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ウルップ Urup
"Tough as an iceberg, hot as a furnace."
XY Wulfric.png
Art from X and Y
Gender Male
Eye color Gray
Hair color White
Hometown Snowbelle City
Region Kalos
Trainer class Gym Leader
Generation VI
Games X and Y
Leader of Snowbelle Gym
Badge Iceberg Badge
Specializes in Ice types
Anime debut XY120
English voice actor N/A
Japanese voice actor Ryūzaburō Ōtomo

Wulfric (Japanese: ウルップ Urup) is the Gym Leader of Snowbelle City's Gym, known officially as the Snowbelle Gym. He specializes in Ice-type Pokémon. He gives the Iceberg Badge to Trainers who defeat him.

In the games

Wulfric appears in Pokémon X and Y as a Gym Leader. Trainers who defeat Wulfric will receive the Iceberg Badge, along with TM13 (Ice Beam). He is said not just to be a strong Gym Leader but also very kind to Pokémon, which is why Pokémon, such as those in Pokémon Village, admire him.[1]

Initially, Wulfric is not at the Snowbelle Gym, instead being said to be at the Winding Woods. Indeed, Wulfric is found at the Pokémon Village, a location west of the woods, where he explains the place to the player. From there, he goes back to his gym, which is now able to be challenged.

According to the television show Gym Freaks, Wulfric is a fan of the Brycen-Man Series, to the point of crying when watching the latest movie. He is also rumored to keep a photo of his dearest Pokémon in the locket he wears around his neck.


Pokémon X and Y

Gym battle

Battle Chateau

Battle Chateau - Blue Writ of Challenge

Battle Chateau - Writ of Challenge

Battle Chateau - Red Writ of Challenge

Battle Chateau - Black Writ of Challenge

Battle Chateau rematch

Battle Chateau rematch - Blue Writ of Challenge

Battle Chateau rematch - Writ of Challenge

Battle Chateau rematch - Red Writ of Challenge

Battle Chateau rematch - Black Writ of Challenge


Pokémon X and Y

Pokémon Village

"You know what this place is? Welcome to the Pokémon Village. This place is a secret, y'know? Most of the Pokémon here are runaways--escaped from bad people who did awful things to them. It's a shame how many heartless Trainers who can't bother to care for their Pokémon are out there. Some of those Pokémon, though... Some of 'em are just too strong and found they didn't really have a place in the outside world, so they came here."
"Hmm... I see. Your Pokémon sure seem to think highly of you. You've had some good times together, haven't you?"
"Hey! You all can come out now. This one's alright!"
"Sometimes I get worried and come here to check on everyone. Oh--excuse my manners. We haven't even had a proper introduction yet. The name's Wulfric. I'm usually over at the Gym in Snowbelle City, since I'm the Gym Leader and all. Let me guess--you want to challenge me?"
That's right: "I thought so. Sorry to inconvenience you like this. I'll be waiting for you back at the Gym, then. Before you come by, I think it would do you good to spend some time with the Pokémon here."
Not really: "Now you're just being modest. You have seven Badges already, haven't you? There's only me left to challenge, so I'll be waiting for you back at the Gym. Before you come by, I think it would do you good to spend some time with the Pokémon here."

Snowbelle Gym

  • Before battle
"Y'know what? Ice is both extremely hard and terribly fragile at the same time. You know what that means? Depending on which Pokémon you choose and what moves they use, I could be your most challenging opponent yet or I could be a total pushover. But that's all right. That's how it should be! Anyway, enough of my rambling! Let's get this show on the road!"
  • Being defeated
"Outstanding! I'm tough as an iceberg, but you smashed me through and through!"
  • After being defeated
"Impressive! Your Pokémon fought with great courage. I can tell that you've trained your Pokémon well."
"What you have right there is called the Iceberg Badge! As long as you have that, any and all of your Pokémon will surely look up to you and do their absolute best in battle. Let me give you this, too."
"You know what this is? It's Ice Beam! This move has an accuracy of 100 percent! Not only that, but every once in a while it will freeze the target it hits, too!"
"I hope you've learned a valuable lesson today. Being rigid can make you tough, but it will also render you fragile. You're better off being flexible. You know what I mean? Some people are fluid like water and can adapt to their environment without changing what's important on the inside. Not me, though. I guess I'm too stubborn. Maybe that's why I love Ice types."
  • Outside of the Gym after winning the Iceberg Badge
"You know what? You have all the Gym Badges now, so there's really only one thing left to do... It's time you headed off to the Pokémon League! Listen up, now... Trust in your Pokémon, and there's no limit to what you can achieve!"
  • Post-game
"Ice-type Pokémon are cold to the touch. Give one a hug and you're in for a chill. But you know what? They're only cold on the outside. On the inside, they have hearts as warm as anyone!"

