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There are a number of Bulbapedia projects that aim to manage and coordinate efforts on a specific type of article on Bulbapedia. This page contains a list of Bulbapedia projects by category.

Starting a new project

Anyone can start a new project. The suggested procedure is as follows:

  1. Ask a staff member whether the proposed Project has enough scope.
  2. If successful, create the project page at Bulbapedia:Project (title):
    1. Create a stub by entering {{subst:Bulbapedia project page|title|topic}} and saving the page.
    2. Fill in the stub with project scope, aims, etc.
  3. Identify articles that fall under the scope of the project.
  4. Create a project to-do list and general project article format & content guidelines.
  5. Create at least one sample article, or improve one article to the target standard.
  6. Advertise - create a project notice template, such as {{Project Pokédex notice}}, and append it to the bottom of each article (the notice should be short and concise in such cases).

Canon-related projects





Pokémon world

Pokémon meta

Community-related projects

Bulbapedia meta

  • None