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User talk:Tycho/List of Pokémon with unreleased Hidden Abilities

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The list is a lot smaller now thanks to BW2 and the Dream Park. Now it's just:

Legendary Birds Mewtwo Johto Starters Legendary Beasts Regis Heatran Unova Starters Gothita (though it's evos have been released as male) Litwick line Larvesta line

A lot of the male only pokemon have been released as female too. The only ones that can only be male (that aren't 100% male normally) are Kanto/Hoenn/Sinnoh starters, Elemental Monkeys, Gothorita/Gothitelle.

I would edit it myself but it's a userspace article Jmvb (talk) 14:36, 21 November 2012 (UTC)