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===Cycling Road glitch===
===Cycling Road glitch===
If the player does not have a [[Bicycle]] (or it has been deposited in the PC), it is still possible to reach [[Kanto Route 17|Cycling Road]] by holding down the left button while the guard attempts to prevent the player from entering the Cycling Road. Upon entering Cycling Road, the player will be automatically riding a bike, despite not having one.
If the player does not have a [[Bicycle]] (or it has been deposited in the PC), it is still possible to reach [[Kanto Route 17|Cycling Road]] by holding down the left button while the guard attempts to prevent the player from entering the Cycling Road. Upon entering Cycling Road, the player will be automatically riding a bike, despite not having one.
===Deposit glitch===
If the player deposits all Pokémon except [[fainting|fainted]] ones, a [[black out]] will occur.
===Fishing in statues===
===Fishing in statues===
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====Machop glitch====
====Machop glitch====
After the player listens to the [[cry]] of {{p|Machop}}, {{p|Machoke}} or {{p|Machamp}}, then uses the Coin Case, the game enters the "{{dl|Graphical glitches|glitch dimension}}".
After the player listens to the [[cry]] of {{p|Machop}}, {{p|Machoke}} or {{p|Machamp}}, then uses the Coin Case, the game enters the "{{dl|Graphical glitches|glitch dimension}}".
===Egg black out glitch===
If the player manages to obtain an egg before any other Pokémon, they will repeatedly [[black out]] and be forced to restart the game. This was remedied in [[Generation III]] and later games by requiring the player to have two Pokémon with them in order to trade, rather than just one.
===Infinite continues glitch===
===Infinite continues glitch===

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This is a list of minor glitches in the main series Pokémon games.


In multiple generations

Error codes

A 5 Error
Main article: Error codes

In generations I and II, there are several error codes that appear when the game is not functioning correctly. Problems such as these often crop up when the game's memory access is corrupted or when experimenting with glitches such as the Mew glitch. Usually, when an error code appears, the game does not freeze and the player is allowed to continue playing the game without resetting. Occasionally mixed errors occur.

Experience underflow glitch

Main article: Experience#Experience underflow glitch

In Generations I and II, certain level 1 Pokémon will jump from level 1 to level 100 after defeating a low level Pokémon.

Trade evolution glitch

Some Pokémon that evolve when traded can learn glitch moves by being traded to Generation II games at the level their evolved form learns a Generation II move, and then subsequently being traded back to Generation I, where the new move will become a glitch move.

For example, if a level 34 Graveler is traded to a Generation II game, it will evolve into Golem and learn Rollout. Restrictions on the moves permitted in the Time Capsule do not apply here because the Pokémon is already inside, so the game assumes that it is fine. If this Golem is then traded back into a Generation I game, the Golem will now know TM05, a glitch move.

Graphical glitches

Main article: Graphical glitches

There are several graphical glitches in the Pokémon games, such as the glitch dimension and the Honey shop glitch.

Glitch dimension

Turns everything into strange, random colors and slows the ability to see the party screen and changes the "Poké" in Pokégear to random symbols. It is activated by first hearing the cry of Machop or Machoke, then using the Coin Case.

Honey shop glitch

Diamond and Pearl only. This is caused by the player using Sweet Scent or honey in a shop. When the player talks to the shopkeeper and selects "buy", no names or descriptions for any of the items in stock will be visible; only the item sprites will be displayed.

3D problems

In HeartGold, SoulSilver, and Platinum Versions, standing in certain places in areas such as the Great Marsh, Ribbon Syndicate, or the Fight Area may cause the foliage or walls to bend and merge into other graphics near them. This is most likely because they run on a 3D game engine.

Invisible grass

This glitch occurs in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. Three tiles on Route 44 appear to be empty at first glance, but when the player (or his or her partner Pokémon) walks over the tiles, tall grass will appear underfoot. At most two of the three tiles will be grassy, allowing for comparisons to be made between the tiles.

Shiny Ditto glitch

The Shiny Ditto glitch requires a game from Generation I and Generation II, but only has an effect on a Generation II game. By trading any Shiny Pokémon to a Generation I game, having a wild Ditto transform into that Pokémon, then catching and trading the Ditto into a Generation II game, the Ditto will be shiny.

In Generation I


Main article: 0 ERROR

A glitch similar to the Mew glitch that causes Route 6 to become glitched.

Cut glitch

Red standing on top of the tree outside Vermilion Gym.
Main article: Cut glitch

Standing on a tree

If the player cuts down a tree, stands on the spot, saves, turns the game off, then loads it, the player will be standing on a tree.

Invisible tree

There is a tree near the bottom of Route 14. If this particular tree is cut down and then the player walks five steps west from where the tree was (so that the spot where the tree used to be is at the edge of the screen) and then walks back their path will be blocked as if a tree was still there. Even though the tree is not visible, it can still be cut down normally using the move Cut.

