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XY008 : Grooming Furfrou!
XY series
XY010 : Mega-Mega Meowth Madness!
Clemont's Got a Secret!
XY009   EP808
Subdue Miare Gym! Citron's Secret!!
First broadcast
Japan December 5, 2013
United States March 15, 2014
English themes
Opening Pokémon Theme (Version XY)
Ending {{{en_ed}}}
Japanese themes
Opening V(ボルト)
Ending X海峡Y景色
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 米村正二 Shōji Yonemura
Storyboard 古賀一臣 Kazuomi Koga
Assistant director 古賀一臣 Kazuomi Koga
Animation director 夏目久仁彦 Kunihiko Natsume
No additional credits are available at this time.

Clemont's Got a Secret! (Japanese: ミアレジム攻略!シトロンの秘密!! Subdue Miare Gym! Citron's Secret!!) is the ninth episode of the XY series, and the 808th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on December 5, 2013 and in the United States on March 15, 2014.

201 Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details. 201


When our heroes arrive in Lumiose City, Ash and Serena look around in awe, while Clemont and Bonnie seem a little nervous. The impressive Prism Tower catches Serena’s eye, and Ash tells her about his attempt to challenge the Lumiose Gym inside it—an attempt that was quickly shut down by a robot who threw him out upon learning he didn’t have four Kalos Gym badges yet. Clemont waves this off and Bonnie tries to get them moving when someone pulls up beside them—it’s Meyer, Clemont and Bonnie’s father!

Meyer soon reveals that Clemont himself is the Lumiose City Gym Leader, much to Ash’s and Serena’s surprise! Clemont explains that the Gym was taking up too much of his time (time he’d rather spend working on his inventions), so he built a robot named Clembot to take over some of his duties. But a glitch in the programming left Clembot with a stubborn personality that sticks to the “rules” no matter what—and since Clemont doesn’t have four Gym badges either, Clembot won’t even let him inside his own Gym!

After a pep talk from Ash, Clemont is willing to try sneaking into the Gym so he can repair the malfunctioning robot. Inside, they find Clembot on the battlefield, where it finally accepts Clemont’s override code—and his battle challenge! Clemont sends out Bunnelby against his own Heliolisk, one of the Pokémon he left at the Gym to fight at Clembot’s side. The battle seems very one-sided at first, but Bunnelby proves it has a tough streak, and with some unexpected strategy, Clemont manages to defeat his own creation!

The robot finally recognizes its inventor, and Clemont starts a full reprogramming. This time, he remembers to install a few important qualities he left out in the original programming: compassion, kindness, and flexibility. Then, along with Ash and Serena, Clemont and Bonnie visit their dad to explain the whole situation at the Gym—and to tell him they want to leave the new and improved Clembot in charge so they can keep traveling with their new friends! Meyer happily declares his support for their journey, but makes Ash and Serena promise to keep his kids out of trouble.

That night, Clemont asks Ash if he’s sorry he couldn’t have a Lumiose Gym battle. Ash says he plans to honor the original four-badge requirement and return when he’s a bit further along in his Kalos journey...on one condition. When he does come back to challenge the Lumiose Gym, he wants to battle Clemont, not Clembot!


Ash and his friends arrive in Lumiose City, as Serena becomes excited about exploring, praising the fashion and Prism Tower. Ash explains that the Lumiose Gym is in the tower. Serena assumes Ash had already challenged the gym, but Ash explains that since he didn't have four gym badges, he was kicked out of the gym. Clemont suggests that they get out of Lumiose City immediately, much to Serena's dismay. Clemont and Bonnie push Ash and Serena into moving out, but before they can do so, a voice calls out Clemont and Bonnie, surprising both.