Battle Chateau

  • Before battle
"You know what? We all talk big about what you learn from battling and bonds and all that, but really, I just do it 'cause it's fun. Who cares about the grandstanding? Let's get to battling!"
  • Being defeated
"Outstanding! I'm tough as an iceberg, but you smashed me through and through!"
  • After being defeated
"You know what? Your Pokémon really threw everything they had into that battle just now. You really are something, you know?"

Gym Freaks

April: "Hello! It's time for Gym Freaks, your source for the hottest news about hot Gym Leaders in Kalos. So... I'm now in front of the Snowbelle City Gym! ... Ai yai yai... Wulfric has arrived! He's cool. So cool. He's the best of men! But I saw him crying in a theater the other day... The movie was... "Brycen-Man"... I think. Oh... He went inside the Gym... That's all for the on-site report. Good-bye for now, everyone."
April: "Hello! It's time for Gym Freaks, your source for the hottest news about hot Gym Leaders in Kalos. So... I'm now in front of the Snowbelle City Gym! ... Wowww! Wulfric has arrived! He's cool. So cool. He's the best of men! Rumor has it that the locket around his neck has his dearest Pokémon's photo in it! I wonder what kind of Pokémon it is. Is there any chance it's an Ice-type Pokémon?! Oh... He went inside the Gym. That's all for the on-site report. Good-bye for now, everyone. That's all for the on-site report. Good-bye for now, everyone."


VSWulfric.png XY Wulfric Icon.png
VS portrait from
X and Y
PSS icon from
X and Y

In the anime

Wulfric in the anime

Wulfric made his debut appearance in XY120, in which Ash battled him in an attempt to earn his eighth Kalos Gym Badge. Despite only using two Pokémon to battle Ash's three, Wulfric emerged victorious. Wulfric then explained that Ash is not having enough trust in his bond with Greninja, which left the latter in serious doubt.

Wulfric reappeared in XY122, where Ash, having gotten over his depression, challenged him to a rematch. This time, Ash put up a much better fight, eventually leading both sides with one Pokémon each: Ash's Greninja standing up against Wulfric's Abomasnow. With its now-perfected Ash-Greninja form, Greninja was easily able to gain an upper hand in the battle. However, Wulfric then suddenly Mega Evolved his Abomasnow, giving it a massive power boost. Despite this, Ash was eventually able to win the battle, earning him the Iceberg Badge.

He was mentioned in XY125.


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This listing is of Wulfric's known Pokémon in the anime:

On hand

Wulfric's Abomasnow

Wulfric's Mega Abomasnow
Abomasnow ↔ Mega Abomasnow
Abomasnow was the first Pokémon Wulfric used during his Gym battle with Ash. Although he ended up being soon defeated by Ash's Hawlucha, he managed to set up a hailstorm, which proved troublesome for Ash later in the battle.

Abomasnow reappeared in XY122, where it was Wulfric's final Pokémon in his rematch with Ash. It soon defeated Ash's Talonflame, despite the massive type disadvantage. Ash's next choice was Greninja, who soon gained an upper hand on Abomasnow and turned into its Ash-Greninja form, overpowering Abomasnow even further . Wulfric then revealed that Abomasnow was capable of Mega Evolving, making Ash-Greninja's opponent a Mega Abomasnow. Despite the increase in power, Mega Abomasnow was eventually defeated by Ash-Greninja, winning the match for Ash and earning him the Iceberg Badge.

Abomasnow's known moves are Ice Shard, Wood Hammer, Blizzard*, Energy Ball, and Ice Punch, and his Ability is Snow Warning.

