to Team Rocket, who are now drifting downstream. After a brief conversation about Totodile and the boss, and ending up in front of the battle between Ash and Misty, they plan to wait until the end of the battle to take the tired Pokémon away.

Bulbasaur uses Razor Leaf, which Poliwag counters with Water Gun. Bulbasaur avoids it and uses another Razor Leaf, knocking Poliwag down and seemingly defeating it... however, Poliwag begins to glow, and starts to evolve, becoming Poliwhirl. Ash scans it in his Pokédex, and then commands a Tackle from Bulbasaur. Poliwhirl uses Body Slam, and hurts Bulbasaur badly. Using Razor Leaf to get away, Ash asks if it can continue, which it can. He commands a SolarBeam, which Bulbasaur begins to charge. Poliwhirl uses Bubble while the SolarBeam charges, battering Bulbasaur. Eventually it's fully charged, and Bulbasaur blasts Poliwhirl, making it unable to battle. Brock declares Ash the winner, and hands him Totodile's Poké Ball.

Before he can celebrate, the Pokémon Battler's Ladies Auxiliary shows up to congratulate them. A Wobbuffet's appearance, however, gives them away as no one other than Team Rocket, who soon reveal themselves after their motto. Meowth declares their intentions, but Ash reveals that he has Totodile, which bites Jessie's hair. She sends out Arbok in anger, and tells James to send out Weezing. Arbok goes after Totodile, but Totodile uses Bite and whips Arbok around to knock both it and Meowth out.Weezing uses Sludge, but Totodile avoids the move and uses Scratch, which sends it back into the rest of Team Rocket. Using Water Gun, Totodile sends Team Rocket blasting off again.

Happy with winning, Totodile begins dancing with Pikachu, and Misty admits that she's not jealous that Ash beat her, but mostly because she has her Poliwhirl which listens to her rather than doing whatever it wants. The group then continues its journey towards Goldenrod City.

Major events

For a list of all major events in the anime, please see the timeline.


Pokémon debuts




Who's That Pokémon?: Pichu


  • This is the first time that Misty uses Togepi in a battle.
  • Pikachu's refusal to fight Togepi in this episode marks the second time that it has refused to battle Misty for one reason or another.
  • This is one of few episodes where a main character captures a Pokémon and a main character's Pokémon evolves.
  • This episode is featured on the Volume 16: Totodile copy of Pokémon All-Stars.
  • The book Teaming Up With Totodile is based on this episode.


  • When Ash commands his Chikorita to use Razor Leaf on Misty's Staryu, she commands it to "use its Jump" as if it was an attack.
  • At the end, the narrator says that Ash and friends are going to Johto, not through Johto.

Dub edits

  • Misty goes on about her ambitions to learn everything about Water Pokémon for much longer in the dub. In the original, the scene with Water Pokémon scrolling past shows Misty praying to "The God of Water Pokémon" to help her achieve her goal.
  • Rather than make up a food item, the onigiri is referred to as a "delicious but non-nutritious snack treat".

In other languages

EP150 : Hour of the Houndour
Original series
EP152 : Hot Matches!
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