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Trainer Card

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Spr FRLG Leaf.png Name: Kaylene
Became a Pokémon Trainer: 2003
Joined Bulbapedia: December 24th, 2008
Money: Too much
Pokédex: Not enough
Stars: Mine Star Piece.png Mine Star Piece.png Mine Star Piece.png Mine Star Piece.png
Dream Team:
312Minun.png -Minun
197Umbreon.png -Umbreon
067Machoke.png -Machoke
149Dragonite.png -Dragonite
Boulder Badge.png Cascade Badge.png Thunder Badge.png Rainbow Badge.png Soul Badge.png

Marsh Badge.png Volcano Badge.png Earth Badge.png Stone Badge.png Knuckle Badge.png

Dynamo Badge.png Heat Badge.png Balance Badge.png Feather Badge.png Mind Badge.png

Rain Badge.png Coal Badge.png Forest Badge.png Cobble Badge.png Fen Badge.png

Relic Badge.png Mine Badge.png Icicle Badge.png Beacon Badge.png
Gold Edition Trainer Card

Signature Test

--Charmander (-talk or stalk!) <--- Sweeet, it works.

--Charmander -(talk or stalk!) 02:40, 13 January 2009 (UTC) <---That's better