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{{User Country|India Flag|India|2E8B57|00FA9A|228B22}}
{{User Country|India Flag|India|2E8B57|00FA9A|228B22}}
{{User Birthday|September 7|439}}
{{User Birthday|September 7|439}}
{{User Muslim}}
{{User Hindu}}
{{User Age|22|551}}
{{User Age|22|551}}
{{User Glasses}}
{{User Glasses}}

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Hello this is Amit from India. This user is now studying Electronics.

I am extremely busy these days due to my upcoming exams (7th semester exams → Starting at 22nd November). So, I have decided to take a short break from Bulbagarden and other PokéStuff in order to do a SOLID PREPARATION for my exams. I'll be there around, but won't be active though. Wish me luck!

My Data

521.png This user identifies as male.
India Flag.png This user comes from India.
439.png This user's birthday is September 7.
307.png This user is a Hindu.
551.png This user is 22 years old.
Max Glasses.png This user wears glasses.


25px This user loves Ash as an EPIC Protagonist.
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'Amit (Japanese: ' Amit) has been a fan of Pokémon from the start of the anime. He has been a member of Bulbapedia since October 24, 2010.

Currently, I'm majoring in Electronics.

Next Episode

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