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Zイス29 Zewis29
Hilbert Xtransceiver.png
Age 16 years
Gender Male
Birthday June 29
Blood type O+
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Hometown Mossdeep
Region Hoenn
Relatives Norman and Johanna (Parents) Reggie, Daisy, and Iris (Siblings)
Trainer class Trainer, Breeder, Coordinator, Warlord
Generation I, II, III, IV, V, and VI
Games Main series, Mystery Dungeon, Conquest, and TCGO


I'm super excited about X and Y! --Zewis (29) 21:23, 17 August 2013 (UTC)

MDP113.png If you've got a minute, I really need help cleaning up my Userspace
I have too many pages in my Userspace, so here are the ones that need deletion:

User:Zewis29/Old, User:Zewis29/Pokémon, User:Zewis29/Games,

User:Zewis29/PartyPoké*, User:Zewis29/PoTemp*, User:Zewis29/PoTemp/Doc*,

User:Zewis29/PaTemp*, User:Zewis29/PaTemp/II*, User:Zewis29/User No SOPA*

*If you think these six templates are worth something, feel free to fix them up.


Basically, I'm just a nerdy high school junior who likes Pokémon. Bulbapedia is a lot of fun, I guess. My older brother introduced me to Pokémon at a very young age, and since then it's always been a lot of fun for me. Main series, anime, spin-off, or TCG, I love Pokémon. (Unfortunately, despite all my efforts, I can't convince my girlfriend to start playing Pokémon, too.)

I grew up during Generation III, and I remember a lot about Generation II. My first game was a Sapphire I shared with my brother; I later got one of my own. I played Leaf Green, Emerald, Pearl, and Platinum.

I waited outside in the rain on March 6th, 2011 to get my copy of White while my brother got Black. I then got White2 with a group of my friends on October 7th, 2012. I have gone back and played Yellow, Silver, Crystal, and Ruby. I believe I am one of the few Pokémon fans who respects the old generations and enjoys the new generations. Man, I love these games.

I play Pokémon very seriously. I breed, I EV train, and I have a decent (but not that great) Wi-Fi battle record in White 2. I do play on simulators online, such as Pokémon Showdown, from time to time, but nothing comes close to the real things, so I generally play on my actual games. I still respect those who do not play so seriously and play for fun, but I personally find Pokémon the most enjoyable when it is played like the very intense strategy game it is. I do not, however, respect people who use software that generates Pokémon already EV trained, with perfect Natures and IVs and Hidden Powers. I think the game should be played with integrity, and you should breed for natures and IVs the fair way, the hard way.

I love Bulbapedia. I read it, use it to study, and contribute whenever I can, although I haven't been contributing much lately. I love experimenting with templates, and I have several, but again, I haven't done much serious work for a long time. My username is Zewis29 all throughout Bulbagarden. If you want to be "friends" with me, post a message on my talk page. I could give you my friend code and we could be friends on the Global Link. My name on Pokémon Showdown is Zacklemore.

P.S. If anyone has a female Minccino with its Hidden Ability Skill Link, I would be very interested in setting up a trade. I have many rare and useful female Hidden Ability Pokémon I am willing to trade, including Poliwag, Vulpix, Abra, Dratini, and Eevee.

The Works

Black and White