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==Related articles==
==Related articles==
* [[Brock's siblings]]
* [[Brock's siblings]]
{{Brock's Pokémon}}

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If you were looking for the character of the day in All in a Day's Wurmple, see Forrest Franklin.

ジロー Jirō
Gender Male
Eye color Unknown
Hair color Brown
Hometown Pewter City
Region Kanto
Relatives Flint (father), Lola (mother), Brock (older brother), 8 younger siblings
Trainer class Gym Leader
Leader of Pewter Gym
Badge Boulder Badge
Anime debut Showdown in Pewter City
English voice actor Andrew Rannells (4Kids)
Joanna Burns (TPCi)
Japanese voice actor Romi Paku

Forrest (Japanese: ジロー Jirō) is a Template:Type2 Pokémon specialist. He is the brother of Brock and eight other children and is the son of Flint and Lola. He is the second oldest child in the family.

He is currently the Gym Leader of the Pewter City Gym, and gives out the Boulder Badge to challengers who defeat him.


Years ago, Forrest's father, Flint, left home to become a great Trainer and never returned. His mother, Lola, soon followed. This left his eldest brother, Brock, in charge of the family. Brock took care of them for many years, running the Pewter City Gym at the same time. Although in truth, Brock wanted to travel and become a Breeder. Eventually, Flint returned, allowing Brock to leave on a journey with a Trainer he had recently met, Ash.

Flint ran the Gym in Brock's absence, but was ousted from the position when Lola returned home. Lola usurped the title of Gym Leader from Flint and turned the Gym into a Template:Type2 Pokémon Gym, something that angered Forrest, who was dedicated to Rock-types.

Brock returned home and was shocked to find what happened. Forrest and Brock commiserated with each other over the sad state the Gym had fallen into. Brock defeated Lola in a battle, and convinced her to restore the Gym to its former state. In the process, he gave Forrest most of his Pokémon and passed the title of Gym Leader onto him.

In the English dub only, Forrest seems to have the same interest in girls as his older brother Brock does, although this interest in girls has not really been explicitly stated in the Japanese-language version.


This listing is of Forrest's Pokémon in the Pokémon anime.

Onix → Steelix
Brock Crobat.png


  • Forrest's Japanese name is a play on Jirō, meaning second son.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 朴璐美 Romi Paku
English Andrew Rannells (4Kids dub)
Joanna Burns (TPCi dub)
Brazilian Portuguese Francisco Freitas (Chronicles)
Yuri Chesman (Pokémon: Battle Frontier)
Spanish Latin America Eduardo Garza (SS001)
Héctor Emmanuel Gómez (AG177)
Spain Chelo Molina (SS001)
Blanca Rada (AG177)

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