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About Me

Hi, I'm Chris. I'm old and the internet confuses me. This is the first account I've ever made for a Wiki of any kind. I don't typically make accounts for wikis, forums or other sites because all the drama associated with Wikis, Forums and the internet in general. I try to avoid any drama when possible.

I'm an artist, and currently work out of deviantART for money on the side. You can typically find me by Googling Yamitora1. I've used the Yamotora1 name since college, Yami comes from dark in Japanese, tora means tiger in Japanese. The 1 is only there because the school email client wanted letters and numbers. Eventually I just kinda started putting the 1 out of muscle memory.

I started using the name Yamitora1 outside of school shortly after the previous name I used was stolen by a neighbor/ex-friend. I finally abandoned the name after they started posting and printing up my DA art, showing it off all over and saying it was theirs. Its said that "Imitation is the greatest compliment," I say its the creepiest form of Identity theft.

Last I checked, the guy was using the name for his Fox furry OC that's into some weird things. Its funny, I don't even hardly remember what the name was anymore. I Know it was Yami something. I guess with age you forget stuff, and you start letting go of things and end up not caring anymore.

Pokemon History

I've been with Pokémon practically since the beginning. starting with the anime, then moving onto the games. My first game was Pokémon Red and I chose Charizard as my starter. I then got Blue and Yellow. Although Charizard is my favorite Gen I starter, I ironically used Blue with Blastoise as the starter more then red. I think the reason was because Blue had more Pokémon and the colors were more eye pleasing.

I played these games on Pokémon Stadium since I didn't have a Gameboy/Gameboy Color at the time. But then Gold and Silver came out, and I had to get one to play those games since I wasn't sure a Pokémon Stadium 2 would come out or not at the time. I got Silver as my first game, followed by Gold. Then Crystal came out. I Love Silver the most out of Gen II, but Crystal was a close tie due to its features.

Afterwards Nintendo went on the backburner as I devoted my time and energy to Xbox and PS2, so I missed out on Gens III-V games. I played Emerald on that ex-friend's computer and on another friend's GBA but I never got to fully experience Gen III.

However, I now have a 2DS and Pokémon Y and already I am falling back in love with the games.

I typically catch male Pokémon; its not because of a preference or for prejudice reasons, but because that's what I mostly come across. Although I do have a pref for certain Pokémon which I see as female or male. I hate catching female Mr. Mime, I hate catching male Minun and I dislike certain Eevolutions to be a certain gender.

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