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(Japanese ゆめのけむり Dream Smoke) is a quest item to unlock the C-Gear in Pokémon Black and White. When the player goes to the Site of Dreams on Makomo's request to look for it, they find a Munna being attacked by Team Plasma. After the player has defeated Team Plasma in the Site of Dreams, a Musharna comes to the rescue of the Munna, leaving the Dream Smoke behind. Makomo will then take the Dream Smoke and reward the player with the C-Gear. The Dream Smoke is a necessary item to access the Pokémon Dream World.

In the anime

File:Dream Onondo anime.png
Dream Smoke portraying a dream

The Dream Smoke appeared in the anime in BW006 where Musharna caused havoc making it reach places like Sanyou City, causing Pokémon to fall asleep. One was Iris's Kibago which Makomo's Munna healed by inhaling it. Munna's floral pattern then turned pink and a puff of smoke came out of Munna's nose revealing Kibago's dream.

In the end Makomo was able to stop the Dream Smoke.

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