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User:Zhen Lin/Talk archive/April 1, 2005

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whoops... thorry.... ;; --Ainohuyuah 12:29, 1 Apr 2005 (UTC)

No matter. I've abused my ***** powers to revoke your rights to edit the Main Page and restore the Bulbapedia ***** to its glory on the front page. - 振霖T 12:32, 1 Apr 2005 (UTC)

lol ok. p.s. what's cabal?

Please peruse the Wikipedia article on cabal. - 振霖T 12:38, 1 Apr 2005 (UTC)

And so is this a new cabal or an existing cabal?

What cabal? - 振霖T 12:45, 1 Apr 2005 (UTC)

the Bulbapedia cabal - new one or an existing one taking over bulbapedia?

You clearly misunderstand. There is no cabal. - 振霖T 12:48, 1 Apr 2005 (UTC)

obivously.... so wht the deal with the facelift on the front page and changing the link names?

I strongly urge you to consult your calendar and these three articles. - 振霖T 12:52, 1 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Ah... I'm up with it... see April Fool's Day is over in 49 minutes here but you are a day behind.... I'm up with it now...

I'm not that far behind... It's only 2 hours 17 minutes left for me *mumbleEasternAustralianmumble* - 振霖T 13:43, 1 Apr 2005 (UTC)

lol 2 minutes left - but I have Daylight Savings over so there you go