Cycling Road glitch

If the player does not have a Bicycle (or it has been deposited in the PC), it is still possible to reach Cycling Road by holding down the left button while the guard attempts to prevent the player from entering the Cycling Road. Upon entering Cycling Road, the player will be automatically riding a bike, despite not having one.

Deposit glitch

If the player deposits all Pokémon except fainted ones, a black out will occur.

Fishing in statues

The player can use a Fishing Rod when facing the right or left of a gym statue. It will always say "Looks like there's nothing in here...", except in the Cerulean Gym, where all the Pokémon obtainable in the gym can be caught. The player is also able to surf on these statues.

Ghost glitch

When encountering a ghost in Pokémon Tower without having a Silph Scope, it is possible to see its true identity by viewing the stats of any Pokémon in the player's party. However, this glitch is only graphical, and it is still impossible to fight or catch it.

Ghost Marowak glitch

Using a Poké Doll on the ghost Marowak in Pokémon Tower with or without the Silph Scope will cause it to permanently disappear.

Hall of Fame glitch

Examples of corrupted Hall of Fame entries.
Main article: Missingno.

When Missingno. has been seen on the save file, the player's Hall of Fame is badly corrupted with entirely different Pokémon, even glitch Pokémon, and very glitched characters, names and levels. This does not affect the Pokémon themselves, rather the data seen in the Hall of Fame.

Invisible PC

There is a hotel in Celadon City that resembles a Pokémon Center on the inside. In the top-right space of the area that the player can walk on, there is an invisible, usable PC.

Lookout station glitch

Certain lookout stations which can be accessed after the player passes Cycling Road will have guards that restrict the player from passing if the Bicycle is deposited in the PC, even though the player does not require a Bicycle.

Man on roof

If one does not have the key to the Cinnabar Gym, and surfs on the east coast and returns to land directly in front of the gym, a man will appear on the roof of the gym. A similar effect happens if the player walks into the Vermilion Gym, walks directly left and then up so that they are facing the bottom-left trash can and press A to inspect it, or if the player is in the gatehouse to Cycling Road. One of the trainers in the gym will be misplaced and return to his usual spot once the text box disappears, and when in the gatehouse there may be a man standing on an object somewhere behind the guard.

All of these variations of this glitch were fixed in some European versions of Red and Blue, such as the Spanish version, as well as all versions of Yellow.

Prevented progress

If the player's starter Pokémon evolves before they obtain their Pokédex from Prof. Oak, the game will assume, since they have 2 Pokémon registered as caught, that they already have a Pokédex, and will not allow them to proceed. This glitch is only present in the Japanese Red and Green Versions.

Q Glitch

Main article: Q Glitch

Q and Charizard 'M enable a player to swap Pokémon's moves. It involves depositing Q and other Pokémon into Bill's PC in a certain order, and then when they are retrieved, the Pokémon's moves and stats will be transferred from one Pokémon to another.

Silent Indigo Plateau glitch

In the battle against Blue at Indigo Plateau, if the player evolves a Pokémon in battle and defeats Blue, the music will be muted until Professor Oak takes the player into the Hall of Fame.

Stuck in a wall

If the player lures an NPC into the grass above Pallet Town, she will block the player from following Professor Oak correctly, causing the player to become stuck in the wall of Oak's laboratory.

In Generation II

Coin Case glitches

Main article: Coin Case glitches

Dratini glitch

After the player speaks to the Dratini in Blackthorn City or listens to its cry in the Pokédex, then uses the Coin Case, the Coin Case's display will change what the coin case says from "Coins: ..." to "Which move?he pp of" permanently unless the game is turned off without saving.

Machop glitch

After the player listens to the cry of Machop, Machoke or Machamp, then uses the Coin Case, the game enters the "glitch dimension".

Egg black out glitch

If the player manages to obtain an egg before any other Pokémon, they will repeatedly black out and be forced to restart the game. This was remedied in Generation III and later games by requiring the player to have two Pokémon with them in order to trade, rather than just one.

Infinite continues glitch

Main article: Infinite continues glitch

The infinite continues glitch is a glitch that can be performed in Pokémon Stadium 2 with any Stadium Cup. It does not work in the original Pokémon Stadium. If there is a previously suspended game and the player is playing the Stadium Cup, suspending the game after a loss causes a warning message to pop up, telling the player that there is already a suspended game. If "Continue without Suspending" is selected, a rematch with the opponent just defeated will be triggered.

