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Locations in the Pokémon world in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Keep Going! Blazing Adventure Squad!, Let's Go! Stormy Adventure Squad!, and Go For It! Light Adventure Squad!
Hub location
Pokémon Village/Pokémon Beach/Pokémon Garden
Dubious Forest/Dubious Hill/Dubious ValleyCheerful Meadow/Exciting Meadow/Sparkling Meadow
Sunset Rockland/Cloudy Rockland/Shady RocklandMarsh Valley/Stream Forest/Ice HillRuby Lake/Jade Lake/Mica Lake
Chocolate Mountain/Chocolate Island/Chocolate FieldPath to Treasure Valley/Path to Treasure Mountain/Path to Treasure Island
Fire Mountains/Storm Island/Light SummitRipple Seas/Stormy Seas/Wave SeasMystery Plains/Mystery Marsh/Mystery Meadow Weird Mountain/Weird Rockland/Weird ForestSecret Archipelago/Secret Highland/Secret Rockmountain
Unown Village/Unown Resort/Unown GardenLegendary Volcanic Island/Legendary Wetland/Legendary Mountains
Final Mountain/Final Island/Final Cave

Mirage Locations

Mirage Mountain

  • Available by Eon Flute on Latios as soon as you get it
  • Has Kricketune level 36-37, Forretress level 38, Vullaby level 37
  • Red Shard available
  • Not shown on Hoenn map

Mirage Forest

  • Soaring location, near Pacifidlog if I'm remembering it right.
  • Full Restore
  • Wild encounters: Audino level 37-38, Sunkern level ?? (failed sneak up), experimentally, Audino showed up 6/7 times, 6/6 encounters without Nav+

Steven Stone Multi Battle Partner-Delta Episode

  • Skarmory-Sturdy Ability/Aerial Ace
  • Aggron
  • A couple others