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This article is about the fifth series of the anime. For other uses, see XY.
If you were looking for the series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, see Pokémon Trading Card Game → XY Series.

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Pokémon the Series: XY (Japanese: ポケットモンスターXY Pocket Monsters XY), referred to by fans as the XY series, is the fifth series of the Pokémon anime and is based on the events of the Generation VI core series Pokémon games. It follows the Best Wishes series. It premiered on October 17, 2013 in Japan, and January 18, 2014 in the United States, although the first two episodes aired as a sneak peek in the United States on October 19, 2013.

As with the previous three series, the XY series began with only Ash Ketchum, headed off to a new region with his Pikachu while wearing a new set of clothes. His previous companions, Iris and Cilan, left the series. Joining him this time are Serena, a new Trainer who previously met Ash in her childhood; Clemont, an aspiring inventor and scientist who is also the Gym Leader of the Lumiose Gym; and Bonnie, Clemont's younger sister. Jessie, James and Meowth continue to follow Ash and his friends through the Kalos region, and have gone back to their more traditional methods of capturing Ash's Pikachu and other Pokémon, although their appearances are less frequent, just like in the Best Wishes series. Jessie's Wobbuffet returns to her roster. This series also features a series of side story episodes following the adventures of a Trainer named Alain, who is working to find Mega Stones and defeat all Mega Evolutions using his Mega Charizard X. In the XY&Z season, Ash and his friends journey continues as their story merges with the plot of the Mega Evolution specials, with the group becoming involved with the Legendary Pokémon, Zygarde, and the villainous organization, Team Flare.

A new art style was instituted at the beginning of the series. A notable difference is that the stock 'effect' backgrounds have been almost entirely removed (only appearing so far in cases where a main character captures a Pokémon or whenever Ash wins a Gym Badge). The characters are consistently drawn with fingernails. Also, the character models (as seen in the artworks) are slightly taller in comparison to the previous four series. In addition, much like the core series Pokémon games from Generation III onwards, a VS. player overview screen appears before starting some battles and Showcase rounds. Similarly to In The Shadow of Zekrom!, Ash also receives a physical redesign, now having softer and slightly smaller birthmarks on his cheeks, his hair covers the top of his ears and is spikier, and he has more locks on his forehead.

So far, it has been divided into three seasons for audiences outside of Japan.

Episodes in the XY series are numbered with the prefix XY on Bulbapedia. For a complete episode listing, see the list of XY series episodes.

Japanese seasons

The XY series has been divided into multiple arcs in the Japanese release, similar to the "chapters" of the original series and Best Wishes series.

  • Pocket Monsters XY (ポケットモンスターXY) (XY001 - XY093)
  • Pocket Monsters XY&Z (ポケットモンスターXY&Z) (XY094 - present)

Dub seasons

Unlike what was previously done, when the XY series came to be dubbed into English and other languages, it was localized as a whole. While it is still divided into seasons, they share a common title:




Main characters

Secondary characters



  • This is the only series in which:
  • The XY series shares a few similarities with the Advanced Generation series:
    • Ash is traveling with three companions instead of two.
    • Two of the traveling companions are siblings, with one of them being too young to have Pokémon of their own.
      • In addition, both sets of siblings are somehow related to the fifth Gym Leader of their respective region, and both May and Clemont tried to hide this fact at first.
        • This Gym is also the first one that Ash attempts to challenge in the region.
    • Ash receives only one starter Pokémon in the region and fully evolves it.
    • Neither May nor Serena have a specific goal in mind at the beginning of their respective journeys, but later become inspired to pursue a career that focuses more on displaying a Pokemon's style rather than its power: May wishing to become a Top Coordinator, and Serena aiming for the position of Kalos Queen.
      • Both were expected to pursue the same career as one of their parents: May was expected to become a Gym Leader like her father, and Serena was expected to become a Rhyhorn racer like her mother.
      • Both begin their Pokémon journeys for unorthodox reasons: May begins her journey in order to travel, and Serena begins her journey to reunite with Ash.
      • Both obtain an Eevee, which later evolves into an Eeveelution native to the region they are currently in at the time of the evolution.
    • The three older main characters have one starter Pokémon each.
      • The main female protagonist chooses the Fire-type starter Pokémon.
  • The dub of episodes from A PokéVision of Things to Come! up until Heroes - Friends and Faux Alike! were first aired in the United Kingdom before the United States (except the postponed episode An Undersea Place to Call Home!).
  • The dub of episodes from A Relay in the Sky! up until All Eyes on the Future! were first aired in Canada before the United States.
  • In the Japanese version, the focus character in the title card segment changes depending on the episode, and usually that character has also read the title card. In the English dub, all episodes feature Ash as the focus character.
    • In the original version of An Oasis of Hope!, the title card was updated to include Serena's new design. That did not happen in the dub, thus the title card featuring Serena's old design is still used.
  • This is the first series since the original series in which Ash has lost two different Gym battles in the same region.

In other languages

Pokémon the Series: XY

Pocket Monsters XY&Z

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