Thick Club glitch

If a Marowak with a maximum Attack stat (maximum IVs and Stat Exp in Attack) uses Swords Dance while holding a Thick Club, its Attack will overflow to 8. This glitch is not present in Pokémon Stadium 2. [1]

Trainer House glitch

Main article: Trainer House glitch

This glitch affects the Trainer in the Trainer House. It is caused by corrupted RAM for save data in Gold and Silver Versions. It is not present in Crystal Version.

In Generation III

Focus Punch glitch

This glitch is triggered by selecting Focus Punch in a double battle on the first Pokémon, pressing the "B" button, then switching out the first Pokémon. When the battle is conducted, the first Pokémon will tighten its focus in preparation for Focus Punch, then switch out.

Infinite ball glitch

Main article: Infinite ball glitch

The infinite ball glitch is a glitch in Pokémon Colosseum that enables the player to reuse any type of Poké Ball. It does not work in Pokémon XD.

The glitch is performed by selecting a Poké Ball with the player's first Pokémon's turn. Then, on the second Pokémon's turn, switching the location of the Poké Ball in the bag chosen with another Poké Ball in the bag (using the "Y" button). After the Ball is thrown, the Poké Ball pocket will still have the same amount of Poké Balls, as if the Ball just thrown had not been used.

Sometimes, if using a Master Ball, the game will freeze and bring the "An error occurred" message the GameCube gives when it fails to properly read a game.

Also, if the second Pokémon is using a multiple-turn move that has been selected on a previous turn, the attack prevents the glitch from working, which causes the thrown Snag Ball to be used.

Ledge glitch

East of Mauville City there is an Aroma Lady that will battle the player. If the player stands right behind the ledge in her line of sight, she will see the player and walk onto the ledge and stay there until the player leaves the area. This does not occur in Emerald due to her not walking around.

Purification glitch

Pokémon Colosseum only. In Agate Village, the cliffs directly to the left and right of the hill at the entrance are glitched. If the player walks downward while on these small cliffs, there are two specific points where the player will hit the edge and continue to walk, and the screen will start to shake. This will cause all Shadow Pokémon in the player's party to be purified at the same rate as if the player is walking around.

Roaming Pokémon glitches

Roaming IV glitch

Main article: Roaming IV glitch

The roaming Pokémon glitch is a glitch in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed and LeafGreen Versions that causes roaming Pokémon to have extremely low IVs. The glitch is not present in Emerald Version.


In Generation III, the data for a Pokémon's IVs are stored in a 32-bit integer. However, when a roaming Pokémon is captured, only the last eight bits are transferred. While the HP IV is unaffected, the Pokémon can only have a maximum Attack IV of 7. The other IVs will always be 0.

Roaming Roar glitch

If a roaming Pokémon uses Roar to flee from battle, it will permanently disappear from the game.

Sticky hold glitch

This glitch occurs when Thief or Covet is used to knock out a Pokémon holding an item that has the Sticky Hold ability. It causes the sprite of the defeated Pokémon to stay in a "ghost-like" form. This lasts for as long as you stay on the battle screen. Switching to the item list, or pokemon list will cause it to disappear. However, it will remain as long as you are on the battle screen. If it's a battle against a team of six pokemon, defeating the next pokemon will cause that pokemon's sprite to vanish normally, but the "ghost" will remain.

Step-by-step photos

0 This was done using a battle in the secret base of another player. 1 Linoone fights Grimer. 2 Linoone uses Covet and it fails to steal Grimer's item. 3 Grimer faints, but it's image remains. 4 The next pokemon(Breloom) comes out. 5 Notice how Grimer's sprite gets recolored using Breloom's palette.

If you can beat the second pokemon without leaving the battle screen, a third one will come out(in this example a Milotic). The "ghost" sprite will remain and get recolored to match, but only the ghost. The breloom used in this example disappears normally when KO'd. This will apparently continue until you leave the battle screen. Such as using an item or viewing the stats of a pokemon.

Apparently the game stores color palettes seperately from the pictures themselves.

This glitch does not seem to have any harmful effects, and seems to affect only the display of sprites in battle.

Teddiursa glitch

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness only. Teddiursa normally evolves into Ursaring at level 30. However, in XD, Teddiursa was programmed to evolve at level 31.

Thunderbolt glitch

The moves Thunderbolt and Thunder, when used in some Ruby and Sapphire cartridges, may cause the game to freeze, cause a sound effect to linger until the game is turned off, or both.

In Generation IV

Ace Trainer Kate glitch

In HeartGold and SoulSilver, there is a slight glitch with Ace Trainer Kate on Route 34. She will only battle with the player if they walk straight down the path. If the player walks to either side of her, she will apologize as she would after the player has defeated her. If the player walks down the path towards her after talking to her on the side she will somehow see them while facing the wrong way and then battle.

Black Belt gibberish

Platinum Version only. For unknown reasons, a certain Black Belt in Sinnoh's Victory Road may speak glitchy gibberish upon defeat.

