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Ryouga RB.png
Ryouga is main character from Pokémon RéBURST
Age 19
Gender Male
Birthday September 7
Hometown New Bark Town
Region Johto

Ani643MS.png About Me

Welcome! My name is Term, come from Thailand. I am a young boy and an artist. I love playing game, drawing, watch video and imaginative. Sometimes i often forget to do various things frequently.

Ani037MS.png Me and Pokémon

I'm a expert Pokémon fan and love Pokémon very much, because most they are very cute. Start know Pokémon Since around kindergarten. I have play many Pokémon games in the main series. Start play first game is Pokémon Gold and Silver Versions. During those days i'm very confused when play first time, but very funny. Later i play Pokémon many another version (such as Yellow or LeafGreen Version). Mostly I used Pokemon most cute-like than cool. Sometimes i drawing Pokémon and make cute or beautiful image, at present i play Pokemon X Version.

Ani001MS.png About Bulbapedia

This website is awesome! have all information which i need and studies more when I don't know. Bulbapedia taught me by multiple information which I have never known before. I love and Thank You Bulbapedia for many information. I hope to this website is very best website. and i will update information when i known and I'm sorry if i uses fail grammar. (because I can use English language with moderate level) I will do my best, Thank You.

Ani025MS.png Games Information

716MS.png Pokémon X

Pokémon X

XY Calem.png


Bug Badge.png Cliff Badge.png Rumble Badge.png Plant Badge.png
Voltage Badge.png Fairy Badge.png Psychic Badge.png Iceberg Badge.png

Medal-special3.png 123

ID No.
Adventure Started
Hall of Fame Debut:


Seen: 522
Caught: 487
My main team
FlygonBag Poké Ball Sprite.png
LeafeonBag Poké Ball Sprite.png
DragoniteBag Poké Ball Sprite.png
FloatzelBag Poké Ball Sprite.png
ManectricBag Poké Ball Sprite.png
DelphoxBag Poké Ball Sprite.png

Ani038MS.png My main Pokémon

Pokémon SoulSilver Team

Pokémon Platinum Team

Pokémon White Team

and more Coming Soon.