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My list of Shippings

Advanceshipping Ash + May

Contestshipping May + Drew

Franticshipping Ruby + Sapphire

Pokéshipping Ash + Misty

Venoshipping Koga + Sabrina

Rumishipping James + Jessiebelle

Abilityshipping Ash + Anabel

AccordShipping Alice + Tonio

AdmirationShipping Drew + Brianna

AdvanceCloneShipping May + Ritchie

AegisShipping Alice + Darkrai

AlienShipping Hazel + Coconut

AllergyShipping Erika + Kaede

AltoShipping Ash + Latias

AmberShipping Gold + Yellow

AppealShipping Dawn + Zoey

ApprenticeShipping Professor Oak + Tracey

BalanceShipping Norman + Caroline

BetelgeuseShipping Mars + Cyrus

BlueShipping James + Meowth (Team Rocket)

BoulderShipping Ash + Brock

BreastShipping Caroline + May

BreederShipping Brock + Suzy

BrocketShipping Brock + Jessie or James

BrunettShipping Gary + May

BurnShipping Charmander (Pipipi) + Eevee (Pipipi)

CastleShipping Sir Aaron + Lady Rin

CavalierShipping Gary + Dawn

CheekyShipping Mira + Max

ChestShipping Misty + Lorelei

ChikoShipping Ash + Bayleef (Ash's)

ChoosenShipping Blue + Silver

CinnabarShipping Blaine + Mr. Fuji

ColdCoffeeShipping Paul + Jun

ColosseumShipping Wes + Rui

ComaShipping Ash + Paul

CommonerShipping Diamond + Platina

CurtainShipping Reggie + Maylene

DaddyShipping Ash + Professor Oak

DanceDanceShipping Michael + Miror B

DedicateShipping Sid + May

DiamondShipping Delia + Giovanni

EgoShipping Gary + Misty

ElderShipping Delia + Professor Oak

EnergyShipping Volkner + Roark

FireredShipping Ash + Zoey

FireShipping Ash + Macey

FireworksShipping Norman + Nurse Joy

ForinaShipping Jirachi + Absol

FortuneShipping Dawn + Lucas

GaiaShipping Cheryl + Gardenia

GracefulShipping Wallace + Winona

GrantedShipping Lance + Yellow

GrassShipping James + Gardenia

GreenShipping Pistachio + Peanut

GymShipping Brock + Misty

HandymanShipping Daisy + Tracey

HatThiefShipping Ash + Aipom (Ash's)

HeatTagShipping Dawn + Conway

HoennShipping Brendan + May

IkariShipping Dawn + Paul

ImageShipping May + Misty

IndigoShipping Ritchie + Misty

JailShipping Trudly + Folly

JovianShipping Saturn + Jupiter

KenshiShipping Ash + Tracey

KissShipping Ash + Melody

KrazyShipping Pikachu (Ash's) + Meowth (Team Rocket)

LagomorphShipping Pikachu (Ash's) + Buneary (Dawn's)

LeagueShipping Ash + Ritchie

LightrockShipping Dawn + Brock

LilacShipping Nurse Joy + Officer Jenny

LoveShipping Amber + Mewtwo

LuckShipping Brock + Pike Queen Lucy

LuckyShipping Red + Blue

MachisakiShipping Lt. Surge + Bill

MangaAdvanceShipping Red + Sapphire

MasumiShipping Misty + Max

MorpheusShipping Ash + Angie

NavigatorShipping Brock + Max

OldrivalShipping Blue + Green

OrangeShipping Misty + Tracey

OriginShipping Wallace + Steven

OutcryShipping May + Paul

OysterShipping Misty + Dawn

PalletShipping Ash + Gary

PearlShipping Ash + Dawn

PenguinShipping Dawn + Kenny

PetalburgShipping May + Max

PikaShipping Ash + Pikachu (Ash's)

PlayfulShipping Pikachu (Ash's) + Mew

PreciousMetalShipping Gold + Silver

QuestShipping Jimmy + Marina

RaltsShipping Ruby + Wally

RepulseShipping Baron Alberto + Alice

RespectShipping Ash + Drew

RocketShipping Jessie + James

RubyShipping Lucas + May

SapphirePearlShipping May + Dawn

SeasonShipping Hazel + Almond

ShootsDownShipping Kenny + Zoey

ShoppingShipping Brock + May

ShurikenShipping Wal + Apricot

SmotherShipping Muk (Ash's) + Professor Oak

SnapShipping Ash + Todd Snap

SpecialShipping Red + Yellow

SpyroShipping Ice + Lavana

SundaeShipping Harley + Max

TeamShipping Bulbasaur (Ash's) + Squirtle (Ash's)

TeenCareShipping Brock + Holly

TeenrocketShipping Mondo + Domino

TensionShipping Harley + Drew

ThirdWheelShipping Brock + Tracey

TwinleafShipping Dawn + Jun

UltramarineShipping Brock + Lizabeth

ValleyShipping Charizard (Ash's) Charla (Liza's)

VineShipping Bulbasaur (Ash's) + Bulbasaur (May's)

WinkShipping Ash + Gliscor (Ash's)

WishShipping Max + Jirachi

XDRivalShipping Michael + Lovrina