Boulder glitch

In the Japanese version of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, a boulder in Slowpoke Well can be pushed over a ledge into the water. The boulder (unlike in FireRed and LeafGreen Versions) will act as if it was on dry land. The boulder was removed in international releases. Video of the glitch (and others)

Broken escalator

This is one of two glitches in Generation IV officially acknowledged by Nintendo, with the other being the surf glitch. In Diamond or Pearl, after entering the Union Room on the second floor of the Pokémon League building, when the player goes up to the second floor of a Pokémon Center, the player will end up in a wall and not be able to return.

In the case where the player has not saved the game while trapped, it is possible to work around this bug:

  1. Restart the game from the previous save state.
  2. Go to the Super Contest Hall in Hearthome City.
  3. Speak to the leftmost attendant (there is no need to actually participate in a Super Contest).
  4. Save the game and restart.

Dress-up hiker glitch

The glitch only occurs in Diamond and Pearl Versions. When talking to the hiker at Jubilife TV who allows Pokémon to be dressed up, if a button on the D-pad is pressed so that the player is facing away from the hiker just before the screen to select which Pokémon will be dressed up opens, the player will not walk on the set path; this can lead to walking through walls or the hiker, or canceling the action altogether.

Egg nature glitch

A well timed switch between boxes will allow the player to see the nature, ability and type of the Pokémon inside an egg.

Global Terminal glitches

Main article: Global Terminal#Glitches and Manipulation

Morphing glitch

An example of the morphing glitch. This is not a Torterra, but a Mew morphed into one and nicknamed "TORTERRA"
Main article: Global Terminal#Morphing glitch

Causes Pokémon up for trade on the GTS to change species and hold a Seal Bag.

Level display glitch

Main article: Global Terminal#Level display glitch

Platinum Version only. In some copies of Platinum, the levels of a Pokémon might not be displayed on the GTS. In order to fix this, the player must contact Nintendo.

Trade evolution glitch

Main article: Global Terminal#Trade evolution glitch

In a Generation IV game, if the player deposits any Pokémon on the GTS that can evolve through trade (holding any necessary items), and then either waits for over 24 hours before taking it back, or trades for another Pokémon before taking the first back, it will evolve after being received.

Vanishing glitch

Main article: Global Terminal#Vanishing glitch

After uploading a Pokémon to the server and checking its summary without changing the Pokémon, the "summary" button is sometimes replaced with "deposit," suggesting that the Pokémon has been traded. Selecting "Deposit" will cause a communication error, and the player will return to the front desk. Logging on to the server again will cause the Pokémon to reappear, with no noticeable changes.

Pal Park glitch

Main article: Pal Park#Manipulation

Allows the player to migrate any number of Pokémon via the Pal Park, this is used to overcome the 6 Pokémon per 24 hours limit.

Silent Route 214 glitch

This glitch occurs in Diamond and Pearl Versions if the player goes onto Spring Path off Route 214, where the music changes. If the player views the TM & HM section of the bag, closes it, then returns to Route 214, there will be no music. Sound effects such as collision sounds still occur and if the player encounters a wild Pokémon, the normal battle music will play. The same glitch can also be activated by changing the music so that it is not the default in any other way. For example, by using the Bicycle.

External links

Glitch City Labs page

Tower Tycoon event skip

In Diamond and Pearl Versions if the player achieves a 20 battle streak in the Battle Tower and battles the Tower Tycoon by choosing the option "REST" and then the option "NO" instead of choosing the option "KEEP GOING", a normal Trainer will appear instead; with the same roster of the Tower Tycoon. Interestingly, this Trainer gives the unused dialogue "Now come! Show me, the Tower Tycoon, what you're really made of!" If this Trainer is defeated, the player will receive 1 BP instead of the normal 20 BP.

In the side games

Kecleon glitch

Main article: Kecleon glitch

A glitch in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness that allows the player to make Kecleon act as if it were part of the team without recruiting it. It is not present in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. It is not actually part of the team, only behaving as part of it, so it will not follow the team onto the next floor.

The team leader is required to wear a Pass Scarf and stand next to a Kecleon. When the team leader is attacked by a wild Pokémon and the attack is passed onto the Kecleon, Kecleon will attack the Pokémon who attacked it. After this Pokémon has fainted, Kecleon will be treated as if it were a team member for that floor, except it does not appear on the list as a team member. However, it is not actually a team member, so Kecleon will disappear once the team goes to the next floor.

Kecleon money glitch

Main article: Kecleon money glitch

The Kecleon money glitch is a glitch in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team. By placing an item on the carpet and quick saving the game, after the game is restarted Kecleon will continue to think that the item has been sold recently and will pay the sell price every time he is spoken to.


  1. Game FAQs (Retrieved May 4, 2010)

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