The voice is revealed to be Clemont and Bonnie's father, who identifies himself as Meyer, who is with his Ampharos. Bonnie introduces Ash and Serena as their new friends, and Meyer is overcome with joy. As the two introduce themselves to Meyer, he takes a liking to Pikachu's electric cheeks. He also teases Clemont for finding "a beautiful girlfriend", to which Clemont explains that it isn't like that. Meyer soon tells Clemont to come home more often, but Clemont becomes reluctant to explain why he can't. Bonnie moves Clemont away, but Meyer soon tells him that being tough alone will not help challengers become better trainers, and that he should be a Gym Leader that the Lumiose Gym can be proud of. This surprises Ash and Serena, as Meyer drives away with Ampharos, telling the two to take care of his children and to stop by at his shop.

As Clemont and Bonnie frightfully turn around, Ash and Serena angrily glare at Clemont, the former demanding an explanation. Clemont tries to hide his secret, but Bonnie says that they might as well tell the truth.

At a fountain, Clemont reveals that he really is the Lumiose Gym Leader, and says that it's a long story. He tells them that his Gym Leader duties kept him so busy that he had no time to invent things like he wanted to, so he decided to build a robot that could fulfill his duties when needed. In a flashback, Clemont is implementing his ideals into the robot; he wanted challengers to have around four gym badges, and to be kind to challengers but also be tough when necessary. He also implements a voice code, of which he decides to use "sandwich" as the code. Clemont soon tests his robot, of which is named Clembot, but it rejects him since he has no gym badges. He tries to use the voice code to activate "Master Recognition Battle Mode", but the robot did not register the desired voice code, as it expected "You will begin today", and proceeds to electrocute Clemont and Bonnie. The two narrowly escape, but the entrance door shuts on them.

Clemont reveals that he has tried to reenter the gym several times, but to no avail. Ash and Serena suggest that they visit the gym to see how it's doing. At the gym, there is a group of people angered by the Clembot's violent ejection policy. One of them reveals that he challenged the gym, and fell for the robot's ejection policy after he lost. The group of challengers leave the area in anger. The group ponders on what to do, while Ash suggests that they stop the Clembot. Clemont expresses doubt that his lone Bunnelby can beat his own Pokemon in the gym, but Ash exclaims that he won't know unless he tries. Serena asks why he became a Gym Leader, and Bonnie reveals that Clemont is described as a genius when it comes to Electric-types. Clemont reveals that he wanted to become an Electric-type expert, which is why he became Gym Leader. Serena and Ash stand by his side and they all decide to go and stop the Clembot. Bonnie whispers that it's great that Ash and Serena are there for them.

The group enter into Prism Tower through the hole caused by Garchomp's rampage from some time ago, and then get into the gym via the ventilation system. However, a Magnemite and a Magneton, both belonging to Clemont, come in and attack the group. Ash stops the two Pokemon with Froakie's Frubbles, and the group reaches the battlefield. Clemont activates the Clembot's "Master Recognition Mode" after realizing what the voice code was. Clemont battles with Bunnelby, while the Clembot sends out Heliolisk, which Ash scans with his Pokedex. Knowing his reputation as a gym leader is on the line, Clemont tells Heliolisk to give it its all.

