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User:Telme/Telme's Pokémon Gender Theories

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Look, I know this is the third idea I've discussed that has previously been done by another user, just leave me alone!

Ash Ketchum's Pokémon

Original series

Pokémon Gender

Okay, who honestly thinks that Pikachu is a female? Seriously. There have only been about four arguments to support that he's a female, and they don't work. First, Pikachu wearing one of Misty's dresses. Second, Buneary is either a lesbian or doesn't know Pikachu's gender but likes him anyway. Third, Chikorita's rivalry for Ash's affections with Pikachu. Fourth, the lack of a groove in the tail is because this was before the gender differences. You see what I mean?

Pokémon Gender
Caterpie → Metapod → Butterfree

Have you seen two girl animals mating and actually making it work? Of course not. This one's a guy.

Pokémon Gender
Pidgeotto → Pidgeot

Just so you know, if there's not enough mannerisms, I go with gut instinct. Here, I kinda think Pidgeotto/Pidgeot is a female.

Pokémon Gender

All of Ash's Kanto starters seemed to have male personalities, and this one had the hots for a Gloom. Sure, the Gloom could have been male, but I say it was a female. Again, I state my thought that some animals don't have capacity or care for homosexuality.

Pokémon Gender
Charmander → Charmeleon → Charizard

Of course it's a male! It had the hots for a clearly female Charizard named Charla! Relating to my point about some animals and homoexuality, Charizard must be a guy.

Pokémon Gender

Seemed all manly as the leader of the Squirtle Squad, so I say it's a guy.

Pokémon Gender
Krabby → Kingler

Okay, my instincts fail me this time, I HAVE NO FRIGGIN' IDEA!

Pokémon Gender

A wild male baboon? That makes sense!

Pokémon Gender
Tauros (x30)

…well DUH! You ought to be an idiot to not think these are male (unless you haven't done enough research).

Pokémon Gender

Likes to get on men, but it's probably a clingy male, like Brock's Sudowoodo! However, it has shown affection for Jessie, so it must be a clingy male.

Pokémon Gender

My instincts tell me it's a girl.

Pokémon Gender

Gut instinct. I don't really rely on game mechanics, just instinct.

Pokémon Gender

Again, gut instinct. However, this could be subject to change if it is seen later with a gender difference edit.

Pokémon Gender
Chikorita → Bayleef

She has the hots for Ash, and possibly his Sceptile.

Pokémon Gender

Meh, seems like one.

Pokémon Gender

This one had affections for two Pokémon that were clearly female, an Azumarill with a bow in it's tail and a Quagsire with a bow in it's head. Plus, it has that goofy and energetic personality that only males can have.

Pokémon Gender
Spr 4d 164 s.png

Like Kingler, my instincts fail to see some truth.

Pokémon Gender
Phanpy → Donphan

Seemed a little strong and manly as a Phanpy, and got macho as a Donphan.