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Wild Plains (Friend Area)

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Wild Plains やせいのそうげん
Wild Plains
Wild Plains.png
Wild Plains
Predominant Type Normal
Capacity 13
Method to Obtain
Talk to Wigglytuff
for the first time
Friend Area

Wild Plains (Japanese: やせいのそうげん Wild Plains) is a Friend Area in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team. It is obtained from Wigglytuff after talking to it for the first time. It is in the South Plains area, and has a capacity of thirteen Pokémon.



It is a circular area, centered around a rock, with large hills visible in the background. A blue sky and some puffy white clouds are visible.

In-game data

A wild and lush savanna full of life. The air is clean and swept along by a pleasant breeze.


Pokémon Location
019 Rattata Thunderwave Cave (1F-3F)
Wish Cave (5F-7F)
020 Raticate Evolve Rattata
023 Ekans Western Cave (3F-5F)
024 Arbok Evolve Ekans
083 Farfetch'd Silent Chasm (1F-3F)
Pitfall Valley (1F-6F)
Joyous Tower (23F-27F)
Remains Island (B1-B6)
096 Drowzee Buried Relic (9F-14F)
Solar Cave (1F-5F)
097 Hypno Evolve Drowzee
261 Poochyena Thunderwave Cave (1F-3F)
Howling Forest (1F-8F)
262 Mightyena Evolve Poochyena
263 Zigzagoon Mt. Steel (1F-5F)
264 Linoone Evolve Zigzagoon
335 Zangoose Mt. Freeze (7F-12F)
Wish Cave (65F-71F)
336 Seviper Mt. Freeze (13F-15F)
Northern Range (20F-24F)
Murky Cave (1F-5F)
Joyous Tower (62F-69F)

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