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  • Status: SOP & Co-Founder of #Pocketmonsters
  • Location: Canada
  • Gender: Female
  • Likes: The original Japanese version of Pocket Monsters & fansubbing.
  • Dislikes: Disgusting people, Spammers, annoying leechers that message me asking for episodes
  • Email: pm.sunain@gmail.com
  • A brief history about myself: I've been in the Pokemon IRC scene since it basically began. I stopped watching the show around the Johto league but gained interest again when the Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation Japanese episode began to be available for people outside of Japan. I helped form the #PocketMonsters IRC channel along with a great group of staffers. I enjoy the Japanese version of Pocket Monsters as it is helping me learn Japanese. I consider myself pretty straight forward and to the point on IRC, but I am really quite shy. Look forward to talking to you all on IRC!