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Trainer's Pokémon
Level Lv. 50
Caught at Unknown
Gender Unknown
Location In Party
Evolutions AniEggMS.pngAni147MS.pngAni148MS.pngAni149MS.png

-Fill out "Trainername," "Pokename," "image," "cap," "level," "caught," "gender," "location," "evo#," "currentevo#," "basicevo#," and "stage1evo#."

-For "gender," choose from "M" for Male, "F" for Female, "N" for Genderless, or "U" for Unknown.

-For "evo#," choose from 1, 2, or 3, depending on how many evolutionary stages the Pokémon has had.

-Put "egg" in front of the "evo#" if the Pokémon hatched from an egg (if it's still in its egg, simply input "egg.")

-For "currentevo#," input the Pokémon's current index number.

-For "basicevo#" and "stage1evo#," input (if it has them) the index numbers for the Pokémon's basic and stage 1 evolutions, respectively.