The Clembot tells Heliolisk to start out with Thunderbolt. Knowing he had programmed it to do that, Clemont tells Bunnelby to defend with its ears by using them to kick up dust. Ash recognizes this tactic from when he had battled Clemont before. Bunnelby then uses Double Slap, while Heliolisk counters with Dragon Tail. They appear to be evenly matched, but Bunnelby spins and hits Heliolisk with its other ear. Bunnelby then uses Dig, but is unearthed when Heliolisk uses Bulldoze. This catches Clemont off-guard, as he never recalled teaching it to Heliolisk. Heliolisk then uses Dragon Tail to knock Bunnelby back down to the ground. Bunnelby quickly recovers, and uses Double Team to surround Heliolisk with clones of itself. Clemont then orders a Mud Shot, but before Bunnelby can launch it, Heliolisk uses Parabolic Charge to eliminate the fakes and damage the real Bunnelby, while simultaneously restoring its own health. Heliolisk then uses Thunderbolt, and Bunnelby uses Dig to escape. The Clembot then orders Bulldoze, worrying Bonnie and Serena as they think it'll have the same result as before. Ash, however, downplays this concern by warning him to not give up till its over (repeating the exact phrase he had told Serena back in their childhood). Clemont acknowledges this, and knowing that Ash had taught him to think outside the box, tells Bunnelby to use Double Team underground. Heliolisk then uses Bulldoze, this time unearthing numerous clones of Bunnelby. Clemont then orders Dig, and Heliolisk uses Parabolic Charge to eliminate all visible clones of Bunnelby until none are left. However, the real Bunnelby is still underground, and it comes up underneath Heliolisk and hits it, subsequently causing the Clembot to crash. Bunnelby then uses Mud Shot, knocking out Heliolisk and giving Clemont the win.

The Clembot finally recognizes Clemont, accepting him as its master and allows itself to be reprogrammed. Clemont reprograms the robot and removes its violent ejection policy and the badge restriction. The Clembot becomes friendly towards the group, and Clemont's Pokemon are also happy.

Back at Meyer's shop, he is dismayed that a robot had taken over Clemont's gym. Clemont explains that everything is alright now. Meyer assumes that he would come home more often from now on, but then Clemont reluctantly explains that he is on a journey with his friends, and that they have had great experiences together. Meyer has a moment of speechlessness, and he becomes extremely happy, saying that friends are the most important thing in the world. Everyone is pleased, and Meyer soon declares that his children are on a journey.

At night, everyone goes to bed. Ash tells Clemont that after he wins four gym badges, he will challenge the Lumiose Gym, and that his opponent will be him, and not the Clembot. Clemont agrees to the challenge, and tells him he will give Ash a gym battle he will never forget. As the episode ends, the Blaziken Mask and his Blaziken fly off into the night.

Major events

  • Ash and his friends return to Lumiose City.
  • Ash and Serena meet Meyer, Clemont and Bonnie's father.
  • Ash and Serena learn that Clemont is the ejected Gym Leader of Lumiose Gym, having been forced to abandon it with Bonnie when Clembot, one of his inventions, ran amok and took over.
  • Clemont is revealed to own a Magnemite, a Magneton, and a Heliolisk, which he keeps at the Gym.
  • Clemont's Bunnelby is revealed to know Double Team.
  • Clemont challenges Clembot to a battle and wins, reclaiming the Gym.
  • Clemont modifies Clembot's programming and leaves it in charge of the Gym, and he and Bonnie continue traveling with Ash and Serena.
  • Despite the Badge restriction no longer being an issue, Ash decides to wait until he's acquired three more Gym badges before challenging the Lumiose Gym, and Clemont agrees to meet the challenge himself when the time comes.
For a list of all major events in the anime, please see the timeline of events.


Pokémon debuts



Pokémon Quiz


Who's That Pokémon?

Who's That Pokémon?: Heliolisk (US and international)
Pokémon Quiz: Bunnelby (Japan)



The title card segment focuses on Clemont for this episode


  • While Ash's Pokédex is describing Heliolisk, the black tip of Clemont's Heliolisk's tail is colored yellow instead.
  • When Bunnelby blocked Heliolisk's attack, the black and orange colors of Clemont's Heliolisk's tail are swapped for a few frames.
  • When Clemont goes to Heliolisk before he asked it if it's okay, the lower jaw of the Generator Pokémon is incorrectly colored with the same brown as its neck for a few frames.

Dub edits

The dub's title card segment only in Poland and Russia
  • The dub's title card segment focuses on Ash instead of Clemont only in Poland and Russia.
    • Also, the title card lacks the characters' shadows in the Polish dub.

In other languages

XY008 : Grooming Furfrou!
XY series
XY010 : Mega-Mega Meowth Madness!
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