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User:Stinkoman/Pokémon Cosplay

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Pokémon cosplay is people in Pokémon costumes.


Spr DP Poké Kid.png
Poké Kid from DP
Spr GS Pokéfan M.png
Pokéfan from GSC
Spr DP Pokéfan M.png
Pokéfan from DP
Spr RS PokéManiac.png
PokéManiac from RSE
Spr FRLG PokéManiac.png
PokéManiac from FRLG
Spr DP Fantina.png
Fantina from DP
Fantina is not an actual cosplayer, though her dress is inspired by Drifblim
Taylor from PBR
Marina from PBR
Rosie from the Japanese version of PBR
Terrell from PBR
Nicholai from Zig Zag Zangoose!
A Kakuna cosplaying as a Crawdaunt from All Dressed Up With Somewhere to Go!
My Avatar!