Debut XY120
Wulfric's Avalugg
Avalugg was the second Pokémon used by Wulfric in his Gym battle with Ash. With the hailstorm set up by Abomasnow, Avalugg was able to use its Ice Body Ability to keep regaining health during the entire battle. It quickly defeated Ash's Hawlucha, after which Ash chose to use Talonflame. Using Talonflame's great Speed to his advantage, Wulfric had Avalugg use Avalanche, which was powered up due to Avalugg acting after its opponent. This eventually led to Talonflame's defeat, and Ash sent out Greninja as his final Pokémon. Even though Greninja managed to freeze Avalugg's legs with quickly freezing Water Shurikens and transform into its Ash-Greninja form, it still wound up defeated, costing Ash the battle.

Avalugg reappeared in XY122, being the second Pokémon used by Wulfric in Ash's rematch against him. It managed to defeat Ash's Pikachu, after which Ash chose to use Talonflame. This time, Talonflame was able to claim victory over the Iceberg Pokémon.

Avalugg's known moves are Stone Edge, Gyro Ball, Avalanche, and Ice Fang, and its Ability is Ice Body.

Debut XY120
Wulfric's Bergmite
Bergmite was used by Wulfric in Ash's rematch against him in XY122, where it battled against Ash's Pikachu. Despite proving to be surprisingly tough, it was eventually defeated with a super effective Iron Tail.

It's unknown if this Bergmite is one of the five Bergmite that greet visiting Trainers at the Gym, or a separate one Wulfric uses for Gym battles.

Bergmite's known moves are Icy Wind, Sharpen, and Rapid Spin.

Debut XY122

At the Gym

Wulfric's other Bergmite
Bergmite (×5)
These five Bergmite reside at the Gym, greeting visiting Trainers when they arrive for a Gym battle.

Bergmite's only known move is Blizzard*.

Debut XY120

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 大友龍三郎 Ryūzaburō Ōtomo

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Wulfric in Pokémon Adventures

Wulfric debuted in the X & Y chapter. He was first mentioned by Grant as having not yet arrived to a meeting between the Kalos Gym Leaders about what to do with Team Flare. Once he arrived and the meeting finished, Wulfric and the other Gym Leaders meet up with Y's group. They travel by sea on Wulfric's Avalugg to Geosenge Town, where Team Flare's base is located. Upon arriving, they find the ultimate weapon in the process of being activated. When Y leaps in to keep the weapon's petals from opening, the Gym Leaders assist her by also using their strength and their Pokémon to keep the weapon closed.

Despite their best efforts, the Gym Leaders are unable to prevent the ultimate weapon from blooming and firing on the Kalos region. The attack hits many areas and damages several buildings, but the heroes' efforts managed to weaken the weapon's power and prevent any lives from being taken. The Gym Leaders and Y were also protected from the attack thanks to Olympia and Valerie's Pokémon surrounding them in barriers.

Later, the Kalos Gym Leaders help rebuild the damaged buildings that were destroyed by the ultimate weapon's blast. Due to Team Flare's influence over the media, the Gym Leaders and X's group were blamed for the incident.


This listing is of Wulfric's Pokémon in the Pokémon Adventures manga.

Wulfric's Avalugg
Avalugg is Wulfric's first known Pokémon. It was used as sea transportation to Geosenge Town, where Team Flare's base was located. After arriving, it helped keep the ultimate weapon from opening with its weight. With the help of Valerie's Mr. Mime, it was able to stand on the air, but was knocked off by Bryony's Bisharp.

None of Avalugg's moves are known.

Debut PAXY24
Wulfric's Abomasnow
Abomasnow is Wulfric's second known Pokémon. It was first sent out at Geosenge Town to keep the ultimate weapon from opening as it was being unearthed. Later, it helped repair the damage done by the ultimate weapon firing on Kalos.

None of Abomasnow's moves are known.

Debut PAXY24


  • Wulfric's Japanese Leader title is 熱く 厚い 堅氷.
  • Wulfric's Avalugg is the highest-leveled Pokémon used by a Gym Leader prior to entering the Hall of Fame, at level 59.
  • In the Battle Chateau during the initial battle, Wulfric's Cryogonal knows Confuse Ray at level 40 even though it can only learn it at level 45.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ウルップ Urup From 得撫草 Urup-sou (Lagotis glauca), Urup, and ウルフ urufu (wolf)
English Wulfric From wolf, frigid, and possibly Wulfenia
French Urup Same as his Japanese name
German Galantho From the genus Galanthus, snowdrop
Italian Edel From Edelweiss
Spanish Édel From Edelweiss
Korean 우르프 Urp Transliteration of his Japanese name


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