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User:Zhen Lin/US broadcast date discrepancies

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A comparison of Bulbapedia and Toon Zone US broadcast date data:

English title Bulbapedia Toon Zone
EP020 The Ghost at Maiden's Peak 1998-10-04 1998-10-02
EP062 Clefairy Tales 1999-09-25 1999-09-24
EP069 Lights, Camera, Quacktion! 1999-10-08 1999-10-07
EP070 Go West, Young Meowth 1999-10-09 1999-10-08
EP104 Bound For Trouble 2000-08-26 2000-09-15
EP106 Pokémon Water War 2000-09-09 2000-08-26
EP107 Pokémon Food Fight 2000-09-09 2000-08-19
EP142 A Shadow of a Drought 2001-03-10 2001-03-03
EP154 Fowl Play 2001-04-28 2001-04-21
EP155 Forest Grumps 2001-06-09 2001-06-02
EP156 The Psychic Sidekicks 2001-08-11 2001-08-12
EP157 The Fortune Hunters 2001-06-02 2001-05-19
EP163 Fossil Fools 2001-09-01 2001-09-15
EP165 Hassle In The Castle 2001-09-22 2001-09-29
EP167 A Hot Water Battle 2001-09-29 2001-09-22
EP176 Ariados Amigos 2001-11-03 2001-11-17
EP178 The Grass Route 2001-11-17 2001-11-03