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User:Zesty Cactus/Parties

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Red Version

Red Version (JP)

Red Version (FR)

Blue Version (JP)

Yellow Version

  • Game still in progress.

Yellow Version (JP)

Silver Version

Officially dead, but all my monsters live on in Pokémon Stadium 2. ;)

P.S. Lamest team ever, I know, but I've had these guys since grade four! I've never ever started a new game in Silver.

Silver Version second playthrough

  • Okay, so a friend of mine was nice and changed the battery. So I finally did replay the game. This team is better than the old one. The old one stayed in the N64 though. (I don't remember why Togetic is holding a Super Potion. My inventory was probably full)

Crystal Version

  • Might be outdated.

Ruby Version

  • I swiped the game clean, so this needs to be updated.

Sapphire Version (JP)

  • Not final - still playing.

Emerald Version

MY FAVOURITE PARTYYYYYYYY :D I have probably put the most work into this party, and I'm the most proud of them. I have a bunch of other monsters that I've raised, but these are my main party. The Ho-Oh is legit, it's from Colosseum. So are Espeon and Houndoom, actually.

FireRed Version

  • I swiped the game clean, so this needs to be updated.

LeafGreen Version

  • Need to confirm this is up to date.

Diamond Version

Pearl Version

  • Needs to be added.

Platinum Version

Like in Emerald, I have about 490584 trained monsters, these are just my "main" party.

HeartGold Version (FR)

  • Needs to be added.

SoulSilver Version

Black Version

  • Needs to be added.

White Version (FR)

  • Needs to be added.

Black Version 2

  • Needs to be added.

White Version 2 (JP)

  • Needs to be added.


  • Needs to be added.