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Artwork from Sun and Moon
Introduced in Generation VII
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A Z-Ring (Japanese: リング Z-Ring) is a key item introduced in Generation VII. It is a bracelet that allows a Trainer and their Pokémon to gather the Z-Power required to perform Z-Moves.

In the core series games

Z-Rings are made by refining Sparkling Stones. Z-Rings have a slot in the center where the wearer can insert a Z-Crystal as well as multiple other slots to store Z-Crystals not in use.

The player receives a Sparkling Stone from Tapu Koko in recognition of their bravery in protecting Nebby from a swarm of wild Spearow. After receiving their Starter Pokémon, Hala recognizes the stone, and upon realizing that the player has been recognized by the guardian deity of Melemele Island, offers to refine it. The player receives the finished product, a Z-Ring, after completing the ceremony battle with Hau. As the player proceeds through the island challenge, they will receive Z-Crystals for their Ring from the Captains and Island Kahunas.

Being a part of the rites of passage in Alola, Z-Rings are much more widely distributed in comparison to Key Stones in Kalos and Hoenn. All Kahunas, members of the Alola Elite Four, and most captains use Z-Rings in battle against the player. Other key characters, such as Professor Kukui, Hau, and Gladion, have or obtain Z-Rings over the course of the story. The player will even battle the occasional minor character Trainer who will use a Z-Ring, usually after defeating all other Trainers in their given area.

Contrary to the lore, the player is never required to equip a specific Z-Crystal on their Z-Ring. The player can use any Z-Move so long as their Pokémon is holding an appropriate Z-Crystal and has an appropriate move.


Games Cost Sell price


In battle

Allows the player to use Z-Crystals and Z-Moves with their Pokémon.

After receiving a Key Stone from Dexio, the player can also Mega Evolve their Pokémon if they hold the appropriate Mega Stone.


Games Description
SM A mysterious ring that enables Pokémon to use Z-Power. It requires both the willpower and the physical power of the Trainer wearing it.


Games Method
SM Iki Town (From Hala after defeating Hau during the festival)

In the anime

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Ash's Z-Ring

In Alola to New Adventure!, Kiawe was seen wearing a Z-Ring, which he used along with his Firium Z and Turtonator to knock out Team Skull's Pokémon with Inferno Overdrive. That night, Ash also received a Z-Ring from Tapu Koko, fitted with Electrium Z. Kiawe later revealed that he received his Z-Ring from his grandfather after he defeated Olivia.


Z-Ring with an Electrium Z
Main article: Pokémon Z-Ring

The Pokémon Z-Ring is a toy based on the Z-Ring that interacts with the Pokémon games. It lights up, makes sounds, and vibrates when a Z-Move is used in Pokémon Sun and Moon. It can also interact in the same way with several other official products, such as Pokémon Ga-Olé and the Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon: Super Music Collection.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese Z手環 Z-Sáuwàahn
Mandarin Z手環 / Z手环 Z-Shǒuhuán
The Czech Republic Flag.png Czech Z-prsten
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Z-ring
France Flag.png French Bracelet Z
Germany Flag.png German Z-Ring
Hungary Flag.png Hungarian Z-Gyűrű
Italy Flag.png Italian Cerchio Z
South Korea Flag.png Korean Z링 Z-Ring
Russia Flag.png Russian Кольцо-Z Kol'tso-Z
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America Aro Z
Spain Flag.png Spain Pulsera Z

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